November 28, 2017

November 28, 2017

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This is the time of year I love most here in Tucson. The days are warm and the nights are cool. Spring is the same, but Summer follows Spring and Winter follows Fall; and that, is the difference. It rarely snows here, so I don’t have to worry about that and the Winter rains are nice, although not as plentiful as the Summer rains. I seriously doubt I will ever leave Tucson for more than a vacation or other such.

Speaking of the seasons: an old joke that I like. Southern Arizona has five seasons: Spring, Fire, Rain, Fall and Winter. Yeah, it is a bad joke but that is one reason I like it.

When I started this blog, I wanted to do a daily blog post with one post a week being either political or religious. I have gotten far away from that. As I have mentioned, I don’t see the need for a daily post when most days are the same as most other days. And my political posts are replaced, when I get around to doing one, by my YouTube videos on the Christopher Cole channel. There are several channels with that name, so I guess I would have to refer to myself as that guy with the beard, and, in several videos, the guy with the suspenders. If you are interested, check some of them out. The first one I did was titled Initiating Violence.

I do another blog, which I have mentioned several times, where I try to post, on a weekly basis, some of my writing. I don’t get that one done as regularly as I originally intended either. I am posting HIGH TREASON there now while I am writing ELDER’S DILEMA. However, I may quit that blog as nobody has ever commented on it, except my youngest brother and he only commented in emails to me, not on the blog posts themselves. Once I finish with ELDER’S DILEMA, I intend to gather the five books into one; presuming I can remember how to connect Word documents into one document without overwriting any, and get the collection published intact. What I am going to write after that, I do not know. I could finish MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY, or THE GOD’S TALE, start in on HOUSE FOURTEEN, or do some short stories. I will decide once I am finished with ELDER’S DILEMA.


September 23, 2017

September 22, 2017

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The weather is so nice, I am reminded why I like Autumn in Tucson so much. The days are warm and sunny, the nights are cool. I doubt that there will be any more rain until the Winter rainy season in a couple of months and that is nice also.

I have been so busy, but not with anything that would merit special comment. The Suntran bus system takes so long to get anywhere that an hour task elsewhere might take three hours. One task yesterday that took a long time was a question and answer session I had at a local school on behalf of the Libertarian Party. Part of the reason it took long was that I missed a bus and made the mistake thinking that it would be s short walk. It was a long walk, over half an hour. I arrived twenty minutes late and the session was scheduled for an hour. The students were engaged and asked serious questions so it was worthwhile.

I am constantly amazed at how much time goes by doing routine stuff such as checking emails, reading news articles, and so forth. YouTube is my serious bane, I tend to stop doing whatever and, for a break, go to YouTube for a few minutes. An hour later, I realize how much time I have taken and try to get back to work on whatever I am doing. I usually succeed. I have to stop watching YouTube videos for a break.

I don’t think I have done a lot of writing this week, I am almost finished with going through HIGH TREASON and am ready to make the edits in the computer file and start publishing it on my other blog. ELDER’S DILEMMA is going smoothly, I am surprised that I haven’t had the writer’s block more often. I am getting a firm grasp on how that story is going to go. In all my writing, I have never been one to make an outline and base a story on the outline. I tried it once, a story about the character having flashbacks to defining points in his past which were the outline points; but, I never finished it and while I know what the story is and how it goes, I have never wanted to go back and write it.

September 13, 2017

September 12, 2017

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There are days when things just go right, and days when things just go wrong. Today was more of the later than the former. I did get some writing done, and cleared out a problem in ELDER’S DILEMA, but I then hit a wall. I do not often get writer’s block but today was a doozy. I didn’t even finish editing HIGH TREASON.

The weather has finally turned from the heat of Summer it seems. It has been nice all day. Between the writer’s block and the nice weather, I enjoyed some time outside. The weather is good enough for me to start my evening walks again. I need to get rid of some weight and walking is a good exercise that does not hurt my knees like running would do.

I also am having a problem with a computer program. I bought the program to help with a specific TTRPG but I cannot get it to work. I am working with the company but so far, no good. So, just another reason why today is not one of the good days.

There are several projects I want to get back to doing, my YouTube videos being one of them. I post the videos under my regular name, Christopher Cole, but I haven’t posted for a long time. I need to get that going again. I also need to do the exercises for my knees and my ankle. Maybe I should have done those instead of fighting writer’s block, it might have broken the block. Oh well, that’s life.

June 9, 2017

June 9, 2017

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I have been running the air conditioner off and on most of the day. It is summer in Tucson. Yes, I know, not officially summer yet, but the effect is that it is summer. Tucson has five seasons. Winter, Spring, Fire, Rain, and Fall. So right now is the Fire season but the rain should start in about three weeks. When I was first assigned to Tucson back in 1971, the rainy season (commonly called, incorrectly, the monsoon season) would have a rainy day about three times a week. The storm would start about 1 PM and last about 2 hours. Almost like clockwork. Now, the rain is more likely to hit in the evening or morning as the afternoon.

I got a lot of writing done today. I did not keep track of the word count but I worked for several hours. A lot of that work was deleting and rewriting, but the end result was an increase in the word count. Commodore Elder is starting to realize just what he is facing. Of the eleven people who took the entrance examination with Elder back in the first book, all are dead except Elder and one other. I haven’t decided if I am going to kill that last one in the story or between stories. The future I present in these books is dangerous. Especially for members of the military. And this is without a declared war.

I need to start doing my YouTube video series again. I haven’t posted a video in weeks. My problem is that I will work out a topic and then something will happen and I want to do different topic. This evening or maybe tomorrow I want to do one on tribes and the fractured nature of modern society. As part of that idea, I am thinking that large states are an anomaly and humans are more comfortable with small states. Small groups are ideal for teaching, working and so forth, so why not governing? I have more to think about on this. I am retired US military and, on a shellfish note, if the USA breaks up, who pays my retired pay and my VA disability check? But, that is just an aspect to think about.

Tucson is home to a lot of retirees. However, one retiree family is leaving for Ohio. A friend from my church is moving to Ohio now that he and his wife are retired. They want to be closer to family. I have toyed, off and on, with moving back to Indianapolis. Rocky is more a small town person but I am a city boy. I have lived in a small town once and it was a suburb of Cincinnati; close enough so that it probably would be the same urban area – especially now fifty years later. I will probably  ever leave Tucson though, wishful thinking aside.

May 21, 2017

May 21, 2017

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A lazy Sunday afternoon. After church I did a small bit of grocery shopping and since then I have just been watching YouTube and reading some news feeds. One reason I watch YouTube is that, for a lot of the videos, I can just let my eyes watch and my brain can work on what I am writing or planning to say in a YouTube video of my own.

The game yesterday was OK but I really want to get away from D&D. I am planning on doing my own campaign using the Harn setting and the GURPS rules. However, for some reason I haven’t been able to order a couple of items from Columbia Games. I order them and the order get lost immediately. I sent an email to the company about it, but since I wasn’t paying attention to the day, I sent it on Saturday when the company is probably closed. Sometimes being retired causes me to forget just what day it is. Most of the time, it makes no or little difference, but occasionally it matters a lot.

I guess that this coming week is going to be productive, I don’t have a lot to do outside of working on HIGH TREASON and getting ELDER’S DILEMMA prepared. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all without problem, except grocery shopping, and Tuesday only has something in the morning, chewing out the Pima County Board of Supervisors. They have just gone through a series of special meetings on the budget and there is just the final, rubber-stamp, of what the bureaucrats want that will happen next month. Arizona has an Open Meeting Law so the Supervisors cannot meet to discuss the budget except at a public meeting with prior notice. And they cannot meet in private either as a group or serially (meaning that A talks to B, who talks to C and discusses  what A said, etc.) so they are required by law to discuss the budget in public and if they want to change anything all discussions on the change have to be in a public meeting. And they have not done this, which is why I say they are just going to rubber-stamp what the bureaucrats want.

I have never wanted to be President nor hold any other major political office. Thus, I have never been strict about my personal life. Now, I begin to regret that as I would like to run for a seat on the Board of Supervisors. The District I am in is held by a Democrat, a far-left Democrat, and I think I could unseat him. Absent my bad history of course. There are five members of the Board of Supervisors, right now three Democrats and two Republicans. The District I am in is mostly inside the city limits of Tucson so the County does very little for the District. As a Libertarian, if elected, I would make the composition two Democrats, two Republicans and one Libertarian. And since I would side with the Democrats on certain issues and the Republicans on certain other issues, I would be a swing vote and thus influential. The four others would want my vote on something and I could use that to pressure the County to take more care of the District. Even though the people live in the City of Tucson, they also live in the County of Pima and deserve a fair shake from the County Government. However, my history would totally prevent this from happening.

May 12, 2017

May 12, 2017

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I have been busy all week but it feels like I have done nothing. I did get some writing done today, I worked on HIGH TREASON. As I lay in bed before getting up, I started thinking about a series of short stories I wanted to write a few years ago. There is a genre of role-playing game called superhero RPG. Several years ago the group I game with was playing a superhero campaign and I invented the phrase “We’re UPSET, you’re under arrest!” The campaign setting involved a successor to the UN called United Planet and the superhero cops were the Special Enforcement Teams – thus UPSET. Anyway, I thought about writing some short stories about cases involving UPSET as a series, none of them were to involve the characters we played as I did not want to use them, and now I don’t remember them, so I just made characters up. I dropped the idea for whatever reason but I started thinking about it again this morning. I doubt I will follow up on it, I have to get the Elder Saga books done and then MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY, THE GOD’S TALE and maybe the books in the HOUSE FOURTEEN series. But I might if I cannot get it out of my mind enough. I am 67 years old, if I keep at this I will be working on these until I die.

I haven’t done a YouTube video for a long time, I keep starting on one, but I drop that topic and start on another topic. I used to do that with my writing, so now I guess I will have to work through that with the videos.

I have other projects I need to do as well. There is an old saying: If you want something done, give it to a busy man. I should be busy, all day every day, but I procrastinate too much. I can force myself to get writing done, but there are just too many things to sidetrack me. Living alone, I have no one to help do the cooking, shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc. So, that takes a lot of time away from my writing. As does other interests I have such as politics, church, and TTRPG.

There may be a problem with my apartment complex. I paid my rent on time, May 1st, but the check has not cleared the bank yet. I spoke with one of the clerks in the management office and she assured me that I am paid up. I still worry that somehow my check will get lost and I will get into trouble over it. I am worrying over nothing I am sure, but I worry.

April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017

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Procrastination is no fun unless you have a lot to do. I do not remember who originated the idea but that is what I did today. Not exactly intentional but it happened. After checking email this morning and reading a bit of news from various sites, I got started on YouTube, for just one or two you know, and four hours later I realized how much time had passed.

I get up in the night to go to the bathroom and I also check my weight once a week on Friday mornings. Because of problems in the past, I now check when I am up ion the middle of the night so that I have something reasonable to put in my spreadsheet if I forget to weight myself when I get up. I did so this morning about 1AM and I remembered to weight myself at 7AM as normal on Fridays. Between the two times, while asleep and not eating or drinking anything, I gained about 5 pounds (2.25Kg). I would have thought that I would have lost a pound or two but I gained instead.

Once I have a couple more small items, I plan to start painting some of my miniatures for TTRPG. Once I am back into form I should be able to turn out 3 or 4 an hour perhaps more. I mention this because I am still playing TTRPG with friends but if they still prefer D&D in any of its forms for future campaigns, I will be spending more time painting and much less playing. After 40+ years, I hate D&D. Right now there are 3 campaigns going and all are one form of D&D or another. It is only my enjoyment of being with friends that keeps me playing right now and that enjoyment is fading fast.

HIGH TRREASON is coming along well, getting rid of the old version didn’t set me back as much as I thought it would. Having the old Emperor die before the start tightens the tension between the present Emperor and the heirs waiting for their chance. I think I can use that tension to good use to make ELDER’S DILEMMA better.

January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017

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Epiphany Day! Once one of the major Christian holy days but now almost completely ignored. The Christmas Season is over. Now starts the run-up to Easter.

The weather in Tucson is not as cold as it was, but it is still cold. I stay indoors as much as I can. If I want snow I can get to Mount Lemon and play in it there, and come home to warmth. But, I do not want to play in snow right now. Nor probably ever again.

I have to get moving on YouTube videos, I am behind what I want to do. The problem is that I have too much to do right now, and have for the last few months, so that I never get around to doing one. I want to get a video done a week but I have no idea how often I do get one done. I had a spreadsheet to record what videos I had uploaded to YouTube and to Facebook but I forgot to keep it up. I finally got another comment on my videos and I want more. The first comment was an easily disproved one about the Second Amendment and the second was a comment from a Canadian about Civil Asset Forfeiture. That is a start but I would like more.

I am still cleaning up my apartment and I hate it. I have so much stuff that I have collected over the last fifty years or so that trying to throw the stuff that I no longer want away is a pain. I should have paid more attention to Henry David Thoreau and his belief that things own us. It is true.

I have, right now, six computers (one is actually a tablet) and I need to get rid of three of them. I have this computer here, that I use for general work, one that I had been using for my TTRPG and video work, and now the tablet, which a friend gave me for Christmas, for TTRPG work. So, two old laptops and one old desktop are going as is two monitors and an old printer that no longer works. Inkjet printers cost very little when buying them but a lot over the life of the printer in replacement ink. I once had a laser printer and while it cost a lot up front, it was cheaper to use than an ink jet printer. My next printer is going to be a laser printer if I can swing it. Too much stuff and I need to get rid of a lot of it. And I am succeeding albeit slowly.

October 25, 2016

October 24, 2016

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Monday evening and it is trying to pretend it is going to rain here in Tucson. Clouds are everywhere and I have heard thunder but as yet no drops have fallen that I can tell.

I haven’t any excuse for not posting these last few days. I just never thought to get around to it I guess. But then, my life is not exactly the type that adventure novels are made of. I get up, a good night’s sleep or a bad night’s sleep, read, write and watch videos. I eat a bland diet, not out of medical necessity but my nose does not work right so my sense of smell / taste is minimal. SO, as a result I do not go for very varied items to eat as it all tastes the same, pretty much. The high point of my day, for now, is watching football, American football. I have never been much of a fan of soccer (football to everyone else). Ice hockey is something I am interested in, I started getting interested when I was stationed in upstate New York. I tried following the Boston Bruins but that died out while living here in Tucson. Not much ice hockey in the desert. That is going to change as a new minor league hockey team has formed and will be playing here. Their first home game is this Friday but they have played two away games so far. I am going to try to attend some of the home games and learn the game.

I complain an awful lot about sleeping badly and after a week of sleeping well, I am back to sleeping badly during the night and napping during the day. Last night I actually slept well but I still napped most of the day today. At the age of 67 maybe I am expecting too much with wanting to sleep well more often. But this is something I complain about since I don’t have adventures to brag about.

I watched the Bengals win Sunday and I am glad that they are not as bad as they once were but I am sad that they are not as great as they have been recently. But, good or bad, I am their fan and will remain so. I just hope that someday I will be able to afford to attend one of their games in person and cheer them on. But I am not a rich man and right now that is off the to-do list. It remains on the I-wish list however and maybe it can get on the to-do list.

I haven’t done a YouTube video for a while. I did my last one on the 2nd Amendment and the Declaration of Independence. Someone did a rebuttal and I have been doing some research in order that my rebuttal of his rebuttal is well grounded. I am ready I believe so I am doing it tomorrow. I want to get back to doing them regularly, say one a day or at least one a week. I have subscribers now and I owe it to them.

October 18, 2016

October 17, 2016

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Another bad night for sleeping. I should never have talked about how well I was sleeping last week. Presuming, of course, that there is some sort of cosmic relationship between the two.

My Nook e-reader is still frozen and nothing I have done yet has gotten it unfrozen. I am trying one last thing, I am draining the battery in hopes that when it gets so low it will unfreeze since the power will not be enough to keep whatever is causing the freeze working.

I got some writing done during the early hours of this morning instead of after 9AM as usual. I will get no writing done tomorrow as I chew out the Pima County government in the morning, get one or more videos done in the afternoon and the evening will be taken up with the Libertarian Party monthly meeting. Wednesday, being a payday, I will be running around getting various things, like grocery shopping, done; so Thursday will be my return to writing unless I get some done in the wee hours of the morning while nothing else is available. That may be my writing pattern from now on.

I am getting old, remember I turned 67 last Friday, and it seems that whatever breaks down in my body happens on the left side. Except for the breakdowns that happen to all my body like my diabetes and accidents like breaking my right arm. But today I had a few moments of weakness in my left leg. I almost couldn’t stand and walking was a test of not falling over. It is gone now but I wonder what is going to break or malfunction next. Science needs to find a way to maintain our bodies easily and safely so that we can grow old without all the aches and pains.

I just got a new copy of a reference book I need for my YouTube videos, which is why I expect to get a video done tomorrow afternoon. I have an older copy around somewhere but I do not know where. My apartment is too cluttered and messy for me to find anything with ease. Unless, of course, I use it a lot or keep it in a specific and known place, like my glasses. I hate throwing things, especially books, away and thus the accumulation. I have books and videos that I have yet to read or watch as the case may be, or books that I haven’t read in decades but I keep them around. I have videos and books that I do not like but I haven’t gotten rid of yet. The more stuff accumulates, the harder it is to start in throwing it away.

Another reason that I have so much stuff is that I am kind of interested in almost everything so I buy books on many different subjects, read them once (if that much) and set them aside and never look at them again, or if I do it is so rarely that I might as well not have the book. I have to reign in my wandering focus and focus on just a few subjects. But even then the subjects are broad enough to build my book collection back up to unmanageable levels.

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