April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017

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Procrastination is no fun unless you have a lot to do. I do not remember who originated the idea but that is what I did today. Not exactly intentional but it happened. After checking email this morning and reading a bit of news from various sites, I got started on YouTube, for just one or two you know, and four hours later I realized how much time had passed.

I get up in the night to go to the bathroom and I also check my weight once a week on Friday mornings. Because of problems in the past, I now check when I am up ion the middle of the night so that I have something reasonable to put in my spreadsheet if I forget to weight myself when I get up. I did so this morning about 1AM and I remembered to weight myself at 7AM as normal on Fridays. Between the two times, while asleep and not eating or drinking anything, I gained about 5 pounds (2.25Kg). I would have thought that I would have lost a pound or two but I gained instead.

Once I have a couple more small items, I plan to start painting some of my miniatures for TTRPG. Once I am back into form I should be able to turn out 3 or 4 an hour perhaps more. I mention this because I am still playing TTRPG with friends but if they still prefer D&D in any of its forms for future campaigns, I will be spending more time painting and much less playing. After 40+ years, I hate D&D. Right now there are 3 campaigns going and all are one form of D&D or another. It is only my enjoyment of being with friends that keeps me playing right now and that enjoyment is fading fast.

HIGH TRREASON is coming along well, getting rid of the old version didn’t set me back as much as I thought it would. Having the old Emperor die before the start tightens the tension between the present Emperor and the heirs waiting for their chance. I think I can use that tension to good use to make ELDER’S DILEMMA better.

January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017

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Epiphany Day! Once one of the major Christian holy days but now almost completely ignored. The Christmas Season is over. Now starts the run-up to Easter.

The weather in Tucson is not as cold as it was, but it is still cold. I stay indoors as much as I can. If I want snow I can get to Mount Lemon and play in it there, and come home to warmth. But, I do not want to play in snow right now. Nor probably ever again.

I have to get moving on YouTube videos, I am behind what I want to do. The problem is that I have too much to do right now, and have for the last few months, so that I never get around to doing one. I want to get a video done a week but I have no idea how often I do get one done. I had a spreadsheet to record what videos I had uploaded to YouTube and to Facebook but I forgot to keep it up. I finally got another comment on my videos and I want more. The first comment was an easily disproved one about the Second Amendment and the second was a comment from a Canadian about Civil Asset Forfeiture. That is a start but I would like more.

I am still cleaning up my apartment and I hate it. I have so much stuff that I have collected over the last fifty years or so that trying to throw the stuff that I no longer want away is a pain. I should have paid more attention to Henry David Thoreau and his belief that things own us. It is true.

I have, right now, six computers (one is actually a tablet) and I need to get rid of three of them. I have this computer here, that I use for general work, one that I had been using for my TTRPG and video work, and now the tablet, which a friend gave me for Christmas, for TTRPG work. So, two old laptops and one old desktop are going as is two monitors and an old printer that no longer works. Inkjet printers cost very little when buying them but a lot over the life of the printer in replacement ink. I once had a laser printer and while it cost a lot up front, it was cheaper to use than an ink jet printer. My next printer is going to be a laser printer if I can swing it. Too much stuff and I need to get rid of a lot of it. And I am succeeding albeit slowly.

October 25, 2016

October 24, 2016

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Monday evening and it is trying to pretend it is going to rain here in Tucson. Clouds are everywhere and I have heard thunder but as yet no drops have fallen that I can tell.

I haven’t any excuse for not posting these last few days. I just never thought to get around to it I guess. But then, my life is not exactly the type that adventure novels are made of. I get up, a good night’s sleep or a bad night’s sleep, read, write and watch videos. I eat a bland diet, not out of medical necessity but my nose does not work right so my sense of smell / taste is minimal. SO, as a result I do not go for very varied items to eat as it all tastes the same, pretty much. The high point of my day, for now, is watching football, American football. I have never been much of a fan of soccer (football to everyone else). Ice hockey is something I am interested in, I started getting interested when I was stationed in upstate New York. I tried following the Boston Bruins but that died out while living here in Tucson. Not much ice hockey in the desert. That is going to change as a new minor league hockey team has formed and will be playing here. Their first home game is this Friday but they have played two away games so far. I am going to try to attend some of the home games and learn the game.

I complain an awful lot about sleeping badly and after a week of sleeping well, I am back to sleeping badly during the night and napping during the day. Last night I actually slept well but I still napped most of the day today. At the age of 67 maybe I am expecting too much with wanting to sleep well more often. But this is something I complain about since I don’t have adventures to brag about.

I watched the Bengals win Sunday and I am glad that they are not as bad as they once were but I am sad that they are not as great as they have been recently. But, good or bad, I am their fan and will remain so. I just hope that someday I will be able to afford to attend one of their games in person and cheer them on. But I am not a rich man and right now that is off the to-do list. It remains on the I-wish list however and maybe it can get on the to-do list.

I haven’t done a YouTube video for a while. I did my last one on the 2nd Amendment and the Declaration of Independence. Someone did a rebuttal and I have been doing some research in order that my rebuttal of his rebuttal is well grounded. I am ready I believe so I am doing it tomorrow. I want to get back to doing them regularly, say one a day or at least one a week. I have subscribers now and I owe it to them.

October 18, 2016

October 17, 2016

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Another bad night for sleeping. I should never have talked about how well I was sleeping last week. Presuming, of course, that there is some sort of cosmic relationship between the two.

My Nook e-reader is still frozen and nothing I have done yet has gotten it unfrozen. I am trying one last thing, I am draining the battery in hopes that when it gets so low it will unfreeze since the power will not be enough to keep whatever is causing the freeze working.

I got some writing done during the early hours of this morning instead of after 9AM as usual. I will get no writing done tomorrow as I chew out the Pima County government in the morning, get one or more videos done in the afternoon and the evening will be taken up with the Libertarian Party monthly meeting. Wednesday, being a payday, I will be running around getting various things, like grocery shopping, done; so Thursday will be my return to writing unless I get some done in the wee hours of the morning while nothing else is available. That may be my writing pattern from now on.

I am getting old, remember I turned 67 last Friday, and it seems that whatever breaks down in my body happens on the left side. Except for the breakdowns that happen to all my body like my diabetes and accidents like breaking my right arm. But today I had a few moments of weakness in my left leg. I almost couldn’t stand and walking was a test of not falling over. It is gone now but I wonder what is going to break or malfunction next. Science needs to find a way to maintain our bodies easily and safely so that we can grow old without all the aches and pains.

I just got a new copy of a reference book I need for my YouTube videos, which is why I expect to get a video done tomorrow afternoon. I have an older copy around somewhere but I do not know where. My apartment is too cluttered and messy for me to find anything with ease. Unless, of course, I use it a lot or keep it in a specific and known place, like my glasses. I hate throwing things, especially books, away and thus the accumulation. I have books and videos that I have yet to read or watch as the case may be, or books that I haven’t read in decades but I keep them around. I have videos and books that I do not like but I haven’t gotten rid of yet. The more stuff accumulates, the harder it is to start in throwing it away.

Another reason that I have so much stuff is that I am kind of interested in almost everything so I buy books on many different subjects, read them once (if that much) and set them aside and never look at them again, or if I do it is so rarely that I might as well not have the book. I have to reign in my wandering focus and focus on just a few subjects. But even then the subjects are broad enough to build my book collection back up to unmanageable levels.

October 12, 2016

October 11, 2016

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I slept good last night. Every time I woke to go to the bathroom, I slept longer when I got back to bed and I didn’t stay awake when I got back into bed. I wish I had more nights of good sleep, I am tired of nights of bad sleep. And that pun was intentional.

I haven’t done a video for a while as I am still doing research to counter the video done in opposition to my last one. I know that the maker is wrong and I know on what points he is wrong, most of the ones he makes, but I want some solid resources I can cite in the refutation video.

I have been paying attention to the political news and I am disgusted with both the Democrats and the Republicans. Except that it is impossible I would demand a mulligan for both of those old school bully parties. But, in addition to it being impossible, I doubt that any replacement would be any better. The political elites of both parties are too out of touch and anyone that successfully works past them is going to be too unworkable probably.

I did get some writing done, both on GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS and a movie idea I had a while back and have let sit. And, since I didn’t have to go anywhere, I sat around all day in my skivvies. I only put pants and shoes on to go check mail. There is something liberating about just wearing skivvies. Granted I wouldn’t want to be out in just them, like fleeing a fire for example, but that is why I keep a pair of pants and shoes by my front door.

Ten to fifteen thousand words more before I will consider GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS done. If I don’t let myself get sidetracked, I think that is two days hard work. Six hours a day is what I used to do on a routine basis, but the work I did is gone, computer crashes are horrible and I still don’t do backups like I should. But I write primarily for myself, it would be nice if I got published but that is secondary to just writing. There are uncounted stories that I have done over the years that have been lost and will never see the light of day as the old saying goes. And I don’t mind, I got the stories down once and that was what mattered then. Now, with my posting on my other blog, I kind of wish I still had them. But so few were ever finished, not that I ever consider any of my writing finished, that I could not post them without extensive work. Just as well I guess.

I rarely write short stories, I usually have too much to say for one. But, I have a short story that I will be posting tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th. A simple little thing one that I have no idea where I got the idea but it is one that I have toyed with for months. For those that read my other blog, I hope you enjoy it.

October 8, 2016

October 7, 2016

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I got a lot of writing done today, I wrote for almost four hours straight. And it was all new material for GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS, nothing re-written. I am near the end of what I call my “zero draft”, which is a straight through draft without chapters or polishing and once this is done, I will print out the story, chapter it, add details where needed, look for typos and expand where I think my writing needs help. Every time I go through something I have written I find holes, weak spots, typos and so forth.  There is an old saying that poetry is never finished, only abandoned. I feel the same about my writing.

I hate to throw books away but I am going to have to exactly that. I have almost a dozen bookcases full of books and a walk-in closet with books piled high on the floor. I estimate the total is about 4,000 books and I haven’t read over half of them in the last ten years. Time for them to go. I need the space. Plus, I have four or five old computers that need to go as well. If I throw enough books, and other stuff that I don’t use, away I might have room for some real furniture. At present, I have a bed, the bookcases, an entertainment center, two desks and two chairs. Hardly a furnished apartment.

Since it is October, I am already starting to hunt for next year’s calendars. I expect to get some “please donate” calendars from Wounded Warriors and the Commemorative Air Force (formerly the Confederate Air Force but that name caused problems) and I have one “please donate” already from Boys Town. However, I plan on getting at least one more. I have calendars up now on various walls but I want a desk calendar.  Why I want one, I can’t say. My computer desk is crowded and I have a wall calendar on the wall right in front of me. But, for whatever reason, I want a desk calendar.

I’ve been doing research for my next YouTube video and I am just about ready. My last video got a comment and an invitation to view someone else’s video rebutting mine. I feel confident that I can rebut his rebuttal now.

September 29, 2016

September 28, 2016

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I watched the Presidential Debates the other night and was disgusted. And the Old-School wants us to choose between them? Thankfully, there are other options. I cannot support Jill Stein but I can, and do, support Gary Johnson. But the Old-School media tries to deny that he exists much less that he is viable.

Someone finally commented on one of my YouTube videos and asked me to watch his counter to my video. I let two comments on his video pointing out where he is wrong. I am going to have to make a reply video discussing his errors. I am getting noticed finally.

I helped audit the Primary Election for Pima County a few weeks ago and was paid $75 on a prepaid debit card. I spent the morning checking out the balance. It is amazing how fast one can spend money without even thinking about it. I have just over four dollars left, enough for breakfast tomorrow. I don’t have to worry about past then as I get paid my military paycheck Friday. I will help audit the General Election in November and that will be another $75. So, with a Special Election that happened earlier this year I will have $225 to add to my taxable income for tax purposes when I file next year.

I live alone, I never married. So, for those of you who are married or have a live-in partner, think of you having to do all the things the other one does in order to get through life. That is me, I have to do the work of two people so to speak. Thus my writing suffers. And I’m not a social animal so I meet very few people and most of them are already taken or just do not interest me. I wish I were more socially active but then when would I get the time to write? I barely have the time now.

It rained again today for a short while. This is unusual not only because this is a desert but the summer rainy season is over and the winter rainy season won’t start for a couple of months yet. However unusual it is, I am glad for it.

The Cincinnati Bengals play again tomorrow night and I hope that they have their act together, as the old saying goes. The last two games were horrible. Not to the level of the old “Bungles”, and I hope that they do not return to that level of horridness, but it was still bad. The last five seasons gave me a chance to be proud of my being a fan and I do not want to lose that.

Oh well, to bed. I hope that I sleep as well as I did last night. A full nights sleep is so unusual for me anymore, even though a full nights sleep still means multiple trips to the bathroom.

September 17, 2016

September 16, 2016

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Politics all day today. This morning I attended the monthly meeting of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission which went from 9 AM to just after 11 AM, then home and working on an editorial I am writing and rewriting for the Arizona Daily Star. And between now and November 8, the date of the General Election, it will probably just get worse.

I posted a new video to YouTube and both Facebook pages. For those not in America, the Commission on Presidential Debates is a commission owned and operated by the Democrats and Republicans to control the Presidential Debates. They do this for the benefit of the two parties, not the American public. And today they announced that only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be allowed to debate at their event. Big surprise there. Even though over two-thirds of Americans want Gary Johnson on the debate stage, even though Gary Johnson polls enough in the selected polls the Commission uses to be statistically equal to the criteria set, the Commission said no. Big surprise here. The commission is protecting their bosses, the commission does not dare allow Gary Johnson to debate. If Gary Johnson were on the stage he would show just how empty the Democrats and Republicans are. That was the essence of my video.

When I retired from the USAF I went looking for work in the civilian market and didn’t really find it. I got a couple of temporary jobs but nothing substantial and lasting. The closest I cam was with the Census Bureau but there I wasn’t offered a position that gave me the hours I wanted. So, after several years of age discrimination, and I complained to the Federal Government but they refused to do anything, I just gave up and considered myself retired. I wasn’t busy at first but now I am busier than I have been since I left active duty in 1987. None of it pays however. Which is why I have been posting my writing on my other blog, I hoped to get comments that would help me polish my writing so that I could get published. Nobody wants to comment it seems. The only comments I get are from my brother and he doesn’t comment at the blog, he does it by email.

Ah well, life goes on and what I want (what anyone wants) is not necessarily what I get.

September 15, 2016

September 14, 2016

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Politics all day for me. I didn’t write anything for GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS but I did get some writing done on various political matters. I am the First Vice-Chair of the Pima County Libertarian Party and I am basically the Communications Director as well. I make and post videos on YouTube, the county Party Facebook page and my own Facebook page as well. I put about a dozen videos up on YouTube before I got the notion to put them on the Facebook pages as well. So now I am playing catch-up. Any new videos I do go immediately to all three but the older videos I am posting to the Facebook pages. I saw a powerful video on vimeo, actually the link was sent to me, and I will be posting it shortly. Check out either my Facebook page or the county party’s or my YouTube channel (Christopher Cole – be careful there are a lot of channels names that) and see a powerful Libertarian video.

So, having spent the day writing political material, I have little else to talk about. So, once again, a very short post.


September 6, 2016

September 5, 2016

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For those in America: Happy Labor Day. I hope that it has been enjoyable for you.

What I did today was basically lounge around. I did get some walking done before it got too hot but mostly I sat around, read and watched YouTube. I did get some writing done, but it was mostly proofreading and editing. After dinner I plan to watch some Betty Boop. I enjoy her cartoons and I have two sets of them, one organized by year and one by category. I prefer the earlier ones as they were more innocently risqué as it were.

I am having trouble with the next video I want to record for YouTube and the Facebook pages of myself and the Pima County Libertarian Party. I try to keep my videos down to six minutes or less but this one is going to last several minutes it seems. I am not a professional at this so the videos are very basic – just me talking with the occasional prop. Maybe some day I will be able to afford a complete crew and produce snazzy videos, but not today.

What can I say, not doing anything makes for a dull slice-of-life blog post.

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