July 17, 2018

July 17, 2018

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I had a bout with hypoglycemia today, something that has not happened in over a year. I had to head downtown for a couple of items and I stopped along the way at my bank. As I was leaving the bank ATM, I began feeling the start of hypoglycemia. Blurred vision is never a symptom for me, sweats are the first symptom I usually get. And, since it is summer in Tucson, I was not sure at first if the sweat was due to the heat or hypoglycemia. After a few seconds, I realized what it was by the pattern of the sweating. Luckily, there were several fast food joints nearby. I stopped in at the first I came to and got a meal. I had to spend a few minutes in the bathroom before I could start eating but I ate quickly once my bladder was empty. I was sweating so hard, I was worried that I would pass out before I ate enough to prevent it. It has been over a year since I had problems with hypoglycemia and then I quickly went to the shakes; indeed, back then I was shaking so hard that I had to hold onto the wall to keep from falling. I felt then, and still do, that if I had fallen, I would never have gotten up. Today was not that bad thankfully. I probably lost a few pounds from sweating but I caught it in time.

The only writing I did today was adding a title page and a list of the books for the Jesip Elder series of books to DREADNOUGHT. I need to take ENTRANCE EXAMINATION down from Kindle and add the list of books to it and list it as part of a series of books. Live and learn. I should have ENTRANCE EXAMINATION corrected by Thursday and DREADNOUGHT up on Friday. Once I am finished with the series and MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY I am thinking of working on a series of superhero short stories. Years ago my TTRPG group was playing a superhero campaign and I came up with a catch phrase that I still like. The setting was the United Planet and I named the team the Special Enforcement Team. Thus the catch phrase: We’re UPSET and you’re under arrest! The stories won’t be based upon that campaign, except for the UPSET part, but I think I can bring forth a series of short stories, or even novellas, in that setting. One of the points will be that superheroes become so common that secret identities become worthless. I will explain in the first story.


July 15, 2018

July 15, 2018

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I think ENTRANCE EXAMINATION is up on Kindle. I do not own one, so I cannot tell unless I check the report and it is too soon for any sales I think. Wednesday I may spend some money and get a Kindle just for that reason. I can read a lot of books on my phone, but I do not remember a Kindle app on the phone; and I just checked and there isn’t an app for Kindle. Plenty of e-books about Kindle and how to use it, but no app. There is a Nook app, which is what I use but no Kindle app. And I think that the books I bought for the Nook app do not transfer, so that is another expense.

I am working on a final edit of DREADNOUGHT and should have it up on Kindle by Friday. The remaining three books in the series should be once a week also. Then I have to finish MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY and get it up. After that, I don’t know. I have a book in the works but I am not happy with it and may abandon it. If I do, I have nothing in mind, but maybe I will get an idea while working on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. There are some short stories I could gather together and publish as a group but I have no idea how many I would need to make a good selection. Any ideas from those reading this? I have five written, I think, and I could do a few more quickly. There would be no coherent pattern in the selection of stories, just ones I have done over the years. Most of which I either abandoned or turned into longer stories. I did not keep them, or they were destroyed when my computer crashed, but I kind of remember what they were. I could start them up again.

The rain lately has been short and mild but often. There has not been any of the huge storms that dump a lot of rain in a short period but a lot of smaller storms. Light, soaking, rain is what Tucson needs. I think we are ahead of the 30-year average, based on a look at a newspaper a couple of days ago. So that is a blessing.

July 12, 2018

July 12, 2018

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I got a nice bit of work done today, working on DREADNOUGHT this morning and Libertarian matters this afternoon. I did a little bit on ENTRANCE EXAMINATION as well, correcting a goof I made. When I tried to put ENTRANCE EXAMINATION on Kindle, I realized that I had the title page separate (why I did that, I cannot remember) and so the title page needed to be added to the main body of the book. I have done that and after dinner, I am going to work to get it onto the Kindle list. Once that is done, FREADNOUGHT should not be more than a week later, GENERATION UPON GENERATION a week after that, HIGH TREASON another week and ELDER’S DILEMMA should finish off two weeks later, that book will take a little extra time since I need to edit it more heavily.

I got a call from the previous Chair of the PCLP and at the monthly meeting next Tuesday he will be giving me three boxes of old records and other material. I am going to have to sort through those boxes and get the material organized. I am also going to have to find an old copy of the PCLP by-laws and update them. I do not intend to let that slow down my writing, but I think I am going to lose out on free time. I am retired, all my time is supposed to be free time. I am busier now than when I was on active duty in the USAF. At least, it seems that way.

The weather here is humid and muggy. We need the rain to wash the humidity out of the atmosphere, and to alleviate the drought. It would be nice to sit in my backyard and watch the rain come storming down, soaking everything. Even if I got soaked, it would be nice. My little patio is covered by the balcony of the apartment above me, but it isn’t much and so the rain could come soak me, especially if the wind is from the North, or North-East. But it will be nice nonetheless. When I was young, in Indiana, I enjoyed walking in the rain. Now, I think I would like to enjoy the rain again. Too often, especially when I was on active duty, the rain annoyed me.

July 10, 2018

July 10, 2018

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It has been raining today. How can I tell? The ground is wet. I do not k now how long it rained, nor how hard, but every little bit is welcome. Living in the desert, I guess I obsess a bit about rain.

I did get some work done, I started in on DREADNOUGHT and I did some work on some Libertarian material. I will be going to the State Board meeting on the 21st after all; and, it will not cost me a huge amount. I will be buying lunch for someone and paying for the Greyhound ticket back to Tucson. A lot cheaper than the $100 or so it could have cost me. This will be my first State Board meeting and I hope it is interesting. If not, I hope to make it so.

I am going to start researching literary agents tonight, that and researching publishing on Kindle or self-publishing. I don’t know what I am going to do with the five books about Jesip Elder, but I can no longer keep putting it off due to fear. That has been, probably, my greatest problem: fear of rejection. I submitted some short stories years ago and they were all rejected. I had thought about making a collection of rejection notes but decided against it. Rejection hurts, so I decided unconsciously (I hope) to accept failure instead of rejection. Strange way of looking at it, but it seems that was my attitude for years. Now, I am facing that and starting to plow through to getting published.

There are other projects that I need to start up again. I also need to start calling in to the local talk radio on behalf of the Pima County Libertarian Party and getting our message out. I finally found a real AM radio, all the others I have bought were FM only, and I can start on that project also.

July 9, 2018

July 9th, 2018

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I did get some writing done today, some work on the RPG I want to do, some on ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (Done for now, moving on to DREADNOUGHT next) and some on a murder mystery short story I work on occasionally. I have never been able to write a satisfactory murder mystery but I keep trying.

It rained a bit last night, that was nice but we need more – lots more. If I remember correctly, Tucson has been in a drought or near-drought ever since the late 1970s. I just checked the weather apps for my computers and smart phone and none show the recorded rainfall for this year, so I have to go by my impression unless I go buy a local newspaper for about $2. And, if I buy it, all I will read is the weather page and the legal notices. Waste of money for the most part.

Speaking of legal notices, all the legal notices from any government agency here in Pima County are posted only in the Arizona Daily Star so if I want to make a comment about bond propositions or other such information, I have to spend a lot of money for something I would not use very much. I stopped reading the ADS last year because I read so little of it, but now that has changed since, as the Pima County Libertarian Chair, I should respond to propositions that are going onto the various ballots.

There is going to be an important meeting of the Arizona State Libertarian Party on the 21st, in the Phoenix area. I have only one complaint that it is being held there because Phoenix is central to all of Arizona, geographically, and the largest number of Libertarians live in Maricopa County. That one complaint is that, unless I can find a ride there and back, a one-and-a-half hour trip will take me three and a half hours. I will catch a shuttle to the Phoenix airport (Sky Harbor) and that will take about an hour and a half. The trip to Chandler, a Phoenix suburb, will take two hours by public transit. I will leave home early Saturday morning and get back late Saturday evening. I will have to be there before noon, so I will have to leave Tucson by 7 AM, to give me time to eat lunch. The meeting should end at about 2 PM, so I get back to Tucson around 6 PM. Then I have to take public transit in Tucson in order to get home. I expect that this two-hour meeting will take me around twelve or thirteen hours what with travel time and all. If I got a ride, four hours of that travel time go away. And it costs me about $80 less.


July 6, 2018

July 6th, 2018

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As I sit here listening to Ed Ames I am glad I do not like modern music. To me modern music is just screeching and yelling. There are modern singers that I could like, but modern music – no. I am sure that in fifty years, those who are teenagers now will complain about how “modern” music is crap. I suppose all generations are like that; although, I do like music from the 20s and 30s. Maybe even the 40s. I have several LP records that I inherited from my Father, and included in those is a collection of Red Army songs from WW II. I cannot remember ever listening to those records; but if not, I intend to. I intend to listen to all the LP records I have. I bought a record player explicitly to do that. It is a combination device, LP, FM, CD. So, I have that.

I got some writing done, both editing ENTRANCE EXAMINATION and on the RPG I want to write. I also did some work on a RPG character I would like to play if the group I play with ever decides to use that campaign system and setting. Working on two different laptops, in two different locations although the same apartment, helps me focus on the different writing I do.

I wish it would start raining. Tucson has been in a drought for decades and I can remember from before the drought started how the rain was. The rain pattern in summer was predictable; now, not so mush. I think I harp on the rainfall quite a lot in these posts; maybe, too much. Regardless, we need rain here in Tucson.

June 27, 2018

June 27, 2018

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It has been a nice day for me. I got a lot of work done reviewing ENTRANCE EXAMIATION and made several corrections and improvements in the book.

Now, after my lunch, I am reviewing some material I recently bought and just received. As I have mention in previous posts, I play TTRPG. I have also mentioned that there is a campaign setting, Harn, that I like and would love to play a character in that setting. The material I am reviewing is several small articles on the setting. Once I finish that, I have to do some work on the character I am playing tonight, if I can. I should have done this work yesterday or this morning but I forgot to do it. Tomorrow I am going to have to do some work on the character I will be playing on Saturday, that work is more critical because there is a lot of information about the character and his abilities that I have accumulated but I need to sort the information and print out the information in a more useable format. A lot of the information is just the title of an ability without reference to what the ability actually does.

Friday is my military payday. As a result, I will take one of my two “cheat” days for my diet. A friend of mine many years ago, who was a dietician, gave me two pieces of advice on dieting. First: don’t lose the weight because whatever you lose, you want back; get rid of the weight. Second: schedule a few cheat days so that you do not stress yourself and blow it by cheating uncontrollably. I try to keep these two rules but don’t, especially the second one. I am doing better but in the past, I denied myself to the point that I screwed up and cheated too much. I reached a maximum of 281 pounds but I am now bouncing between 250 and 260. I have gotten below 250 but just barely and only for a single week at a time. I have to increase my exercising but I hesitate to exercise outside in this heat. Even in the evening, after sunset, it is too hot for me. I will think of something.

June 26, 2018

June 25, 2018

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When I first started this blog I posted about various issues as well as my life’s happenings. I posted on politics and religion. Those two blog post types had definite titles relating to the content of the post. Those are all gone now. The daily life posts were titled by the day but I used the religious calendar day such as Tuesday of the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost. Those are gone also. Part of the reason is that no one commented. No one, or almost no one, comments still but the titles are easier since I just use the secular calendar date for the title. Why mention this? I used this comment as an introduction to the statement that I still want comments. I post these comments, almost daily except when I forget or am busy elsewhere, for the purpose of obtaining comments. If people would comment on the posts, I would start posting on christophercolesite.wordpress.com again because I want feedback on my writing from people who are strangers to me and who won’t just say “How nice” or some such out of presumed kindness. I want real feedback.

I did finish going over DREADNOUGHT and I did insert a description of Elder’s wife so that people can visualize her. I intend to start back up on ELDER’S DILEMMA and get it ready so that I can send the five books off. I want to believe that I will finally get that done.

I used to have several dozen wargames, the sort where you push a punch of cardboard markers around a piece of paper representing a specific area. I lost all but one of them when I moved. The one I kept, and intend to play when I can is called GLOBAL WAR. The reason I kept it is that it is the one wargame that I wanted to keep. There were others that I liked but since there is no one around to play with, GLOBAL WAR was the one complex enough that I can play by myself, even though it is not designed for solo play, and not get bored. I mention this because I plan on setting the game up on my living room table and start playing for a while. I won’t play the game at one sitting, but play one side and later I will play the other side – the game simulates WW II from 1939 on and covers land war, sea war, air war, and production war. As you can tell, complex. And because it is so complex, it won’t get boring.

June 25, 2018

June 25, 2018

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Oh the perils of a sleepless night. I have been tired, and falling asleep, all day. I just could not turn my brain off last night. I mentioned the guy at church in my Sunday post; well, all last night my brain would not let that go and I kept going over election security all night. I have sleeping pills, and I have used them in the near past. But last night I never though about taking one until way too late. If I had taken one when I remembered I had some, I would not have woken up until late morning. That would have disrupted my medicine schedule and probably other aspects of the day as well. So, I was sleepy all day and napped about four times, not more than an hour each time.

I did get some writing done. I remembered that I never described a significant character, so I am going through DREADNOUGHT to describe her when she first appears. I am going through all the books in the series and checking them out again but I am not going in order. Once I am finished with this, the books go out for publication – either as a collection or individually. I keep finding ways to delay this, probably fear of rejection, but I am determined to get this done. At least, I am determined for now. I have been stalling for so long, I wonder if I do anything but stall.

Once I send the books out, I can concentrate on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY and get it done. Getting work done builds on itself so it will get easier to finish my books. And I do want to become published, even if the royalties are nothing to brag about. I guess that is what I need to concentrate on – getting published for its own sake.

June 21, 2018

June 21, 2018

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Well, astronomical Summer is here now. Is it going to get hotter? Maybe. June in Tucson get pretty hot since the rains have not started yet. When the rains start, it will get hot and then it will rain and cool everything down. That is, if it rains in the afternoon as it used to do. Now, the rains follow no pattern like they did in decades past.

I have two laptops and a notebook. The keyboard arrangement is slightly different between the three, primarily in the location of the keys such as page up, page down, home, end and the arrow keys. Just enough difference to confuse me until I get used to being on the specific keyboard for the machine I am using. I understand that manufacturers want to make their product unique and memorable, I just do not have to like it when I use different machines at different times and places.

I spent the morning getting various tasks done. I did get some writing done this afternoon, on the TTRPG system I want to create. And again, I cannot go through something I wrote without wanting to change something. I did make some changes, not a lot and not major, but they were made. Since I am writing that game system on the other laptop, I am waiting for a Windows 10 update to install. That laptop was set aside for several months while I dithered about getting a new battery. So, the updates piled up.

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