November 29, 2017

November 29, 2017

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Another day in Tucson. I am waiting for a package, a book I ordered and I am getting anxious. I ordered a pair, the first two volumes of a series and, naturally enough, the second arrived first. So I await the first volume with some anticipation. The books are the print versions of a web comic I enjoy. I could just go back and read the comic from the start, but I enjoy books so I ordered the print versions. Maybe tomorrow it will arrive.

When I collected my mail, I got a notice for jury duty. I am one of the rare ones, it seems, in that I do not mind jury duty. I never got called when on active duty, obviously, and since I retired I have received four notices before this one. The first time I was selected for duty, and once I was told to not report and the other two times I reported but was told to go home as a jury was no longer required. The time I was selected, I was surprised. It was a drunk driving case and the lawyers asked several questions and I replied “Yes” to many of them. Questions like: Are you related to any felons? Are you related to any alcoholics? Do you have any association with running a bar? And so forth. I have a cousin who is a felon and I have alcoholic relatives, and I was the Quartermaster of my VFW Post at the time and thus I had some association with running the Post Canteen (bar). With as many times as I said yes, and as a result called up to explain myself to the judge, I was surprised to be selected. The case lasted a day, the afternoon of selection day and the morning of the next. We, the jury, went into the jury room and decided that the prosecution had not proven its case on the first vote. Six months later, I got a traffic ticket and appeared before the same judge. She remembered me because of all the times I had to explain myself to her.

I am writing this while taking a break from writing ELDER’S DILEMA. I am halfway through the book as I intend it. Once I get to the end, I have to edit and chapter it. Then, as I mentioned yesterday, I want to combine the five books into one and start pushing it. Maybe I can get it published on Amazon Kindle or maybe a more traditional publisher will want to print it.


November 21, 2017

November 21, 2017

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I did not go to the Pima County Board of Supervisors’ meeting this morning, I stayed in waiting for some repair work. The work got done, my dishwasher had stopped working – it was a plugged line. So now the cable guy is here, not for me but my new neighbor. The cable for them runs through my apartment. So the cable guy is fixing something wrong with their cable in the shed in back of my apartment. More happening today here than ha happened in a long time. And, I still have the Pima County Libertarian Party meeting tonight.

I did get some writing done, ELDER’S DILEMA, and so far it is going good. Even though I used a point that I intended to use at the end, I think I can still use the same point later without seeming like I am banging the reader over the head with it. I have about half the word count I am shooting for, but I can expand the word count if I need to do so. Books are categorized by minimum length, not maximum. Well, they are kind of categorized by maximum length in that if a book goes over the minimum of a new category, it is too large for the old one; but, the top size category has no upper limit. I still want to clump all five books into one physical book and have each of the five part of that physical book but with their own title still.

I am starting to wear heavier shirts now, during the summer and early fall I wore very lightweight shirts. Long sleeve shirts, I am trying to get away from T-shirts and Polo shirts. The weather is nice, fall is my favorite time of year in Tucson. Looking at the predictions for the winter, not that I expect them to be accurate, Southern Arizona might be slightly colder then normal – blame La Nina.


November 20, 2017

November 20, 2017

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Winter is almost here, at least as far as Tucson has a winter. Not the season, but bitter cold weather, snow and all the rest. It does get cold here, sometimes even below freezing. It even snows in Tucson, once in maybe fifteen years or so. If anyone wants snow here, there are the mountains just north of the city. Mount Lemon has the southern-most natural ski resort in the Continental USA. At least, it was; I don’t know if they have used snow machines since I was told the bit about the natural snow ski resort. I rarely go up there. I can look at the snow-capped peaks of the Catalina Mountains from the warm comfort of my home.

I have been getting some writing done today, ELDER’S DILEMA, but tomorrow is another matter. I will be attending the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting and on my way home, getting some grocery shopping done. And tomorrow evening, there is the Pima County Libertarian monthly meeting. Busy all day tomorrow.

There isn’t much that I do that is notable, I am a dull sort of guy. I like to watch Jeopardy and if I was a contestant, I couldn’t come up with something to fill the comments part of the show. Not more than one or two shows anyway. I admire, but do not want to emulate, those people who could go for weeks on end on that show talking about various things that they have done or that have happened to them. It must be nice to have a life so filled full of interesting things; but, I would rather sit here and write. I had interesting things happen when I was on active duty and that was enough.

October 25, 2017

October 25, 2017

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I am finally ready to start posting HIGH TREASON. I am working on ELDER’S DILEMA and a couple of other projects but I think I am ready to be back on track. As I am going to post tomorrow on my other blog, HIGH TREASON and ELDER’S DILEMA are going to have each chapter on a separate page in hopes of getting comments about my writing style. This blog has stopped generating comments and the other, writing, blog has never generated comments. Someone clicking the “like” does not count in my eyes as a comment. It is nice to get, but it does not help me improve.

Halloween is coming and I hope that there will be children out in this complex trick-or-treating. I plan to sit out in front of my apartment with some candy, being a single man I have to avoid getting myself in a position where someone takes me to court. I enjoy children, and on Halloween I enjoy looking at the costumes they wear. One reason I enjoy children is that, not having any of my own, I can hand them back to their parents. In a few weeks I will probably start getting the “Look Mama, Santa Claus!” calls from children. When that happens, I always tell the child “No, I am not Santa Claus; but, I am a good friend of his.” Parents usually like that response, at least none have complained to me. I was once asked by an older (but still pre-teen)child if Santa Claus was real and I answered that Santa Claus was the spirit of giving. Which seemed to answer here question. I am not going to deny the existence of Santa Claus to any child, even one who is belligerent about his non-existence. There should always be room in someone’s heart for a spirit of giving.

October 24, 2017

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I finally finished editing HIGH TREASON, at least for now. Every time I read something I have written I see something to change, either a typo or a better wording. However, I will start putting it up on my other blog this Thursday. I have eliminated the other books on that blog, I had them all on a single page and I think that inhibited comments. I am going to put HIGH TREASON and ELDER’S DILEMA up with each chapter being a separate page in hopes that I get comments about my writing so I can improve. And, unless there is a limit to the number of pages I can have active at any one time, I will do the same with my other books to come and any short stories I do.

There are a few places to eat that are within walking distance for me, and walking distance for me is not very far given my knee and ankle problems. I enjoy eating out, when I can afford it, but I am tired of fast food. Indeed, if I go to a fast food joint, it will be to just get a sandwich and drink. I am so tired of French Fries I do not like even the sight of them. However, to get to somewhere that offers something else, I have to go outside of my walking distance for the most part. There is a Thai restaurant and a pancake house within walking distance but for just about anything else, I have to take the bus or walk further than I like. I do not know how to cook, other than heat something up. I am 68 years old and I know less about cooking for myself than probably most people half my age. I have a new slow cooker and I can make beef stew, and I am looking for other slow cooker recipes, but cooking from scratch otherwise is beyond my training.

October 22, 2017

October 21, 2017

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I am doing it again. I am about four-fifths done with the editing of HIGH TREASON, and about one-third done with the initial draft of ELDER’S DILEMA and what am I doing? Another series. I hit a wall on the Elder series and so I started up another series. I just finished reading the LORD DARCY series and so this new series is something similar. That is, it is set in an alternate world that diverges massively from our own. The LORD DARCY series diverges with Richard Lion-Heart and mine diverges with the Norman invasion of 1066. The first story is a short story, to establish the ideas behind the series, so I should get this one story done quickly and get back to Elder and his tales. The problem is that I have never been able to do a decent murder mystery. I have thrown away dozens of attempts, including one where Elder gets accused for the murder of one of his classmates at the Academy. Don’t look for it, I doubt it will ever get written.

The weather is finally turning cooler, pretty much on schedule. I now have a light blanket on my bed and I have used it two nights now. Tucson does not get very cold often, two or three times a winter it will get below freezing, but there is none of the bitter cold of back East. However, I have been here long enough that I doubt I could stand a winter typical of back East. I was stationed here basically from 1971 to 1977 and I have lived here ever since 1988. I am used to this climate, for better or worse.

October 13, 2017

October 12, 2017

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Over a week since my last post. I am getting lazy or something.

Not that a whole lot has happened with me. I get up, PSSS, check my blood sugar, have breakfast and start writing. I rarely go out to do anything anymore. I do my grocery shopping and attend church and attend political events. But I no longer go to museums, or local sights or just wander around. I have become a homebody.

I have been editing HIGH TREASON and working on ELDER’S DILEMA. I hit a short period of writer’s block on those, so I started a murder mystery. I start murder mysteries and abandon them because I never feel like I write a good one. But, I keep trying. The second book in my series on Elder was to be a murder mystery but I threw it away, several times.  Since I have gotten back to editing HIGH TREASON, I expect that the murder mystery will sit around for a while until I hit another block. While editing HIGH TREASON, I discovered that I had two Chapter 4s and two Chapter 5s. A bad product of my writing style and editing process I guess. I have corrected it, so there.


October 4, 2017

October 3, 2017

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Attended the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning. I would like to say that the public’s business was conducted in a fair and reasonable manner but I cannot. A lot of money was spent, and some administrative policies were changed but underlying problems were not dealt with. The Districts are designed to ensure that three (3) Democrats and two (2) Republicans are elected and the Democrats almost always vote as a bloc on any issue. And some very questionable results come from that. I attend and chew them out on a regular basis but they have stopped listening to me. So, I speak to the audience either physically present or watching on their television or computer.

It was early afternoon when I got home and I got a little writing done, but not a lot. I need to finish editing HIGH TREASON, but I seem to have hit a lazy spell on that. I prefer to work on ELDER’S DILEMA. New writing is always preferable to me over editing, even though I know editing is vital. Especially given my writing style. I write an entire story, what I call my “zero-draft” and then go back and divide it into chapters and start the first of several edits. Actually, I edit every time I read something, I am never satisfied with what I have written. I don’t finish a book, I abandon it.

I have to get some grocery shopping done tomorrow. I should have done it Monday but I never got around to doing it. I had thought of doing it today, before I realized that the BOS meeting was today; so, if I am going to eat, it has to be tomorrow. I should be good then until next payday. I get two paychecks a month and neither gets a cost-of-living increase that matches the annual inflation. Or, if they do, it is one year behind the curve. So, I slide into poverty since neither paycheck can be increased by anyone except Congress. Which is why I am so desirous of getting the five Elder books done. Hopefully, I can get them published and royalties can help with my finances. I never expected to live this long, so I did not plan as well as I should have for my future.

September 28, 2017

September 28, 2017

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Busy day today. Not much accomplished, but I was busy all day. I had a doctor’s appointment and the Tucson Bus System took about an hour and a half to get me there and about an hour to get me back. The appointment went well. On the way back, as I was reading on my phone, there was a lurch of the bus and an old woman with a walker fell to the bus floor. She slammed her head pretty bad. The bus drive stopped and tried to see if she was hurt, and got abused for his efforts by an angry passenger who had no connection with the old woman. Once he was sure that the old woman was not in immediate danger, he called the paramedics and the bus company. I got off and caught the next bus so I have no idea how this ended. I do hope the old woman is OK. But I will never know.

I am having problems with my new smart phone. I have trouble turning the ring tone back on once I silence it for church or some other place where a silent phone is requested. I had a phone call expected and it came, but with he ringtone off, I didn’t know about it until it was missed. It took me about ten minutes to get through the VA menu to get to the clinic and then the pharmacist. My insulin dosage is going to have to change. I still have not been able to get the ringtone to work, I will have to visit the company tomorrow and see what they can do.

It is just the end of September and already I am getting Christmas catalogs. I often like looking at them but rarely order anything because of my finances. To be blunt about it, I am poor. If I can get HIGH TREASON and ELDER’S DILEMA done, I might be able to have an editor look at the five books and offer suggestions, and then get them published. Maybe I will have a bestseller in the five books. That would be nice, but regardless of how they turn out, I will be working on either one of the two stand-alone books or a fourteen book series I have in mind. I dream big.

September 23, 2017

September 22, 2017

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The weather is so nice, I am reminded why I like Autumn in Tucson so much. The days are warm and sunny, the nights are cool. I doubt that there will be any more rain until the Winter rainy season in a couple of months and that is nice also.

I have been so busy, but not with anything that would merit special comment. The Suntran bus system takes so long to get anywhere that an hour task elsewhere might take three hours. One task yesterday that took a long time was a question and answer session I had at a local school on behalf of the Libertarian Party. Part of the reason it took long was that I missed a bus and made the mistake thinking that it would be s short walk. It was a long walk, over half an hour. I arrived twenty minutes late and the session was scheduled for an hour. The students were engaged and asked serious questions so it was worthwhile.

I am constantly amazed at how much time goes by doing routine stuff such as checking emails, reading news articles, and so forth. YouTube is my serious bane, I tend to stop doing whatever and, for a break, go to YouTube for a few minutes. An hour later, I realize how much time I have taken and try to get back to work on whatever I am doing. I usually succeed. I have to stop watching YouTube videos for a break.

I don’t think I have done a lot of writing this week, I am almost finished with going through HIGH TREASON and am ready to make the edits in the computer file and start publishing it on my other blog. ELDER’S DILEMMA is going smoothly, I am surprised that I haven’t had the writer’s block more often. I am getting a firm grasp on how that story is going to go. In all my writing, I have never been one to make an outline and base a story on the outline. I tried it once, a story about the character having flashbacks to defining points in his past which were the outline points; but, I never finished it and while I know what the story is and how it goes, I have never wanted to go back and write it.

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