October 13, 2017

October 12, 2017

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Over a week since my last post. I am getting lazy or something.

Not that a whole lot has happened with me. I get up, PSSS, check my blood sugar, have breakfast and start writing. I rarely go out to do anything anymore. I do my grocery shopping and attend church and attend political events. But I no longer go to museums, or local sights or just wander around. I have become a homebody.

I have been editing HIGH TREASON and working on ELDER’S DILEMA. I hit a short period of writer’s block on those, so I started a murder mystery. I start murder mysteries and abandon them because I never feel like I write a good one. But, I keep trying. The second book in my series on Elder was to be a murder mystery but I threw it away, several times.  Since I have gotten back to editing HIGH TREASON, I expect that the murder mystery will sit around for a while until I hit another block. While editing HIGH TREASON, I discovered that I had two Chapter 4s and two Chapter 5s. A bad product of my writing style and editing process I guess. I have corrected it, so there.



October 4, 2017

October 3, 2017

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Attended the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning. I would like to say that the public’s business was conducted in a fair and reasonable manner but I cannot. A lot of money was spent, and some administrative policies were changed but underlying problems were not dealt with. The Districts are designed to ensure that three (3) Democrats and two (2) Republicans are elected and the Democrats almost always vote as a bloc on any issue. And some very questionable results come from that. I attend and chew them out on a regular basis but they have stopped listening to me. So, I speak to the audience either physically present or watching on their television or computer.

It was early afternoon when I got home and I got a little writing done, but not a lot. I need to finish editing HIGH TREASON, but I seem to have hit a lazy spell on that. I prefer to work on ELDER’S DILEMA. New writing is always preferable to me over editing, even though I know editing is vital. Especially given my writing style. I write an entire story, what I call my “zero-draft” and then go back and divide it into chapters and start the first of several edits. Actually, I edit every time I read something, I am never satisfied with what I have written. I don’t finish a book, I abandon it.

I have to get some grocery shopping done tomorrow. I should have done it Monday but I never got around to doing it. I had thought of doing it today, before I realized that the BOS meeting was today; so, if I am going to eat, it has to be tomorrow. I should be good then until next payday. I get two paychecks a month and neither gets a cost-of-living increase that matches the annual inflation. Or, if they do, it is one year behind the curve. So, I slide into poverty since neither paycheck can be increased by anyone except Congress. Which is why I am so desirous of getting the five Elder books done. Hopefully, I can get them published and royalties can help with my finances. I never expected to live this long, so I did not plan as well as I should have for my future.

September 28, 2017

September 28, 2017

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Busy day today. Not much accomplished, but I was busy all day. I had a doctor’s appointment and the Tucson Bus System took about an hour and a half to get me there and about an hour to get me back. The appointment went well. On the way back, as I was reading on my phone, there was a lurch of the bus and an old woman with a walker fell to the bus floor. She slammed her head pretty bad. The bus drive stopped and tried to see if she was hurt, and got abused for his efforts by an angry passenger who had no connection with the old woman. Once he was sure that the old woman was not in immediate danger, he called the paramedics and the bus company. I got off and caught the next bus so I have no idea how this ended. I do hope the old woman is OK. But I will never know.

I am having problems with my new smart phone. I have trouble turning the ring tone back on once I silence it for church or some other place where a silent phone is requested. I had a phone call expected and it came, but with he ringtone off, I didn’t know about it until it was missed. It took me about ten minutes to get through the VA menu to get to the clinic and then the pharmacist. My insulin dosage is going to have to change. I still have not been able to get the ringtone to work, I will have to visit the company tomorrow and see what they can do.

It is just the end of September and already I am getting Christmas catalogs. I often like looking at them but rarely order anything because of my finances. To be blunt about it, I am poor. If I can get HIGH TREASON and ELDER’S DILEMA done, I might be able to have an editor look at the five books and offer suggestions, and then get them published. Maybe I will have a bestseller in the five books. That would be nice, but regardless of how they turn out, I will be working on either one of the two stand-alone books or a fourteen book series I have in mind. I dream big.

September 23, 2017

September 22, 2017

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The weather is so nice, I am reminded why I like Autumn in Tucson so much. The days are warm and sunny, the nights are cool. I doubt that there will be any more rain until the Winter rainy season in a couple of months and that is nice also.

I have been so busy, but not with anything that would merit special comment. The Suntran bus system takes so long to get anywhere that an hour task elsewhere might take three hours. One task yesterday that took a long time was a question and answer session I had at a local school on behalf of the Libertarian Party. Part of the reason it took long was that I missed a bus and made the mistake thinking that it would be s short walk. It was a long walk, over half an hour. I arrived twenty minutes late and the session was scheduled for an hour. The students were engaged and asked serious questions so it was worthwhile.

I am constantly amazed at how much time goes by doing routine stuff such as checking emails, reading news articles, and so forth. YouTube is my serious bane, I tend to stop doing whatever and, for a break, go to YouTube for a few minutes. An hour later, I realize how much time I have taken and try to get back to work on whatever I am doing. I usually succeed. I have to stop watching YouTube videos for a break.

I don’t think I have done a lot of writing this week, I am almost finished with going through HIGH TREASON and am ready to make the edits in the computer file and start publishing it on my other blog. ELDER’S DILEMMA is going smoothly, I am surprised that I haven’t had the writer’s block more often. I am getting a firm grasp on how that story is going to go. In all my writing, I have never been one to make an outline and base a story on the outline. I tried it once, a story about the character having flashbacks to defining points in his past which were the outline points; but, I never finished it and while I know what the story is and how it goes, I have never wanted to go back and write it.

September 13, 2017

September 12, 2017

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There are days when things just go right, and days when things just go wrong. Today was more of the later than the former. I did get some writing done, and cleared out a problem in ELDER’S DILEMA, but I then hit a wall. I do not often get writer’s block but today was a doozy. I didn’t even finish editing HIGH TREASON.

The weather has finally turned from the heat of Summer it seems. It has been nice all day. Between the writer’s block and the nice weather, I enjoyed some time outside. The weather is good enough for me to start my evening walks again. I need to get rid of some weight and walking is a good exercise that does not hurt my knees like running would do.

I also am having a problem with a computer program. I bought the program to help with a specific TTRPG but I cannot get it to work. I am working with the company but so far, no good. So, just another reason why today is not one of the good days.

There are several projects I want to get back to doing, my YouTube videos being one of them. I post the videos under my regular name, Christopher Cole, but I haven’t posted for a long time. I need to get that going again. I also need to do the exercises for my knees and my ankle. Maybe I should have done those instead of fighting writer’s block, it might have broken the block. Oh well, that’s life.

September 8, 2017

September 8, 2017

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I got some writing done this morning, this afternoon I went grocery shopping. I will probably do some more writing this evening. I think I am at a critical point in ELDER’S DILEMMA. I think it is a critical point because it is so hard to get done right. I think I am too early for where I am; that is, the plot point I am at is too soon in the plot. Not by a massive amount, but I reached this point sooner than I had expected I would. This plot point is a climatic space battle but not the last battle. Indeed, there may never be a last battle.

The weather is quite good for the end of the Summer rainy season. And, it looks like it might rain again today. It rained a bit last night, not a lot though. It was a short burst of rain, short but heavy. The Weather Service changed their definition of the Sumer rainy season some years back. It used to be that the start was the third continuous day when the relative humidity was above a certain percentage. And it ended when there were three continuous days when it fell below that percentage. Now, it starts on a specific day and ends on a specific day.

I am glad that I live in Arizona. I look at the East Coast and the Gulf Coast getting pounded by rough weather and I am extremely glad I don’t have to worry about that. If I was back home again in Indiana, I would worry about tornadoes. Here, the nearest to a natural disaster is the occasional earthquake. The last one was, I think, four years ago and I didn’t notice it. Or, at least I don’t remember it. My family lived in San Diego for five years in the early 1960’s and I remember only one earthquake during that time. I guess that the Earth moving under my feet is no big deal for me.

September 5, 2017

September 4, 2017

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Labor Day here in America. This is a holiday all over America, but I worked today. I got a bit done on ELDER’S DILEMA and did a little editing on HIGH TREASON. Once those two are done, it is off to MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. Tomorrow I chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors again, not that they pay much, if any, attention to me. I messed up a bit on getting ink for my printer so I will be a week later than I expected in starting to post HIGH TREASON. But, once that is posted, I should be getting ELDER’S DILEMA up immediately after that. And, MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY should follow close after. I haven’t gotten the end of MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY figured out yet, but I have time.

It was looking like it was going to rain again earlier, but it seems to have decided to not rain. Oh well, while we can use every drop we get, it is coming to the end of the Summer rainy season so I am not put out very much. Now, if the Winter rainy season goes well, then we can start making up the deficit of the drought over the last twenty years or so.

I have been taking the time to watch the first season of the FLASH TV show. Naturally, they ended with a cliffhanger but, since I already own Season 2 and I know Season 3 has been broadcast, I doubt that the cliffhanger result will surprise me unless the producers decide to restart the show every season, which I doubt they will as that would be bad storytelling. I have to find the time to watch the next season, probably a bit at a time like I did with the first season.

Football season starts very soon, American Football that is. The Rector of my parish is demanding that we boycott the NFL because of the traumatic brain injuries that happen. That abuse he finds offensive to the highest degree. Yet, he seems to have no trouble with the abuse the Federal Government has heaped on active duty military and veterans. Hypocrisy, thy name is human.

September 1, 2017

August 31, 2017

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Another slow day today. I got some writing done but I did it inside, not outside like I wanted to do. I have to remember to go outside and enjoy the mountains when I write before I finish writing for the day. I won’t get any writing done tomorrow or the weekend or Labor Day probably. And Tuesday I go to chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors, so I won’t get any work done as once I finish with them, I have shopping to do. So, I probably will be gone until early evening.

By not remembering to write outside, I am missing some beautiful weather. It is warm but not hot, the low humidity makes it bearable, and the hasn’t been much wind. So, it is entering one of the two beautiful seasons in Tucson – Spring and Fall. Winter gets too cold and summer gets too hot and humid. Both of those seasons, also, are rainy seasons with about half the annual rainfall in each. If I knew that the rain was not going to be from the North, thus drenching my patio, I could sit outside and watch it. But, the rain is likely to either come from the North or wrap around the building and still drench the backyard. and the patio. So, I will stay dry and stay inside for most rainstorms.

I am an old man, I never thought of myself in that way until recently but I am accepting it. I do not yell at the kids to “Get off of my lawn you young whippersnappers” because I don’t have a lawn, the area in front of my apartment is a rock garden, which floods when it rains. But I am getting old, old enough to look back on my life and examine all the bad choices I have made over the years. And, there has been a lot of them. Regrets? A few. But, even the bad choices got me to here and I am glad to be here. About the only reason to examine one’s past is to learn from bad choices and I hope I have.

August 31, 2017

August 30, 2017

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A nice quiet day, today. I got a lot of writing done but I did it indoors and not outdoors like I had been planning on doing. I forgot. I would print out a note but my ink in out on my printer and that option isn’t there. Yes, I know I could write it out longhand but I won’t. I will try to remember tomorrow.

I have so many things I want to do and I never get them done because there is always, it seems, something of higher priority. I want to get HIGH TREASON edited and posted, and I want to get ELDER’S DILEMMA written, and I want to work on a TTRPG campaign I have in mind, and I want to get a bunch of other, little, things done. But, there is always grocery shopping, laundry, cooking and eating, and other shopping that need to get done; as well as perhaps a dozen other, smaller, things. I have made many mistakes in my life, but the one that is hurting me most now is that I never hunted down a wife. I fantasize about a wife and kids, but I always come back to reality and get to work on whatever is keeping me from my writing. Life is full of choices, and some of those choices are mistakes. I just have to deal with that fact and move on.

Another bee was buzzing around the apartment last night. I think it died. I have a lamp by my bedside, of the style called “torchiere” I think. Anyway, it is open at the top and the bees always fly into there and bump around. Eventually, they die. There is perhaps a dozen dead bees in there. I am just glad that they were drones and I was never in danger of getting stung. I don’t like the buzzing they make when I am trying to read before going to sleep.

August 30, 2017

August 29, 2017

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I did get a lot done on ELDER’S DILEMMA today. I have a lot more to get done, but I know what I am doing with the story. I am already starting to think about which story to work on next and that is scary. It is scary because I can get distracted by the next story far too easily and stop doing what needs to be done on the story I am doing now. For too many years, I have gotten distracted by what I want to do next and haven’t finished what I am doing now. The only full novel I ever finished in about thirty years of writing  was one that history overtook and I had to abandon when the Soviet Union fell down and died. And, I was able to rewrite that as part of the series I am working on now.

Other than my writing, this has been a dull day. And, I like dull days. I did spend some time watching the FLASH TV series, season 1. I didn’t watch the entire season, that would be 13 hours more or less, just the first disc of Season 1. I have always like the Flash. DC Comics did more with that “one-trick pony” than could be thought possible.

The weather is nice enough so that I plan on moving to the back yard and write outdoors until winter comes. That will be something different for me. I normally write inside, to be away from weather. However, I will chance the heat and watch the mountains off to the north while I write for a while. I could get to like that. I tend to stay indoors, I spent a huge chunk of my active duty service out in the weather, all sorts of weather, and I have been willing to avoid that ever since.

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