June 23, 2017

June 23, 2017

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Laundry day and I got only some of my laundry done. Actually, basically just the socks. I wear white socks, all of a single pattern so I don’t have to worry about matching. However, the socks are wearing out and getting new socks is going to be hard. My feet have gotten bigger over the years. At age 13 my feet were size 13 (American) and stayed that size until about ten years ago when they went to 13 1/2. Now they are 15. Try finding socks that size. It isn’t easy and most of the socks I do find are crazy clown socks. I just want simple socks. I get it that my feet are hard to fit, I just don’t like it. It was fun years ago when I could find proper sized shoes and socks; now, it has stopped being fun. It hasn’t been fun for years.

I got a chapter posted yesterday and I got a lot written today. I like where HIGH TREASON is going. I watched a guy making a sign, I presume he is homeless since it was the sort of sign I see often asking for handouts; and, I got an idea for another book. I have to stop getting ideas for books. This idea, which I will never do probably, is that I make a sign saying “I need a million dollars for a project. Can you help with something help me meet my goal?” The project, of course, is a book on collecting a million dollars from strangers. I would have to keep track of the details of my collection efforts in order to make the book valid, which is why I would never do it. I have too many book projects already and this one would take forever and prevent me from working on any other book project. It seems a fun idea though. If you decide to do it, and I wish you luck, I get 10% for the idea.

I haven’t been to my backyard for a while, yes I know the bees are supposed to be drones without stingers, but I stay away anyway. I need to rake and sweep up all the dead bees and throw them away and I need to seal up the hole in the wall that the bees were using to make a hive in. Once that is sealed up, maybe the bees will no longer hang around and I can spend some time out back. I have a very good view of the Catalina Mountains, and I enjoy looking at the mountains. The mountains ringing Tucson are one of the reasons I moved back here.

June 22, 2017

June 21, 2017

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Tucson is in a desert. The Sonoran Desert to be exact. So, it gets hot in the summer. It is summer, today has been hot, over 45 degrees C. And there is enough moisture in the air to make it miserable, and perhaps to trigger rainstorms. As I was just out, I looked to the east and saw beautiful dark clouds. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

I got some shopping and bill paying done today. I forgot my shopping list so I wandered around in the store trying to remember what I wanted. Plus, there was a whole part of the list that I did not even try to remember. I lost my uniform ribbon bar with all the award ribbons a few months ago and I need to replace it. I wear my ribbons when doing something “veteran” such as carrying the American Flag at church on specific occasions such as Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, and Independence Day. So, Friday I will have to go back with the list and replace what has been lost.

Tomorrow is posting day, another chapter in GENERATION UPON GENERATION goes up. Friday I have to get a lot more done on HIGH TREASON. Saturday is going to be a binge watching of ARROW Season One. I hope to finish that season off and start on Season Two. I have Season Three as well, and intend to buy Season Four soon. I have the first two seasons of FLASH and intend to buy Season Three soon as well. Once I am caught up with the backlog, I can just watch episodes when I but a new season but only one episode a day, binge watching kind of dulls my mind.

At the Libertarian Party meeting last night I mentioned an idea that I am toying with. I just might run for political office. Specifically, the County Supervisor office for the District I live in. The incumbent is a Democrat, one of three on the five position Board. Since the District overlaps the incorporated area of the City of Tucson, the County does very little for the amount of property taxes the District generates. Since I would make the composition 2-2-1, I would be a swing vote. Especially as, being a Libertarian, I would agree with the Democrats on some issues and with the Republicans on some issues. To make a selfish point, I could bring home more bacon to the District that the incumbent can. I hate to put it that crudely, and I do not like the concept of selling myself on those terms, but it is a good back-up to running on the issues. I will have to think on it.

June 20, 2017

June 20, 2017

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Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon were taken up with TTRPG. Normally, we meet on specific days and those do not change much but these last two sessions were unusual. Well, the Monday session wasn’t but the Sunday one was. One member of the group had trouble with gaming on Saturday while school was in session and so we gamed on Sunday for most of this year. That ended when the term ended and we went back to Saturdays. However, another member of the group had his wedding anniversary on this last Saturday so we moved to Sunday for that time only. Mondays have been our usual during the week play dates but those vary as group members have family commitments or other commitments that come up. I don’t really like that aspect, I prefer having the game on a regular schedule as much as is possible, but life happens so I live with it.

Tonight is the monthly meeting of the Pima County Libertarian Party and the Chair is recovering from heart surgery so I am going to have to run the meeting. Not that there is a lot to do, except get some projects going. For too long we have been a debating group, not an action group. So, we grow into an action group and help make the world a better place.

I just checked the outside weather. The temperature is extremely hot, 115 degrees F. Humidity is low, so the temperature can be borne for short periods of time. This is just the first of the summer hot spells. It isn’t as hot as it has been in the past, but it is still hot.

I overslept this morning, probably because I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep, and so missed chewing out the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Not that they pay a lot of attention to me, or anyone else for that matter, but it needs to be done anyway.

I did get some writing done today. I am liking where HIGH TREASON is going. I do not plan out my plots in any great detail but I just let the plot flow as it happens. ENTERANCE EXAMINATION was one of the few stories I plotted in any detail before writing it and that was because I was taking the general idea from a Japanese anime video I like, THEY WERE ELEVEN. I changed a lot of the details and THEY WERE ELEVEN is a love story which ENTERANCE EXAMINATION is not, not even close.

June 17, 2017

June 16, 2017

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I attended the monthly meeting of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission this morning. Interesting but only a little. I have a bad habit of interrupting and I got interrupted several times. People, including me, do not realize just how often they interrupt someone else. But, they do realize how often they get interrupted. People are funny that way.

The heat has arrived, at least for now. No idea how long this batch of heat will last. I am staying indoors as much as I can and running the air conditioner as rarely as I can stand it. Electricity is too expensive in the summer here. And in the winter, I don’t need the air conditioner but the gas heater my be just as expensive. Luckily I rarely need to run the heater and when I do, I use a space heater not the central heater.

I got Chapter 10 of GENERATION UPON GENERATION up yesterday and I have done a small bit of going over ENTRANCE EXAMINATION to get it ready for publication, along with the other four books in the series. Once I finish ELDER’S DILEMMA, I will take everything off the blog site and start with one of my other books or the series HOUSE FOURTEEN, and offer the Elder books for publication. I occasionally get a note that someone liked a chapter but I never get any comments and that was the idea behind posting the chapters on christophercolesite.wordpress.com. I wanted and still want comments on my writing so I can improve. But other than some comments in emails from my Brother, nothing. Is it worth my time posting the chapters?


June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017

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I got a lot of writing done this morning and I started going over ENTRANCE EXAMINATION in hopes of getting it published. I will be bundling all five of the books in this series and offering them as a single to the various agents and publishers. I think that having the five books completed will make it easier to get accepted. I do want to add detail to the books, for example, I never describe Constance the wife of the main character. She isn’t in the books much, in HIGH TREASON she is already dead, except as a touchstone for Elder. Even so, I should describe her.

I still am leery of spending time in my backyard because of the bees. Supposedly, they are drone bees and thus without stingers. I just do not want to risk it. I do have to get a rake and rake up all the dead bees laying about. There were a lot of them before the exterminator dealt with the forming hive and now, there are a lot more. I need to get rid of them.

Tomorrow I post the next chapter in GENERATION UPON GENERATION. I am getting towards the end of that book and need to have HIGH TREASON done in time. I may have to start writing when I am now watching a video or reading something. I only have less than 20,000 words done in HIGH TREASON and I am aiming for 50,000. I will see. Getting a lot done as I did today will make it easier to finish when I want. I just need to stop throwing away huge chunks because I changed my mind about something I wrote already. If I can get HIGH TREASON done in the next couple of weeks, I can seriously start on ELDER’S DILEMMA. And, get the previous books rewritten enough to my satisfaction. But, I always rewrite when I reread my writing.

June 9, 2017

June 9, 2017

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I have been running the air conditioner off and on most of the day. It is summer in Tucson. Yes, I know, not officially summer yet, but the effect is that it is summer. Tucson has five seasons. Winter, Spring, Fire, Rain, and Fall. So right now is the Fire season but the rain should start in about three weeks. When I was first assigned to Tucson back in 1971, the rainy season (commonly called, incorrectly, the monsoon season) would have a rainy day about three times a week. The storm would start about 1 PM and last about 2 hours. Almost like clockwork. Now, the rain is more likely to hit in the evening or morning as the afternoon.

I got a lot of writing done today. I did not keep track of the word count but I worked for several hours. A lot of that work was deleting and rewriting, but the end result was an increase in the word count. Commodore Elder is starting to realize just what he is facing. Of the eleven people who took the entrance examination with Elder back in the first book, all are dead except Elder and one other. I haven’t decided if I am going to kill that last one in the story or between stories. The future I present in these books is dangerous. Especially for members of the military. And this is without a declared war.

I need to start doing my YouTube video series again. I haven’t posted a video in weeks. My problem is that I will work out a topic and then something will happen and I want to do different topic. This evening or maybe tomorrow I want to do one on tribes and the fractured nature of modern society. As part of that idea, I am thinking that large states are an anomaly and humans are more comfortable with small states. Small groups are ideal for teaching, working and so forth, so why not governing? I have more to think about on this. I am retired US military and, on a shellfish note, if the USA breaks up, who pays my retired pay and my VA disability check? But, that is just an aspect to think about.

Tucson is home to a lot of retirees. However, one retiree family is leaving for Ohio. A friend from my church is moving to Ohio now that he and his wife are retired. They want to be closer to family. I have toyed, off and on, with moving back to Indianapolis. Rocky is more a small town person but I am a city boy. I have lived in a small town once and it was a suburb of Cincinnati; close enough so that it probably would be the same urban area Рespecially now fifty years later. I will probably  ever leave Tucson though, wishful thinking aside.

June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017

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Seventy-three years ago a bunch of men waded ashore to take Western Europe back from the Germans. Germany lost the war on the Eastern Front but because of D-Day and the Western Invasion, the end came quicker and the Soviets stopped before taking all of Europe while fighting the Germans.

Lately, while on the web, I get a lot of pop-up ads on various web sites and I have a blocker running. Annoying to say the least. Ads on the side of a page, or the top or bottom are one thing, some of them actually interest me, but the pop-ups always annoy me. Progress. Block the ads one way and advertisers find another way to get in my face.

Working on HIGH TREASON is getting relaxing compared to a lot of the other stuff I have to do. As I have said in past posts, I do not like housework but I have to do it. I forget which comedienne it was who made the joke: “Housework is hard, you clean, do the laundry, wash the dishes and six months later you have to do it again.” I may have gotten is wrong, it has been a long time since I heard her, but I can agree with the idea. I do have to take the videos out of two bookcases and hammer the backs of the cases so that the backs do not separate. That sort of immediate correction of a problem is something I will probably do sooner than vacuum the rug or mop the kitchen or scrub the toilet. Priorities.

A friend of mine from church is moving Back East to Ohio. He and his wife are retired and want to be nearer family. Most people I know move to Tucson when they retire, not away from Tucson. I will miss the conversations we have after church but family is family. Speaking of family, one of these days I have to get back on the Cleghorne website and post the family book I have a copy of. I should do that on Ancestry as well. Priorities.

June 4, 2017

June 4, 2017

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The Day of Pentecost in my church, the Episcopal Church (Church of England in America) and as per tradition the Gospel reading was said in many languages. But the Scripture says that the hearers heard the Disciples in their own language not that the Disciples spoke in different languages. I guess that we just can’t do that anymore.

I spent the day so far after church just relaxing even though I have to get laundry done. Sitting here at my computer and watching YouTube videos is so addictive and time-consuming. Once this post is done, I have to get busy and get laundry done. Procrastination is no fun unless you have work to get done. I forget who is supposed to have first said that, some philosopher I presume, but I agree with it and there is so much to do around my apartment, all of it little stuff, that procrastination has a lot of appeal.

Tomorrow I have a lot to do. I had two packages show up yesterday and since I was out with friends, I have to go get them. Naturally, they are at two different places. Plus, I have to work on what I plan to say to the Pima County Board of Supervisors Tuesday. Not that they really listen to me, but they need chewing out on a regular basis anyway.

Before I started the rewrite of HIGH TREASON I had a plotline that I have yet to put into the rewritten version. I am not sure that I want to keep the plotline, there are good arguments for keeping it and losing it. If I do lose it, no one will ever know obviously, but I cannot decide. Thankfully, I do not have to do so yet; I am still working on a plotline that I hadn’t thought of before and it is interesting. Enough so that I have not the need to go to the other one yet, if ever.


June 3, 2017

June 2, 2017

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Spent most of today shopping. I have one of those laundry carts that I use to carry groceries in, especially if I intend to get a lot of groceries, and it broke. It actually broke when I fell on it during a bout of hypoglycemia a few months ago, but today it got so much worse that I am going to finally replace it before shopping again. I did do some shopping without it this afternoon but the grocery bags the store provided were weak and broke under the weight of my canned goods. Thankfully, a young woman (young to me, she mentioned being 35 and I am 67) stopped and helped carry the bags to my apartment. Without her help I would have had to drop a couple of bags of groceries off (and hope that they did not get stolen) while taking one bag home and getting a cloth bag I have and doing a second trip.

I haven’t gotten any writing done today because shopping took so long. And relaxing after getting home took longer than I expected. Trying to get my arm to stop hurting is not something done in a minute. Back about four years ago I tripped and broke my arm, I now have a rod helping hold the broken section together and that rod was put in through my shoulder. My shoulder has never healed right. Neither has the right arm. So, since I use my cane with my left hand, anything I carry is carried by the arm that isn’t quite healed from four years ago. A heavy weight, groceries for example, makes it hurt. And I have to use the cane to keep from tripping and falling again. Being old and having joint and bone and muscle problems is a pain (pun intended).

Tomorrow I play TTRPG with my friends. As much as I am growing to hate D&D, I enjoy being with my friends. I am gathering material for a campaign I want to run, using another TTRPG system. I like the campaign setting and I do not mind the play rules very much. I had wanted to just use the setting with a set of rules I like but I don’t think that is going to work. So, I am gathering all the material I need, setting and system both.

My feet are long and narrow and I think that they are getting longer as I age. I used to be American size 13 and now the shoes I am wearing are size 15, and I think that my feet are getting too big for them already since I feel like my toes are rubbing against the end of the shoes. If it isn’t one thing, it is another as far as my body goes.

It is almost bedtime for me. I used to go to bed after the late news but now I go after the earlier late news. Confused? I used to watch the entire 10 PM newscast and perhaps a bit of one of the talk shows, but now I watch part of the 9 PM newscast and go to bed after the weather report. I get my news from so many sources anymore that watching the newscast isn’t that big a deal. So, I watch to see what the weather is going to be like when I get up. I don’t pay attention to the forecast for more than the next day as the weather service cannot be accurate for more than 3 days anyway and usually less. So, I see what the weather is going to be like when I get up. For the rest of the day I use the weather applications on my computer.

May 31, 2017

May 31, 2017

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It is a hot one today, but that is normal for this time of year here in Tucson. I had to travel around Tucson to get some business done and I am glad I am back at home now. The bus system does not have enough shelters that provide shade. Some of the shelters are positioned, out of necessity, so that the sun angles into the shelter and there is no shade. Even the ones with shade do not provide much cooling if there isn’t any wind. Once the wind stops, the heat percolates into the shade and the shade doesn’t do as much good. Too much wind is uncomfortable but a little, enough to just feel it, is great.

Yesterday, for whatever reason, I was tired all day and got almost noting done. I lay in bed whenever I could and avoided doing anything I could. I felt tired all day, and I have been sleeping well so it wasn’t tiredness from lack of sleep. I was just tired all day.

One thing I did get done yesterday was discover the ending of the series of books I have been writing about Jesip Dwight Rodger Allen Elder (read what I have finished on my other blog christophercolesite.wordpress.com) so I have the start and the end of the last book in the series. Five books. Once I am done and working on the next (probably MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY) I might go through them again and flesh out certain thin areas and offer the entire series for publication. I will take them off the blog site before submitting them.

It is amazing just how little I do each day that isn’t a repeat of every other day. I miss, kind of, my days on active duty. Then, when I went to work, I never knew what was going to happen. I fixed airplanes for the Air Force, specifically the avionics that was intended to keep our planes from getting shot down, and the problems were rarely similar enough to get boring. Four of the types of aircraft I worked on are still in service even though I have been on the retired list for thirty years this August. The AC-130, the A-10, the B-52 and the F-15. The F-4 and the FB-111 are out of service. The DC-130 I think is out of service but I do not know. I know the specific type of drone I worked on, the AQM-91 is out of service. Twenty years of active duty expressed, kind of, in one short paragraph.

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