May 17, 2018

May 17, 2018

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I spent all morning shopping and haven’t done a lot this afternoon yet. I did start in on getting the table and chair set put together but only just barely. Because of the shopping, that took three hours or so, a lot of what I normally do in the morning when I first get up didn’t get done until this afternoon. Thus, how little I got done on the furniture.

There has been a series of water main breaks at my apartment complex and the city water company has been trying to fix the problem. It is going on two days of active work and five days of water stoppages so far. There is another water stoppage tonight so that more work can get done. The timing is bad for me. I would be taking my shower during the time the water is going to be shut off, so my morning routine will get a bit busier since I have to leave before 7AM to have breakfast and be at the Election Integrity Commission at 9AM. So, tomorrow also, a lot of morning routine will get done in the afternoon.

I have not paid much attention to the weather lately. It is getting warmer as expected and it will soon be the summer rainy season. But, I do not subscribe to the daily newspaper any more, so I stopped looking at things like the annual rainfall and the temperatures. And, I find I am more relaxed and calm. Not that I ever was worried that there was going to be a weather catastrophe around the corner, but living in the desert, I worried about the rainfall. I know that Tucson has been in a drought for over twenty years and I know that the population of Tucson is growing and has grown steadily for decades. Just on the rainfall, Tucson cannot support its population and the population is still growing.


May 14, 2018

May 13, 2018

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After church today I wanted to get the table and chair set assembled but didn’t. It is amazing just how easy it is to waste time. Well, not everything I did wasted time, but you understand the idea. I guess I am going to have to get it done tomorrow. The rest of the week is going to be busy enough so that I doubt I will get it done. So, Monday it will have to be, or else wait until I get the energy up to do it sometime in the future. And I do not want to do that, I want to use the table, and soon. I doubt I will every buy any more furniture, I don’t really need much, except as replacements for what I presently have, but I can use this table and chair set for too many things.

Summer is here, not astronomical summer, but the hot part of the year. Tucson has already hit 100 degrees once or twice. I have had to use the air conditioner a lot, not constant, but off and on a lot. I even had to use it late at night, as I was preparing for bed. Not that I go to bed extremely late, what late is for me would probably be early for you or anyone else. It would have been early for me several years ago, but I get up early in the morning now – I used to be a night person – and so I go to bed earlier than before. Still, using the air conditioner at night is unusual for me, if I remember right. After all, Tucson is not Phoenix.

Today is a sad day for me. It is Mothers’ Day and my mother died 26 years ago. I find that I miss both of my parents as I get older. My father died in 1977 and mother in 1992. Once I joined the USAF, I didn’t see them as much but as I get older, the fact that they are dead bothers me. It bothers me and increasingly as I get older I think. My eldest brother, who was six years younger than me, died thee years ago and it hurt a lot at that time, he was younger than me and should not have died first, but that death is no longer the wound it was. Maybe in the future, it will get worse.

May 7, 2018

May 7, 2018

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I got a lot written today, MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. Now, after I watch a couple of game shows as relaxation, I prepare for tomorrow. Tomorrow the Pima County Board of Supervisors has two budget hearings. The BOS will listen, maybe, to the various agencies as they pretend to justify their budget requests and in the near future, the BOS will rubber-stamp the budget. Taxes will go up and the infrastructure will not get fixed. But, businesses will get destroyed, at least one by published reports. The buying of a business property and taking it off the tax rolls will not get approved tomorrow, tomorrow is strictly the budget, but it will happen. A business that is recovering from the recession and which could inspire other businesses in the area will get bought out, involuntarily, and turned into a government agency that could easily be located elsewhere. But, business has to be destroyed. Metropolitan Tucson (Pima County) is the fifth poorest county in America and the BOS has to make it worse.

A month late, but the heat as started to arrive. I stayed indoors today, except when I absolutely had to leave, such as checking the mail. This is why I prefer Autumn to Spring. In the Autumn I know Winter is coming. In the Spring, it is Summer (and the heat) that is soon to arrive. But in spite of the heat, I love Tucson.

May 2, 2018

May 2, 2018

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Tried to get some small matters cleaned up today and couldn’t get all of them done. I did some grocery shopping, just to fill in a couple of holes in my kitchen, the main grocery shopping is tomorrow. I tried to get my bicycle fixed, a friend came over to help, and got nothing done. The chain was too short for the bicycle. I couldn’t return it as I bought the chain years ago. I tried to replace ink cartridges in my printer and one of the replacement cartridges was leaking badly, so I had to spend a lot of time getting a replacement for the replacement. Since I am leaving shortly for TTRPG at a friend’s place, that is it for the day. Tomorrow is grocery shopping and taking my bicycle to a repair shop.

The weather is unusually cool for this time of year. I do not think that we have had a single day where the temperature has reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit yet. I am glad of that, the hot weather of Summer gets me trapped inside. I do a lot of my writing inside, but I do not want to be trapped inside. I do want to be able to write in my backyard now that the bee problem seems solved. But to do that, I need to get a new battery for this laptop. I forget to take the charger off the laptop and use the battery enough on its own. This leads to battery memory where the capacity of the battery gets reduced. Friday is the day for that. However, I have a table and chair set coming and I will need to be home to receive that, so if the tracking shows that it will arrive Friday, the computer battery get hunted down next week.

Next week is also two of the Pima County Board of Supervisors Budget Hearings. Yesterday’s hearing was boring with very little interchange between the Board and the presenters, except for the County Sheriff who was grilled about Operation Stonegarden as I mentioned yesterday. I doubt that future presenters will get grilled as hard as that. The hearings are, at least to me, a “dog-and-pony show” and practically useless. Each Supervisor gets a folder of material concerning each Department and their proposed budget, so the presentations could be eliminated and the Department representatives just questioned about their budget.

April 11, 2018

April 11, 2018

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Last night I had an idea and I spent the morning working on it. There is a TTRPG that I like but have never played; since it has been out of print for about 30 years, I doubt I ever will. But I like it. So, I am working on a re-write and update to the system, off and on. It has been several months since I did anything on it, but the idea I had last night inspired me to get some work on it done. So, almost as soon as I was up, I started work on it. I intended to just work half an hour or so but the next thing I realized, it was after noon and time for lunch.

That messed up my day in more than one way. I missed my morning medications and that is going to have consequences. One of the medicines I take is one-and-a-half pills twice a day and I use the half a pill as an indicator that I have taken my morning medicines. I do not like missing my medicines, but I have been doing so in part because of the number of insulin injections I was required to give myself. Now that the number of injections is reduced to something reasonable, I do not want to mess that up by skipping twice in a row. I think I will take my evening medicines and either get used to the half a pill indicating I took the first half in the evening instead of the morning or I will skip tomorrow morning to get back into proper rhythm. I haven’t decided yet. Both are bad.

The weather here in Tucson is starting to resemble Summertime. It has not gotten to 100 degrees F yet, but it is close. At least the humidity is still low. The slogan for Tucson is: But It’s A Dry Heat! With the response of: So Is An Oven! I am already looking forward to Fall.

March 29, 2018

March 29, 2018

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I spent all day on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. Did no editing on ELDER’S DILEMMA, but I did spend part of my lunch time wondering about my idea of combining all five of the Jesip Elder books into one. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I can see benefits to both ways of doing this.

Years ago, I had many projects that I kept going, thinking that if I stalled on one, I could just move to another. It didn’t work that way. I dithered between the projects and rarely got much done. The only project I did finish was one I kept at because I was interested in it a lot. That project was ENTERANCE EXAMINATION. I had watched THEY WERE ELEVEN, the anime, several times and saw how I could use the basic plot in the space series I wanted to do. Previous to this, I had finished GENERATION UPON GENERATION but threw it away because of the collapse of the Soviet Union. I had used tension between communists and capitalists aboard a multi-generation colony ship as the center point of the story. Once the Soviet Union collapsed, that aspect was gone. So, I set it aside, hoping for a way to bring it back. After I finished ENTERANCE EXAMINATION and DREADNOUGHT, I found a way. But, in all this time, I worked on primarily one book at a time. Once I finished DREADNOUGHT, but before I decided on how I was going to work GENERATION UPON GENERATION, I started MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY and THE GOD’S TALE. I also did a few short stories. One of the short stories is the other page on this blog and there are two on But, since no one has ever commented on them, I stopped posting them, even though I have two or three others done.

A quarter of the year gone already. Soon I will close my windows and start running the air conditioner. Once that starts, my electric bill will triple. At least triple. I plan on paying a bit ahead so that I can reduce how much I pay, and I hope that I can keep the electric use down so that will reduce the amount I have to pay as well. As much as I love Tucson, the three months of hot weather always get me down. However, I get through it and welcome the autumn weather.

March 23, 2018

March 22, 2018

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I spent all day grocery shopping. I went to two different stores and even then, I stopped off at a convenience store for something that wasn’t in either grocery store. Add in the trip time on the bus, and that is where the day went.

It was a nice day, weather-wise. This time of the year, and the Autumn season, are my two favorite times here in Tucson. Autumn more than Spring because Summer follows Spring and the summers here can be brutal. I stay indoors as much as I can during the summer season. I cannot stay indoors all the time, but I stay indoors as much as I can.

I have a couple of small projects I have to get finished tomorrow, plus a couple of larger projects that I have put off, so I will be busy but not with writing. That seems to be the story of my life lately. I may never get ELDER’S DILEMMA edited and finished off and combined with the entire Jesip Elder Saga for publication as it seems to be going now. I am not giving up, it is just that with everything else piling on right now, the future looks dimmer than it should.

March 19, 2018

March 19, 2018

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I got some writing done today! I got some done on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. Nothing on ELDER’S DILEMMA, but there is the rest of the week.

I spent a good chunk of today getting some done for the Pima County Libertarian Party. I have heard nothing back from either Cochise County or Arizona yet so, I am going to prod them again. I want the Libertarian Party locally to be a political party, not a debating society. However, it seems that I may have not understood what others want.

I also spent a good chunk of time trying to get my taxes fixed. No luck.

As I post this, I can hear another helicopter approach the hospital near me. There seems to be more of them lately, or perhaps, for some reason, I just am more attentive to them when they are around. It isn’t a loud sound, but it does seem loud at night when I am awake for some reason, but once I notice it, it is impossible to ignore.

Tucson is going through another cold snap. Nowhere near as bad as what the North-East is going through (I am glad I am no longer in Upstate New York) but it is chilly for here and this time of year. After all, the earliest Tucson has hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit is early April. I forget the year, but it was early April and April is just a couple of weeks away. So, for this time of year, it is chilly.

March 11, 2018

March 11, 2018

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It is a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Although the sky is overcast, the temperature is great and there is a wonderful breeze. Days like today are one of the main reasons I live in Tucson.

Played TTRPG with my friends yesterday and got home late. I do not have a car, so if I do not get a ride, then the buses are a problem. If I do not leave immediately, it can take an hour to an hour and a half to get home. It would almost be quicker to walk but walking that far would be murder on my joints, especially my knees. Most Saturdays I have a ride but that person was not able to make it yesterday as he had to babysit his son. His son is coming up on seven and is autistic. He doesn’t speak at all. How he handles school, I do not know. But, both his parents are intelligent so I am sure that he does handle it.

I like playing TTRPG as it helps with my writing. Playing a TTRPG helps my imagination stretch, which is good for my writing. I am just tired of one particular system, regardless of the version. This TTRPG system is, of course, D&D. I have been playing since the late 1970s when AD&D first came out and except for a period when I quit during 2nd Edition, I have played it continuously ever since. There is a campaign setting and TTRPG rules system that I like but am not playing because my group isn’t interested. SO, I am playing a D&D campaign and two Star Wars campaigns using the D&D engine as it were. I will be glad when the campaigns are done. I like only one character that I am playing and that campaign is, of course, the one least played. The next campaign is using a completely different game system, one originally developed in France as I understand. It looks interesting and I hope to enjoy myself a great deal.

February 19, 2018

February 19, 2018

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I just finished ELDER’S DILEMMA. Well, I finished the basic writing, I now just have to edit it and chapter it. I want to combine all the books on Elder into one file and push the combined set rather than each one individually. But I haven’t decided on that as a finished idea. I may still go with the individual books and see where that goes.

The weather is a bit cold and definitely windy. But, working inside, the weather does not bother me. I have to get ready for tomorrow when I chew out the Board of Supervisors and conduct the monthly Libertarian Party meeting. Presuming that the cough I have picked up is not something that I should worry about.

This flu season is horrible here in Pima County. I was sick for so long, and now it may be returning. I hate being sick. I have health problems but that is different. Those either do not make me feel bad, or just make me ache as I stand up or sit down. Being sick, like with the flu, is something I can do without. Forever.

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