April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

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I am going to start painting some TTRPG miniatures this evening. I have everything I need, I think, for certain of the unpainted figures I own. I want to set up a case for the painted figures separate from the unpainted ones. Maybe, if I can figure out how to insert photos in these posts, I will post pictures of some of my efforts. If I do, do not expect high quality at the start, I haven’t painted for a long time; except one figure and it was a horrible result. I am going to start with simple figures, animals and such without a lot of detail or variation. Once I get my hand back, I will do more detailed miniatures.

I did get some writing done today. Boy that was a surprise when I realized just how long I have been procrastinating on HIGH TREASON. I threw my old draft away because I had screwed it up by having Emperor Caroline alive in this book. And once I killed her off, it was easier to start over. My problem with HIGH TREASON is that I keep thinking about ELDER’S DILEMMA and not HIGH TREASON. I have to focus on what I am doing. I keep asking people to visit and comment on my writing but, as of yet, only my brother has commented and his comments have been in private emails. Like a great many authors, I am a bit insecure about my writing and want validation.

The weather is now the best it will be until autumn. Summer is coming and with summer comes high temperatures and rain. I like it when it rains, Tucson can use every drop it gets. It will be interesting to see how the rain falls on my backyard; if I can sit on the patio and watch the rain or not without getting drowned by the rainfall. When it does rain here, it is either a drizzle or a downpour.

One nice thing about this apartment is the way it is set. It is in the middle of a building, with the southern face somewhat shielded by another building, and completely protected from the eastern sun. The western sun hits a small part of the living room for maybe half an hour now, and so the electric bill should be considerably smaller since I should not have to run the air conditioning to counter the heating of the climate as much. I may have to use the central heat come winter and I have no idea how much that may cost but I may not run it at all. I am getting old so the cold affects me more than it used to, but I might be able to avoid having the heater turned on anyway.

March 6, 2017

March 5, 2017

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A rare Sunday post. Rare for now anyway, once my weekend TTRPG goes back to Saturday, I should post on Sundays more often and even perhaps more on Saturdays.

I overslept this morning so I missed church. I do not like missing church but I do like sleeping in. One of the members of the group had a death in the family, his Grandmother who had been sick for a long time. Such a death still hurts. I can remember the deaths of two of my three Grandmothers, the one I cannot remember is my Step-Grandmother. Of my three Grandfathers, one died nine years before I was born, one (Step-Grandfather) died before I was two and the last Grandfather died when I was ten. My Father died in 1977 and my Mother in 1992. My eldest Brother, six years younger than me, died in 2015. Each of those deaths that I knew of hit me hard, my brother the hardest – he was YOUNGER THAN ME!! The wife of my friend whose Grandmother just died, is not feeling well so we quit early. She also has some fears about the death in the family.

Tomorrow I have a lot to do and I won’t start until late in the day as the first place I want to go to does not open until 10AM. I should get it all done, but it will take most of the day once I get started. Nothing real momentous, just drudgery. But it is stuff that needs to get done. I believe I mentioned that I finally got the internet working in my apartment, so the first thing I need to do is return the old modem before the deadline. If I wait, I will probably put it off for too long. I procrastinate too much any more. When I was on active duty I couldn’t but now I tend to procrastinate all the time and I shouldn’t.

The weather has been nice. Spring is coming and both Spring and Autumn are wonderful seasons in Tucson. I like Autumn more than Spring as what follows Spring is the heat of the Summer and what follows Autumn is Winter. Winter gets cold here but not real bad. Summer gets real bad.

February 13, 2017

Feburary 12, 2017

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I find out tomorrow if I continue homeless or if I move in to a new apartment on Wednesday. I have my doubts because I always have doubts when I am waiting for something I want to happen. I presume this is human nature to some extant but regardless, I have it.

Real soon I am going to have to replace my cell phone. I have had this one for too long and it wasn’t very good when I bought it, I just didn’t realize it. However, if I do get the apartment, I am going to have to spend a lot of money getting stocked up. You know, food, soap, etc. Plus the costs for getting the electricity, gas, etc. turned on. Lucky for me, I reduced my bills by about $300 a month so I will have enough I believe.

It rained here in Tucson, it sounded loud and large but I didn’t go out and investigate. I just know it rained and we can use every drop we can get. Once I am in my new apartment, I will have a small backyard where I can just sit and watch the rain.

With the amount of money I save from cancelling the land line phone, the newspaper, the internet and the satellite TV, and the smaller expected costs of natural gas for a heater, the storage lockers I may still need and a cable contract instead of a satellite hock-up, I should be able to save quite a bit for going to the Libertarian Party National Convention next year. I attended a VFW Department Convention some years back and I liked it. I expect to like the Libertarian National Convention even more. I might even met someone I haven’t seen in about 30 years. A fellow named Craig Swarthout, who in some very interesting philosophical discussions after work, convinced me of the rightness of the Libertarian philosophy.

February 11, 2017

February 11, 2017

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Now I wonder if I did get that apartment. There was a phone call earlier today from the manager of the complex but my phone would not let me hear/talk. And when I went out to try and get a good signal, I think I acted after the complex office closed for Saturday. So, until Monday I am in limbo and worried. I hope I was accepted and can move in next Wednesday.

I have been getting some writing done but I have spent a lot of time watching a friend of mine play FALLOUT: LAS VEGAS. IF you don’t know, that is a First Person Shooter game set after a nuclear war in an alternate time-line. He likes it but I find it boring. I watched in order to try to understand why it appeals to him but I don’t get it.

I like this time of year in Tucson, not as much as Fall, but I like it. The only reason I like Fall better is that now I know that the summer is coming soon and in the Fall it is the winter that is coming up next. You can add clothing to combat the cold but to combat the heat, after a short while you cannot take more clothes off and can only retreat inside. And if you have to be out and about, the heat can be brutal.

February 10, 2017

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Apartment hunting today seems to have paid off. Baring an unexpected refusal, I move in next Wednesday to a nice little place. It is a one-bedroom with a den and on the ground floor. The complex is right next to three bus lines so I should be able to get things done, presuming the bus service does not let me down as it so often does.

With this, I will be able to continue posting the Jesip Elder saga. I am close to ending DREADNOUGHT and I need to be able to print out GENERATION UPON GENERATION after I finish editing it. Which printing I cannot do here, crashed with friends.

It is getting warm here in Tucson, I think the weather reports mention a cold snap here soon. Old joke: In the 1950s the Weather Service could predict the weather, with some accuracy, out for three days. With the improved techniques and equipment, the Weather Service can predict the weather, with some accuracy, out for 72 hours. (Hint: how many hours in three days?)

I am going to have to start looking for a new phone now that I have found an apartment. The one I have is old and the operating system is crap. I was one of the very few people who bought a Windows 8 phone and I hate it. The longer I have it, the less I like it.

January 28, 2017

January 27, 2017

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Spent almost all day moving out of my old apartment and putting everything in storage. Everything except what I threw away. There was a lot of books that I threw away as well as a bunch of other stuff. I did not hear from the management company of the apartment I am most interested in like they promised so I will have to call them tomorrow, if they are open (and they should be), or Monday. I rented two storage units and filled both up, if I hadn’t thrown so much away it would have taken three or four. Fifty years of accumulation and I dumped so much of it.

One thing I did get is the printout of DREADNOUGHT so I can start posting that again. I also got the printout of GENERATION UPON GENERATION so I can continue to edit that. I intend to continue to write HIGH TREASON and THE GOD;S TALE the former for posting and the later for submitting.

The weather was, at least, nice. Kind of. It was cold in the morning and barely warmed up. I had a sweatshirt on and never needed to take it off because it was too warm. But the weather wasn’t too cold either. If it wasn’t for what I was doing, I would have enjoyed it a lot more than I did.



January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017

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Out and about today trying to find a new apartment and the leads I followed were all dead ends. Well, maybe one might not be, I’ll find out tomorrow. I have to find a place soon, I am getting tired of crashing on a chair in the living room of friends. It would be easier if the bus service here in Tucson were better.

The weather is still cold for Tucson. That is another thing I am tired of.

I am still working on my writing. I wish I could do nothing but write but since I live alone, that isn’t going to happen. I am the one who does shopping and I am the one who has to go to the doctor for my illnesses and pains, and so forth. I enjoy writing and I hope I am good at it. I hope I bring enjoyment to others.

Not a lot to say today. More tomorrow.

January 25, 2017

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I spent all day at the Pima County Elections Department working on the Risk Limiting Audit test. When I first learned about the concept, I thought it was useful. Today I learned otherwise. I can see where it might be useful in certain, limited, situations but as a general audit system, no. Take that “no” as strong as you want and it will probably be not strong enough.

I did meet the new EIC member, since one of the members of the Board of Supervisors retired and a new Supervisor is now representing that District, the new Supervisor appointed a replacement member to the EIC. Ken is a nice guy and I think he has a good idea what our mission is and how to accomplish it. There is trouble with the Chairman of the EIC, one member might resign due to conflicts with the Chair, so I hope we can get business done in spite of it.

I look at a new apartment tomorrow but I think it is well out of my way. I will talk with the person tomorrow and see if I cannot get something more reasonable, closer to where I am storing my gear. If I cannot, well, I will grab what I can just to stop crashing at my friends’ place. Sleeping on a chair is not comfortable. I had a chance to buy my mother’s home in 1992 and I kick myself for not going for it. It was a townhome, the middle of three, but I would have clear title to it by now. Hindsight is murder sometimes.

The weather continues cold and I continue aching. I am 67 years old and on days like today, and those recently past, I feel like I am 167 years old. Summer is hot in Tucson, but the heat does not bother me as much as the cold does.

January 24, 2017

January 24, 2017

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Yet another day goes by and no nuclear war, no mass round-up of minorities, no martial law. Gee, could the opponents of President Trump be wrong?

Still looking for a new apartment. Eviction does do a lot to reduce the opportunities. I will make it through this rough spot though.

I spent most of today running around trying to get tasks done and finding it hard to do because the bus service takes so much time. It does not help when I get to a bus stop just after the bus pulls away and I have to wait for the next one as much as half an hour later. Sitting at an open bus stop with the cold wind blowing is no fun.

The cold weather is wrecking havoc with my joints and the not-properly healed break in my right arm. Now the shoulder where the rod was inserted is acting up as well. It is January and this is going to continue for another couple of months probably. Wouldn’t it be nice to able to just go “Bippity, Boppity, Boo” and fix any problem? Unfortunately, life does not work that way.

Tomorrow the Pima County Election Integrity Commission starts our test of the Risk Limiting Audit System. Unfortunately, the Berkley professor who developed the idea, and who was scheduled to be with us to help understand it, is going to be in Ohio for a court case where he is an expert witness. I am looking forward to the test but I do wish he would be here as I might have questions.


January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

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Here it is Monday and as of yet there has been no nuclear war, not massive roundup of opponents of the Trump presidency, no martial law. What gives? A totalitarian regime should have been ion place by now. Where is the violence? Oh, it exists but it is, so far, directed against Trump supporters or assumed supporters. Reported hate crimes are up but there is no evidence for most of the reports as to the perpetrators of the hate crimes. There is a significant number that are “false flag” reports, that is where someone does a hate crime in order to frame their opponents. One of the three men I have crashed with spent a great deal of time yesterday complaining about Trump’s suits, his ties, his hair and his bad spray-on tan. I ignore that and concentrate on his policies, some of which I like and most of whish I don’t. At least, so far.

I spent a lot of today running around, shopping and so forth. Nothing yet on a new apartment.

I haven’t yet done any writing today but intend to get it done tonight. I do not write to an outline so I get surprised sometimes by where the story goes. DREADNOUGHT started out as a “Oh wow, a travel story” but ended up as something else entirely. MAGIC IN THE MONASTRY started out similar. ENTRANCE EXAMINATION is the only story I have done recently that stayed true to the original concept.

The weather is making my joints and the break in my arm that hasn’t healed properly ache something horrible. When the weather changes or is cold for too long this is what happens. For those of you who are thinking of getting old, mind your joints and bones.


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