January 22, 2018

January 22, 2018

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It is cold enough here in Tucson that I am longing for Spring. It got a good chunk below freezing this morning. Yeah, I know, there are lots of places where the high temperature is lower than the low temperature here in Tucson. I know that, but I still do not like the cold weather.

I did get enough grocery shopping done to last the month out. Now, I am starting to do some investigating on the various taxes here in Arizona. Federal Income taxes, State income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, licenses and fees of various sorts. All the different ways the Government (at any level) picks the pockets of the people. I hope to get this research done in time for a public discussion while people are still paying attention to taxes. By doing this, I hope to increase the viability of the local Party.

I have not been paying attention to the Federal Government shutdown; at least, not much. If the shutdown goes on very long, it is going to cost me more as I will have to shop more often at grocery stores that charge more than the Base Commissary. Not that I really mind, it will just mean some of my discretionary spending will get put off. And I can do that. I actually like the idea of the Federal Government shutting down, maybe people can see that they do not need the Nanny State.


January 17, 2018

January 17, 2018

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Got off to a slow start today. Got some stuff done, including paying some bills so there is that. But taking the bus everywhere takes a lot of time. So does walking, and I try to walk within a certain distance of my home for the exercise.

I am still waiting for an order I made some time ago. There is a web comic I enjoy and I have been getting the print versions. Of the eight books published, I have ordered all eight and gotten seven. Naturally, the one I don’t have is in the middle of the series. The web comic is still going strong, so perhaps more books will come forth. Actually, there is more than one web comic I am doing this with, but just the one has a missing book in the middle; the others are missing books at the end of the series.

The weather is getting nice enough so that I stopped using a heater at night. In a few weeks, I will even stop using a blanket. I like the weather here in Tucson, I would hate to live back East somewhere after all these years here. Spring and Autumn are gorgeous and Winter is bearable. Summer is still bearable, but the heat is harder to bear than the cold of Winter. I stay indoors a lot in Summer.


December 31, 2017

December 31, 2017

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The last day of 2017. Actually, thinking about it, measuring time is kind of artificial. Humans invented time in order to keep everything from happening at the same time, so to speak.

I am not feeling all that well right now. I don’t think it is anything serious, just the crud. I have been ill more times in 2017 than I think I have been in the previous five years. One of the advantages of getting old I guess. This is a lousy way to end a year. It was a lousy way to go through a year. I hope the next year isn’t like this.

The weather, at least, isn’t bad. Chilly but not unreasonably so. If I was feeling a bit better, I would probably have spent time out of my apartment instead of laying in bed trying to avoid dashing to the bathroom. I am glad that the weather is nice, even if I stay in my apartment. I look at the hyper-cold weather Back East and I am glad of living in Tucson.

I have no real plans for tonight. Once upon a time I would stay up to midnight and watch the festivities on TV while drinking Champaign, but I doubt I will do that tonight. Even the last few years, I have gone to bed early because I didn’t see a need to celebrate the actual arrival of a new year. I did buy a bottle of the bubbly, but I will probably drink it tomorrow, not tonight.

December 30, 2017

December 30, 2017

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This year is almost over. Where did it go?

I spent all day out and about. It wouldn’t have taken so long, except that the bus system does not run nearly as often on the weekends. Routs that are every fifteen minutes during the week are every half-hour or even every hour on the weekend. I did get some shopping done, but not near what I wanted to do.

I am now the Chair of the Pima County Libertarian Party. I got the position because the previous Chair had to resign because of ill-health. Which means, if I am going to do all that I think I will need to do in order to make sure the Party survives and thrives, I will not have as much time for my writing and other stuff. I am still going to chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors, they deserve every bit of it – and more. But, the last two Chairs have let the Party slide into almost a death-like topor. This is one reason I do not like being the one in charge. There isn’t enough people to delegate to, which means I get to do it all until I can get people on-board who will take over various assignments. I believe in the principles that the Libertarian Party stands for and want those principles to succeed. So, I do what needs to be done – that is what a leader does.

The weather this morning was chilly but it warmed up quite a bit. I dressed for the chill because the predicted high was such that I wouldn’t overheat with what I was wearing. Naturally, the high temperature was about five degrees Fahrenheit higher than the predicted high. I saw a report a few months ago where a scientific study was conducted over a period of six months and the actual highs and lows were off from the predictions by as much as ten degrees . I do not remember where the study was conducted, but it was a major city here in the USA. I am thinking of doing that here over the next few months starting on January 1st. I hope, that I can keep this up if I do start this. I would hate to drop it because I forgot to keep it going.

December 19, 2017

December 19, 2017

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I have a Christmas Tree up but I never got around to putting up a string of lights around my front window, so I just put the lights into storage for this year. As an Episcopalian, the Christmas Season is the Twelve Days of Christmas starting on December 25th. Yes, I make the distinction between secular and religious Christmas. My tree will stay up until Epiphany Day and go into storage then. Two Christmas seasons run together.

I got almost nothing done today, I just felt lazy and just sat around thinking about ELDER’S DILEMA in my head and getting nowhere with it. I did get a little done on a couple of political items, one a letter and the other an article explaining the scores on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, so there is that.

The weather here is cold enough so that I dress warmly for Tucson. However, I know that what is dressed warmly for winter here is dressed lightly for Fall most other places. My early youth was in Indiana and while on active duty I was stationed in some cold locations, so I know what cold weather is and I do not like it. One reason I like the Tucson area is the weather. When the weather is hot, summer, I stay indoors more and when it is cold, I dress a bit warmer. I don’t have to shovel snow except the rare times it snows here, and that never lasts long enough to need shoveling.


December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017

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The weather is a far cry from the heat of summer now. I am wearing sweatshirts indoors as I do not want to get the heat turned on. Southwest Gas, the natural gas monopoly for Tucson, charges a lot for natural gas and even charges to not provide natural gas once you start using their service. By this I mean, once the cold season is over and you no longer use their natural gas (unless you have gas appliances like a stove) you still have to pay them a certain amount each month even if you use absolutely none of the natural gas they supply. So, I don’t turn my heater on in the winter, I wear warm clothing most of the time and use an electric blanket when I sleep if the predicted low temperature is close to freezing, just to avoid paying a fee I consider unnecessary the rest of the year. If I did turn the heater on, I would do so only a coupe of times in winter, not enough to justify the expense for the rest of the year.

I have started visiting a podcast based here in Tucson. The person visits and speaks with various interesting people here in Tucson. This is the first podcast I have listened to on a semi-regular basis. This is the individual I mentioned as talking with me during the Veterans’ Day parade here in Tucson. The people he presents are interesting, but he has focused on the music scene so far, primarily rap. I do not listen to rap, I do not like Skeltonian rhyme. I rarely like poetry at all, but I do read it on occasion – primarily Burns. I do plan on getting the works of James Whitcomb Riley as I like some of his work, in spite of his writing in a Hoosier dialect that never existed, but in general, I prefer prose.

December 2, 2017

December 1, 2017

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This year is almost over – where did it go? I must be getting old, the days crawl and the years sprint.

I enjoy web comics, there are several I follow. One specifically (Evil, Inc.), is one I find a lot of fun. If you don’t know it, it is a comic about a world where superpowers exist. Evil, Inc. is a corporation started up by a super villain. It has been going for many years now. I just ordered a graphic novel rendition of the first two years. So, last week I got the second volume and today I got what should have been the first volume but instead was a book titles Love the Fox. This book is a series of drawings, in color, about a fox and its journey. Beautiful book, and interesting pictures – but not what I ordered.

There was supposed to be a breakfast put on by my apartment complex today. I intended to attend and socialize with some of my neighbors. I really need to get out and socialize more. However, the event got postponed to next Tuesday. I need to get out and socialize more and I rarely have events that I want to attend so when one comes along, I want to take part in it.

The weather here in Tucson was great today. It was cloudy and cool. The only thing that might have improved it is rain. I do not know what the rain totals for this year are, but rain is always a blessing in the desert – as long as one does not get caught by flash floods. I love this time of year, it is nice and I don’t have to look forward to the heat of Summer anytime soon.

November 21, 2017

November 21, 2017

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I did not go to the Pima County Board of Supervisors’ meeting this morning, I stayed in waiting for some repair work. The work got done, my dishwasher had stopped working – it was a plugged line. So now the cable guy is here, not for me but my new neighbor. The cable for them runs through my apartment. So the cable guy is fixing something wrong with their cable in the shed in back of my apartment. More happening today here than ha happened in a long time. And, I still have the Pima County Libertarian Party meeting tonight.

I did get some writing done, ELDER’S DILEMA, and so far it is going good. Even though I used a point that I intended to use at the end, I think I can still use the same point later without seeming like I am banging the reader over the head with it. I have about half the word count I am shooting for, but I can expand the word count if I need to do so. Books are categorized by minimum length, not maximum. Well, they are kind of categorized by maximum length in that if a book goes over the minimum of a new category, it is too large for the old one; but, the top size category has no upper limit. I still want to clump all five books into one physical book and have each of the five part of that physical book but with their own title still.

I am starting to wear heavier shirts now, during the summer and early fall I wore very lightweight shirts. Long sleeve shirts, I am trying to get away from T-shirts and Polo shirts. The weather is nice, fall is my favorite time of year in Tucson. Looking at the predictions for the winter, not that I expect them to be accurate, Southern Arizona might be slightly colder then normal – blame La Nina.


November 20, 2017

November 20, 2017

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Winter is almost here, at least as far as Tucson has a winter. Not the season, but bitter cold weather, snow and all the rest. It does get cold here, sometimes even below freezing. It even snows in Tucson, once in maybe fifteen years or so. If anyone wants snow here, there are the mountains just north of the city. Mount Lemon has the southern-most natural ski resort in the Continental USA. At least, it was; I don’t know if they have used snow machines since I was told the bit about the natural snow ski resort. I rarely go up there. I can look at the snow-capped peaks of the Catalina Mountains from the warm comfort of my home.

I have been getting some writing done today, ELDER’S DILEMA, but tomorrow is another matter. I will be attending the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting and on my way home, getting some grocery shopping done. And tomorrow evening, there is the Pima County Libertarian monthly meeting. Busy all day tomorrow.

There isn’t much that I do that is notable, I am a dull sort of guy. I like to watch Jeopardy and if I was a contestant, I couldn’t come up with something to fill the comments part of the show. Not more than one or two shows anyway. I admire, but do not want to emulate, those people who could go for weeks on end on that show talking about various things that they have done or that have happened to them. It must be nice to have a life so filled full of interesting things; but, I would rather sit here and write. I had interesting things happen when I was on active duty and that was enough.

October 22, 2017

October 21, 2017

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I am doing it again. I am about four-fifths done with the editing of HIGH TREASON, and about one-third done with the initial draft of ELDER’S DILEMA and what am I doing? Another series. I hit a wall on the Elder series and so I started up another series. I just finished reading the LORD DARCY series and so this new series is something similar. That is, it is set in an alternate world that diverges massively from our own. The LORD DARCY series diverges with Richard Lion-Heart and mine diverges with the Norman invasion of 1066. The first story is a short story, to establish the ideas behind the series, so I should get this one story done quickly and get back to Elder and his tales. The problem is that I have never been able to do a decent murder mystery. I have thrown away dozens of attempts, including one where Elder gets accused for the murder of one of his classmates at the Academy. Don’t look for it, I doubt it will ever get written.

The weather is finally turning cooler, pretty much on schedule. I now have a light blanket on my bed and I have used it two nights now. Tucson does not get very cold often, two or three times a winter it will get below freezing, but there is none of the bitter cold of back East. However, I have been here long enough that I doubt I could stand a winter typical of back East. I was stationed here basically from 1971 to 1977 and I have lived here ever since 1988. I am used to this climate, for better or worse.

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