May 14, 2017

May 14, 2017

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For those for which it applies: Happy Mothers’ Day. I am not a mother and mine died 25 years ago but I can still wish mothers everywhere to be happy.

I overslept today and missed church. My sleeping, even when I get a fairly decent night’s sleep, isn’t great. I am always tired and wanting to take a nap. My VA doctor prescribed iron pills for anemia but I don’t think they are working. At least, if they are, it is extremely slowly.

I have put a couple of hours into HIGH TREASON today. And once this is done, I will do a couple of more hours into it. At least I am not doing a lot of thinking about the UPSET series of short stories to the detriment of the Elder stories.

Gaming yesterday was interesting and it was, to a small degree, fun. I am reaching the point where the fun of being with the group will not overcome my dislike, even hatred, of the D&D system. I may go for another year, two at the most, before I either play another system or leave the group. I don’t even care for the characters I play enough to read the rules system unless I have to.

With my moving as I have had to do, my voter registration is messed up. I got a note yesterday concerning that. I will have to hunt down the city election department tomorrow and vote because Tucson has gone to the unsecure vote-by-mail system and I never got a ballot in time. Last city election I didn’t get my mail ballot until two days after the election. I spent a large part of election day hunting down where I could vote and then voting. Election day is Tuesday but I will be chewing out the Pima County Board of Supervisors and then attending the Libertarian Party meeting so I will have to vote early. I prefer voting early to voting by mail as there is more security in voting early but voting at a precinct is even better. If I send my ballot by mail, I will not find out until too late that my ballot was not received and thus my vote did not get counted.


August 31, 2016

August 30, 2016

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Of all I wanted to get done today, I got most of it done. I voted this morning and, perhaps, convinced someone to change their registration to Libertarian; I attended the court case on the ballot images and I got some writing done. I didn’t take an afternoon nap nor will I be going down to the Election Department to watch the ballot counting as I forgot that security requires that the County Party Chair notify the Election Department that I would be coming. So, I won’t be staying up all night for that.

I did have a bout of hypoglycemia this morning. I haven’t had one of those in over a year. My medicine was just changed, the insulin levels were adjusted, and I think that the slightly increased evening level has brought my morning blood sugar reading down to a level that allows for hypoglycemia. Before this, for the last several months, my blood sugar levels were high enough in the morning that even after injecting myself with insulin it never dropped low enough to start hypoglycemia.

I am typing this post with the brace on my right hand off since wearing it while tying causes problems for me. I have a lot of weakness in that thumb and pressure causes pain. Not ache but pain. I don’t know what the actual technical difference is, but for me, ache is dull and pain is sharp. And what I get when I put pressure on that thumb is sharp. Not serious but still sharp. Without the pressure, there is an ache all the time. I am 66 years old and age is starting to catch up with me.

I follow several blogs and trying to keep up with them is starting to take too much time. Several bloggers have liked some of my posts and have started to follow me. I like that but if I am going to get anything done I have to limit what blogs I follow. So, if you are following me and I am not following you, please understand that this is not a bad reflection on you, I am just out of time. I have looked at your blog and I have yet yo find any of them unattractive.

I have to get one of my YouTube videos posted on the Facebook pages. I may do a follow-up on the new one I did yesterday on how the Federal Government pays the State Governments to take children away from their families, hopefully only from abusive families and not for politics or some such, and adopt them out. Bureaucrats and politicians are, contrary to what some believe, human and prejudices can play a part in what happens to children. I know of no such abuse, but I know something of human nature and it can happen if a careful watch is not kept.