July 29, 2017

July 29, 2017

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I have been preparing for a hospital visit all week. I went in for a colonoscopy and stayed overnight. That was not fun, in any sense of the word. I could not eat Thursday, nor Friday. I only had some beef broth mixed with vegetable broth Thursday and the diuretic Thursday night and Friday morning. I used Gatorade for the mixer so that I would get some sugar and nutrients. I got to the VA in plenty of time and the staff prepped me. I found out later, this morning, that they broke my cane while doing it. The examination went fine, except the nurse placed a catheter in my hand and it hurt the entire time I had it in. IT came out this morning and bled badly as a result. Anyway, I got into a room for recovery and stayed overnight. The colonoscopy gave me a huge air bubble in my gut so I spent the day burping and farting, except one fart, at about 3 AM, was much more than a fart. I felt sorry for the nurses who had to clean that up.

Anyway, I was discharged this morning and it took almost three hours to get home because the busses run so much less on the weekends and I just missed a couple of connections. Thankfully, there was no game this weekend. The son of one of the players is sick, not that I am thankful that the boy is sick, but the child is sick and the game got cancelled. Which is good sine I would have been two hours late for the game because of the bus schedule.

Because of the preparation for the colonoscopy, I did not post the last chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION. I did get HIGH TREASON pretty well finished, I need to go back and edit it and put the chapters in. Then I can start in on ELDER’S DILEMMA. Once that is posted, I will leave the series up for a week or so, and then remove it. I made a mistake in posting it all on one page. Too many chapters for the books. For MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY I will post a chapter a page and see how that works in getting comments.

It rained a great deal yesterday and is raining a good deal now. In Tucson, the summer rain season is about half the rainfall we get each year. This year has bee great. Good strong storms that are several times a week is just what we need.