April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

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I missed a few days again. I have to be more regular in this. Not really, but I want to be more regular in this.

Getting some slight grocery shopping done, a little at a time. I also tried to but a monthly pass for the bus and it fails. I tried Friday morning, payday for me, and it failed. I tried again today and it failed again. I have no trouble with my card anywhere else but the bus company, a government agency, is the only place it fails. And the bus company says it is the bank’s fault. I am attending the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow and once that is over, I will make sure that there is no problem with my bank and then go to the bus company headquarters and get them to fix this.

There was a bee in my apartment last night and this morning I checked to see where it could have gotten in through. The place where the cable company has a hole in the wall for the cables to enter my apartment is a hive it seems. I told the apartment manager and the bee removal company will be out sometime today. At least, that is what they said.

My church is giving hospitality to a women who has been in this country illegally for 19 years. As I remember, and I could be wrong here, there was at least one amnesty during that time. Plus, as I remember, the immigration law has a provision for someone who has settled here to go to a legal status as long as they act before INS starts to come after them. Why wait until panic stations when this could have been dealt with more humanely and effectively before now? I would hate to think that this is all showing off to demonstrate how good the people at the church are. Waiting until panic stations is not good.

I have thrown out HIGH TREASON and started over on that book. I kept one character in the book and realized after I started that keeping her would mean that she would be extremely old, older than anyone else in the story universe. So, I started over talking about her death earlier and how her son is governing the Empire. With Emperor Caroline’s death in office at an advanced age, the fears of her grandson and great-granddaughter become more real. I think it will make a better story.

I rarely watch TV anymore, my old TV broke during the 2006 Congressional elections and I waited until 2014 to replace it. Now I have a working TV but I don’t watch much of anything. There was one series that I did like, but it got cancelled last year. The series was a detective series based upon the historical friendship between Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle, it was good although not historical; the last episode had them save the life of President McKinley and the portrayal of Bram Stoker was totally off. I enjoyed it because it was well written and I could ignore the historical errors easily. And it got cancelled. So now I watch a couple of game shows and the evening news, and occasionally some old reruns. Maybe the next season will have something I can enjoy and watch from the start. I do not like dropping into the middle of a series show and not knowing what is going on. Which is why I will never watch a daytime soap opera, those have been going on for decades and I could never figure anything out as far as their plots go.



August 11, 2016

August 10, 2016

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I just went through a list of TV programs that were renewed or ended and of the three that I am interested in one was cancelled and two were renewed. Not a bad average but I really liked Houdini and Doyle; yes, the program wasn’t accurate but it was still a good, and oddball, detective series. Of all the comics I have ever read, my favorite is The Flash with Green Arrow and Batman close behind. I have liked some of the Batman movies and not liked some. The TV series Arrow does not follow the comics but it is still a good series, although darker than I normally like. The Flash TV series is good and so far it has little of the various ways that DC Comics had The Flash use his speed. DC did more with that “one-trick-pony” than could be thought possible and that is one reason I like it. Green Arrow and Batman I like because the hero always has the exact arrow or item at his fingertips and I wonder how they manage to fill their quiver / belt with so much stuff.\ and still be able to grab what they need at first try.

I am still having sleeping problems but I seem to have settled into a routine. I didn’t realize it until today but I now sleep from about 10 PM to 1 or 2 AM and then stay awake until roughly 6 AM or so, and then sleep until almost noon. This wrecks havoc with my daily routine as I either forego the morning sleep or try to get everything done in a couple of hours in the afternoon. I started writing during the nighttime wake period and even though still sleepy, I got a lot done.

I got another YouTube video done and will be posting it shortly. This one will be titled “What is your politics” and I talk about various 2D political quizzes and how those are better tests of what your politics really are than the old-fashioned straight line definition. I plan on getting a few done on local politics next. I have to start doing these on a more regular basis. Have a look at them, unfortunately for those in Norway and other countries, the videos are more relevant to Americans, just a word of warning.

So far I have kept, pretty well, my ban on colas and other sodas with the caramel coloring. Except for the couple of root beers I had last week. I am going through about a gallon of water a day. In the desert water is more of a necessity and even in my apartment the heat and lack of humidity can drain someone to dehydration. I probably drink too much but I drink water in place of snacking.

I am still thinking about HIGH TREASON while I am working on GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS. I have about 25,000 words written out of the about 48,000 I want to finish with. I need to get more writing done, I have just too many distractions and no one to help with the routine of daily life which makes it another distraction.