August 18, 2017

August 17, 2017

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Another entry in my not-so-daily blog. I am less than halfway through editing HIGH TREASON, so I still haven’t posted any chapters yet. I am falling behind and I need to get moving on this. I haven’t even worked on ELDER’S DILEMMA today, but I did get some done yesterday. One of the secrets of writing is to sit down every day and write something even if it is gibberish and gets edited out later. I never can get a constant writing time because I have too much else. I need someone to do all the other stuff so that I can just write. Not going to happen so I have to make the best of it.

I got some grocery shopping done yesterday and took an extra $20 so that I could put it on my laundry card and get laundry done today. And, not paying attention, I left the money in the tray. I hope whoever got it gets good use of it. I can be so stupid at times.

The weather here in Tucson, at least, is nice. Most folks elsewhere probably wouldn’t consider it nice. It is hot and dry. We could always use rain, but moderately hot weather isn’t bad either. Last time I checked, Tucson is well ahead of the 30-year average as far as rainfall goes.

I do not think that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, as the old saying goes. I don’t think that the present conditions are mush, if any, worse than in the past. Global communications has made it easier to learn of something that happens elsewhere. If no one pays attention to riots elsewhere, will they continue to happen? Interesting thought. I wonder if it is true.


July 4, 2017

July 4, 2017

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On July 2, 1776 the Continental Congress passed the Declaration of Independence, with the signing starting that day and continuing for several months as delegates arrived or got authorization to sign. On July 4, 1776 the Declaration was published to the public. So, July 4 has become Independence Day ever since. So, today we Americans celebrate our birthday. My Mother was born on January 14th but for some reason she always celebrated her birthday on January 13th. Same sort of thing.

So, what did I do yesterday? I got a little work done and played TTRPG with my friends. And once home, I had dinner and read email and went to bed. Real busy day. Not! What am I doing today? Getting work done on HIGH TREASON. I couldn’t post a chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION last Thursday and I will be late posting this Thursday because of a doctor’s appointment, but I am reaching the end of that book. I need to have HIGH TREASON done in a few weeks. And by done, I mean written, chaptered and edited. And I want to have a good start on ELDER’S DILEMMA when I start posting HIGH TREASON. I have another book or two kind of ready to work on, on both I have done a lot of work in the past, and I hope I can finish them quickly enough so that I can be working on HOUSE FOURTEEN while posting them and continue posting a chapter a week. However, once I start posting either MAGIC IN THE MONASTRY or THE GOD’S TALE, I intend to take down the Elder stories, edit them again and offer them for publication as a single effort. Five books averaging around 45,000 words for a total of 235,000 words roughly.

Since I have a backyard, I intend to watch fireworks tonight. I can sit in my backyard and watch them go off in some comfort.

Tomorrow I am going shopping. First to a department store to get a laundry cart, bring it home and assemble it. Then use it to go grocery shopping, perhaps twice. With some luck, that will last me the rest of the month and my next check can be grocery free and I can start seriously saving for the Libertarian Party convention next year in New Orleans.

June 29, 2017

June 29, 2017

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Spent all day going to, and from, a VA appointment. For an 11:45 AM appointment I left home at 10:00 AM and had lunch just before going into the VA Medical Center. Then, of course, I had to wait for a long time before I saw the doctor. The actual appointment went well and I learned a couple of things about my ankle so I might be able to improve its working. I just have to remember to do it. This is an issue, I think my memory is not what it used to be, but I can’t be sure as I don’t really remember. (Intentional bad joke.)

I have to go shopping for socks tomorrow and for feet my size, size 15 American measurement, that is hard. Socks for my big feet are rare, even online. And I like to buy crew socks in large packs as that means I can just grab a pair without having to worry about the match. I hate shopping for socks for this exact reason.

I ordered a political shirt and it came. It was exactly what I wanted except for one thing. The shirt is heavy cotton so I probably won’t wear it until late Fall or Winter. I might wear it once or twice during the Summer if the heat isn’t too high. The message on the shirt, my own message, is: I AM THE LIBERTARIAN THAT YOUR DICTATOR WARNED YOU AGAINST. I might buy a couple more but instead of YOUR DICTATOR use THE DEMOCRATS and THE REPUBLICANS. And instead of WARNED YOU AGAINST I might use DON’T WANT YOU TO TALK TO. I could easily get half a dozen or more done up.

If you have been paying attention to you will notice that I did not post a chapter today. I will try to get it posted tomorrow but with the hunting for socks, I might not. Next Thursday I should post even though I have another medical appointment as I can probably post after I get back, I will just stay up late as a result.

June 24, 2017

June 24, 2017

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Another hot day here in Tucson and I had to go grocery shopping. This being Saturday, the bus I would be using runs on a reduced schedule. From the time I got off the bus near the grocery store to when I had to be at the bus stop waiting for the bus was fifteen minutes or an hour and fifteen minutes. I couldn’t get my shopping done fast enough and I couldn’t stay in the grocery store for all the extra time needed, so I finished and went to a fast food place and had a hot fudge sundae. Lucky me, I had enough time to kill that the extraordinary wait for the sundae didn’t make me late for the bus. For some reason, I had to wait for almost twenty minutes for a hot fudge sundae, nothing else, just the one item.

I did watch a couple episodes of ARROW this morning and will watch a couple more later. The series is darker than what I remember the comic being, but I still like it. I always enjoyed the Green Arrow, Batman, and the Flash comics as a child. Both Green Arrow and Batman had exactly what they needed when they needed it, talk about planning ahead, and the Flash could do so much with his speed trick.

I bought off of a download RPG site a copy of the latest version of TRAVELLER. I have been playing TTRPG for 40 years now and I started with D&D and I have gotten to hate that system. I haven’t read the rulebook for TRAVELLER yet but I am hoping for something I can enjoy. I am also collecting the HARN setting and HARNMASTER system. With those two I should be able to have something that is not D&D for future play.

I still want to go out into my backyard and enjoy the scenery, the Catalina Mountains, but I still have bees and even through they have been identified as drones and thus without stingers, I hesitate. I am paying a slightly higher rent because I have a backyard and I am afraid to use it.

June 22, 2017

June 21, 2017

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Tucson is in a desert. The Sonoran Desert to be exact. So, it gets hot in the summer. It is summer, today has been hot, over 45 degrees C. And there is enough moisture in the air to make it miserable, and perhaps to trigger rainstorms. As I was just out, I looked to the east and saw beautiful dark clouds. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

I got some shopping and bill paying done today. I forgot my shopping list so I wandered around in the store trying to remember what I wanted. Plus, there was a whole part of the list that I did not even try to remember. I lost my uniform ribbon bar with all the award ribbons a few months ago and I need to replace it. I wear my ribbons when doing something “veteran” such as carrying the American Flag at church on specific occasions such as Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, and Independence Day. So, Friday I will have to go back with the list and replace what has been lost.

Tomorrow is posting day, another chapter in GENERATION UPON GENERATION goes up. Friday I have to get a lot more done on HIGH TREASON. Saturday is going to be a binge watching of ARROW Season One. I hope to finish that season off and start on Season Two. I have Season Three as well, and intend to buy Season Four soon. I have the first two seasons of FLASH and intend to buy Season Three soon as well. Once I am caught up with the backlog, I can just watch episodes when I but a new season but only one episode a day, binge watching kind of dulls my mind.

At the Libertarian Party meeting last night I mentioned an idea that I am toying with. I just might run for political office. Specifically, the County Supervisor office for the District I live in. The incumbent is a Democrat, one of three on the five position Board. Since the District overlaps the incorporated area of the City of Tucson, the County does very little for the amount of property taxes the District generates. Since I would make the composition 2-2-1, I would be a swing vote. Especially as, being a Libertarian, I would agree with the Democrats on some issues and with the Republicans on some issues. To make a selfish point, I could bring home more bacon to the District that the incumbent can. I hate to put it that crudely, and I do not like the concept of selling myself on those terms, but it is a good back-up to running on the issues. I will have to think on it.

June 3, 2017

June 2, 2017

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Spent most of today shopping. I have one of those laundry carts that I use to carry groceries in, especially if I intend to get a lot of groceries, and it broke. It actually broke when I fell on it during a bout of hypoglycemia a few months ago, but today it got so much worse that I am going to finally replace it before shopping again. I did do some shopping without it this afternoon but the grocery bags the store provided were weak and broke under the weight of my canned goods. Thankfully, a young woman (young to me, she mentioned being 35 and I am 67) stopped and helped carry the bags to my apartment. Without her help I would have had to drop a couple of bags of groceries off (and hope that they did not get stolen) while taking one bag home and getting a cloth bag I have and doing a second trip.

I haven’t gotten any writing done today because shopping took so long. And relaxing after getting home took longer than I expected. Trying to get my arm to stop hurting is not something done in a minute. Back about four years ago I tripped and broke my arm, I now have a rod helping hold the broken section together and that rod was put in through my shoulder. My shoulder has never healed right. Neither has the right arm. So, since I use my cane with my left hand, anything I carry is carried by the arm that isn’t quite healed from four years ago. A heavy weight, groceries for example, makes it hurt. And I have to use the cane to keep from tripping and falling again. Being old and having joint and bone and muscle problems is a pain (pun intended).

Tomorrow I play TTRPG with my friends. As much as I am growing to hate D&D, I enjoy being with my friends. I am gathering material for a campaign I want to run, using another TTRPG system. I like the campaign setting and I do not mind the play rules very much. I had wanted to just use the setting with a set of rules I like but I don’t think that is going to work. So, I am gathering all the material I need, setting and system both.

My feet are long and narrow and I think that they are getting longer as I age. I used to be American size 13 and now the shoes I am wearing are size 15, and I think that my feet are getting too big for them already since I feel like my toes are rubbing against the end of the shoes. If it isn’t one thing, it is another as far as my body goes.

It is almost bedtime for me. I used to go to bed after the late news but now I go after the earlier late news. Confused? I used to watch the entire 10 PM newscast and perhaps a bit of one of the talk shows, but now I watch part of the 9 PM newscast and go to bed after the weather report. I get my news from so many sources anymore that watching the newscast isn’t that big a deal. So, I watch to see what the weather is going to be like when I get up. I don’t pay attention to the forecast for more than the next day as the weather service cannot be accurate for more than 3 days anyway and usually less. So, I see what the weather is going to be like when I get up. For the rest of the day I use the weather applications on my computer.

May 2, 2017

May 1, 2017

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May Day, the international day of the worker. Never did me any good when I worked and it does me none now that I am retired.  So, I celebrated properly by ignoring it.

Did a little shopping, and quickly came close to depleting my paycheck. Once I get groceries, I am done for now. I get a second check in a couple of weeks, about half this last check, and groceries are going to be about all I get with that check. Once I build up a stockpile of groceries and get some set aside so that I can attend the Libertarian Party bi-annual convention, I will start building up some other things I want to build up such as TTRPG miniatures. I really have to start painting the ones I have now, once I get my hand back I paint pretty well. My Great-Great-Grandfather was a famous Scottish painter, not world famous, but famous. So I guess I do have some native talent that I inherited. If you are interested, he was Adam Henderson who painted portraits and seascapes. I have seen some of his seascapes and I like them, and not just because of his relationship to me. Eventually, I want to collect some of his work.

I got no writing done today, at least so far. I intend to get some done on HIGH TREASON after dinner. I know that one important factor in writing is consistency – in when one writes, how long, and where, etc. – but living alone, makes that hard. If I had someone who could do the shopping, and all the other chores that prevent me from writing, I could be consistent but I don’t so I can’t. It amazes me how I ended up 67 and alone. It seems like just yesterday that I joined the USAF (1967) and I shouldn’t be as old as I am, I shouldn’t be over maybe 25 or so. But, the years have gone by and I am 67, shortly to be 68. I have no idea what I have missed, but I wonder sometimes. Yes, I wonder sometimes.

If you could go back and somehow change your past, what would you change? That has been a thought going through my mind all day today. Not constantly, but repeatedly. Would I be better off if I did things differently, or would I be basically the same as I am now but only with different details? I do not know, but I wonder occasionally. The idea does generate some story ideas.

April 19, 2017

April 19, 2017

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It has been almost 3 months since Donald Trump was sworn in as President and the world is still here and functioning. the sore losers haven’t slowed down in their hate and violence yet, but there is still hope. If Gary Johnson had won, things would be much better now. Or, given that the Congress is such a pain, maybe not. I can dream however.

I spent all morning running around buying various small items that I need, mostly at the Army and Air Force Exchange – I am retired Air Force so I can shop there. Tomorrow I have to do grocery shopping, and get the next chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION posted on my other blog site: And Friday I have a morning meeting with the Pima County Election Integrity Commission. Last night I bullied the chair of the Pima County Libertarian Party a bit and he got the letter to reappoint me to the EIC done. Once the Board of Supervisors acts on it, I am good for another two years.

It looks like I can finally start saving for the Libertarian party convention in New Orleans next summer. And I should even be able to save while sill getting TTRPG material for the campaign I want to run. I have decided to not do a SHADOWRUN campaign even though I love the system but instead I am going to use the Harn setting and the GURPS rules.

I joined another veterans group, this one based upon a squadron I was assigned to back in 1971 for several months. It seems just a place to swap war stories but I am getting to the age where nostalgia has attractions.

I am leaving in about an hour or so in order to play a TTRPG with friends. I am increasingly dissatisfied with the game system, it is a version of D&D, and the campaign setting is not to my liking but I am with friends and that is enough for now. I make no secret of my increasing dislike for D&D in any version.

December 6, 2016

December 5, 2016

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It is cold here in Tucson. Maybe not by the standards of Maine or Upstate New York, or Norway, but cold for here. Being in the desert it gets warm during the day and cold at night. So, going out to do grocery shopping early in the day I have to dress warmer than I need to be just a couple of hours later. Taking public transportation and not a private car means that I have no place to put a sweatshirt when I no longer need it. So, I have to balance the two sets of temperatures in what I wear or start later when the heat difference is not so much. But brings its own problems. I need to break down and get a car or motor scooter or something. Years ago I sold my car because I wasn’t using it, now I need it and don’t have it. I have been living here in Tucson for almost 30 years and I was stationed at the Air Base here for a few before that. If I had been able to find work in Upstate New York that paid decently I might never have left there and would now be sitting in my own home looking at the huge snow drifts along the road. Or maybe, I would have left because I couldn’t take the cold any more. Who knows.

I am still working on reducing the number of books I have and don’t read. That and general housekeeping. I hate housekeeping. I forget who said the line: You clean everything and six months later you have to do it again. I probably misquoted there but you get the idea. It would be nice to be able to cast a magic spell and everything gets instantly clean but that will neve happen. It’s a nice dream though, but a dream is all it is. I can tell the difference between fantasy and reality unlike some people.

I went grocery shopping today but had to cut it short without getting anything. I won’t mention the reason I had to cut it short but accept the fact that it involved having to throw away a pair of skivvies at the store and a pair of pants when I got home. So, shopping not tomorrow as I have a meeting to attend but Wednesday I try again. I have a slow cooker and a recipe for beef stew so I am going to start cooking that for the rest of the month Meat and vegetables combined with some great textures to boot. I am a simple man as far as meals go, especially since my nose does not work right and thus I have a very bland sense of taste. So, I don’t need fancy cooking. I plan on getting a recipe for chili and alternate with the beef stew. Maybe even some other simple slow cooker recipes as well. I am 67 years old, now is a strange time to learn to cook.


November 22, 2016

November 21, 2016

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I have GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS finished except for proofreading and filling in some details Right now it stands at just under 40,000 words but after this go-through and probably another go-through, I will have it over 40,000 words. I am not completely happy with the ending but adding more to draw it out doesn’t seem right. The Captain of the colony ship is intelligent and accepts the situation as it is, making him obstinate just to add words seems wrong. Most of my characters, especially the more minor ones, do not have fixed personalities and I let them develop as y writing goes along. So, I presently have this captain realize that his continued obstinacy is doing no good and he accepts the situation as a pragmatist would do. I am not going to say more, read the book as I post it.

Yesterday I, and another member of the local Libertarian Party, met with a group of high school students, members of Junior State of America. We had some nice discussions, political candidates could learn something from these children. Not one voice was raised in anger, no one called ugly names, and people listened to each other. I have hope for our future.

Spending all day concentrating on proofreading and making corrections to a book leave little time for just about anything else. Shortly, I am heading off to do some more grocery shopping, I have been doing it a small amount at a time instead of one or two huge trips. For the huge trips I take a laundry cart with a liner to carry the grocery bags in but doing small amounts at a time, I use a shoulder bag. Dragging the cart around is a bit of a hassle, it often hits my heel as I pull it and knocks my shoe partly off. So, since the bag does not do that, I will stay with the bag for now. Plus, doing the walk to the store and back is good exercise. And I need all the exercise I can get.

It hasn’t rained for a while, we are still ahead of the 30-year average but not by much. I know, I harp on rain a lot, but this is Tucson which is in a desert. We average in a year what a lot of places in America average in a week. Rain is good, we need more. Now, having said that, the street design here is horrible for dealing with the rain. Streets flood with little more than a drizzle. And, since I walk almost everywhere, that part of rain I do not like. I am old, I do not like getting my shoes soaked.

I need to get down to the local AT&T cell phone provider and change my carrier. I also need to drop my landline and use my smart phone as a hot spot for my apartment. Doing that, and eliminating some of the channels on my satellite provider should save me about $100 a month. I can save more for the next Libertarian Convention and probably attend, especially if it is in Phoenix. If it is there, I can spend about $75 a day travelling there and back thus avoiding hotel costs. But, as far as I can tell, the location has not been decided yet for the 2018 convention much less the 2020 one.