July 16, 2018

July 16, 2018

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Another day of doing little or nothing. I got sidetracked with a web comic and started from the start because I do not remember what had happened before. The web comic is one I enjoyed for a long time but it went on hiatus for a while and I just picked it up again. It is amazing how fast time goes when you don’t pay attention. Or, rather, when you concentrate on something.

As much as I enjoy working in politics, I am getting tired of the condensed horse milk that is flowing so freely nowadays. The phrase “condensed horse milk” is something my mother used to say instead of various “dirty” words; much more civil times then. Nowadays, if you can’t scream louder than your opponent and bash them harder, you are a wuss. If I had absolute power, a prospect I dread because I do not want that responsibility, I would limit politicians to a very short period of office and require that they serve at least ten years in a private business before entering public life. Working in a private business would, hopefully, teach them just how badly government messes things up when it does something “for your own good” and keeps the politicians from imposing their morality on everyone else.

The weather is nice, if a bit humid. The rain keeps coming is small doses, enough to soak in but not enough to flood a lot. I just got a notice on my phone that another rain shower is expected shortly. Nothing huge, another soaking rain. Yea, recharge the aquifer.


June 29, 2018

June 29, 2018

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Busy day today. I overslept, well, kind of. I woke early and check email and so forth, but took a half-hour nap after that and slept for over an hour. So I left home later than I wanted to. At the IHOP where I had my twice-monthly cheat breakfast, I had a conversation with another diner. It started with my Bengals hat and went from there to airplanes and then politics. He had to leave for a doctor’s appointment and I had to leave for other stuff I needed to get done. But, it was a nice conversation. I think I made some points that he had never considered before and now considered. Face-to-face conversations like that are always useful. Once that was done, I headed over to a specific store to add value to my bus pass and then elsewhere to draw cash from my bank account. A couple of other, and minor, stops and I got home early this afternoon.

I spent some time on TTRPG, making a character for a game that is not scheduled for my group, but a game I hope we eventually play. Tonight I have to look over the character I will play tomorrow and get references for some of the abilities he has so that I can play him better. Not that I am very interested, the campaign is in a genre and a game system that I do not like. I play only for the companionship of the people I play with.

The 4th of July is coming. This year is one of the years that Independence Day and the 4th are on the same day. So, if you are an American – celebrate! Be not ashamed, it is just as much your birthday as your date of girth. Celebrate and be glad for the goals we strive for, even if we can never reach them. Celebrate!

June 18, 2018

June 18, 2018

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Monday again. Not that Monday is all that much of a bother for me, I work at home and one day is pretty much the same as any other. There are differences, of course, I do certain activities on certain days. Some of those activities are every week, such as TTRPG playing, and some once or twice a month, such as chewing out the Pima County Board of Supervisors. But, generally, it is the same every day – more or less.

All day today children have been playing outside my apartment, riding their bicycles around the complex. I have been working on the game system I am developing and so I have been in the living room working on my other laptop. Thus, I could see the children riding around as they passed my window. I like children, probably because I have none of my own. But, given the hysteria over child-molestation, I try to avoid interacting with them except in public where everyone can see me and know I am not doing anything wrong. Children do ask if I am Santa Claus, and I always respond that I am not Santa Claus, but that I am a good friend of his. Last Halloween I waited for trick-or-treaters to knock at my door and none did. This year, I am going to take the small table from my back yard and set it in front so I can sit out in the open and hand out candy. I hand out bags of M&Ms just in case I have left overs. My parents taught me that I do not like candy, and I still don’t, except for M&Ms – the plain ones; none of the others has ever interested me.

The Pima County Libertarian Party Facebook page has some interesting political cartoons. One reason that we started putting cartoons there was to draw people to the page. It hasn’t worked yet, but I am hopeful. The cartoons are good, I know the artist, and are on topics of interest. If you might be interested, (and how would you know unless you check them out?) stop by and examine them. Comments are welcome. We don’t censor out ideas.

May 23, 2018

May 23, 2018

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Yesterday was a total bust as far as what I wanted to do. I did get to speak to the Pima County Board of Supervisors about Memorial Day, but there were so many other things I wanted to chew them out for, telling them off for not saying, or doing, anything for Memorial Day was almost nothing. I got some good zingers in, but still. Then in the afternoon, Microsoft updated my operating system and that took three hours. Plus, I had to enter a new PIN as the update eliminated my old one and that took time also.

I did get some done on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY this morning, although interrupted three times for Libertarian Party business. I spent part of my lunch time also on Libertarian Party business. Being the County Chair takes a lot of time sometimes. But until I can grow the County Party enough so that there is someone else to take over, it has to be me. Such is life when politically active. And, since I believe in the Libertarian principles, this is what I will do.

April 7, 2018

April 7, 2018

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This morning started off pretty good. I kind of slept well last night and everything went as normal until almost noon. Normally on Saturdays I spend the day with friends and we play TTRPG. Today was different. One of my friends was trying to recover from the same sickness that laid me low earlier this week, and because he hadn’t slept last night, was trying to catch up, another was recovering from the same sickness – just a little further on, a third had a family situation and a fourth had a different kind of family situation. So we cancelled. I came home and tried to take a nap in order to help me recover further from that sickness, but I just lay in bed and felt bad. No sleep but I did rest and that helped.

So, I am going to start writing, working on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. I have gotten so little done on it this week, I feel like I am slacking off. So, I am going to put a few hours in on it and try to feel like I have caught up.

Today is the birthday of my youngest brother. I mention that because thinking of him, I thought about a job he took as an English as a Second Language teacher a couple of years ago. He was teaching in Ghana as I remember, and he was also a Presbyterian missionary at the same time. He mentioned then that he was glad to be doing work that was part of something bigger again (he is a retired Warrant Officer in the USMC). I came to the conclusion that my political work is also being part of something bigger than me again (I am a retired NCO in the USAF). I haven’t been as active as I should have been recently because of whatever it has been that has knocked me flat so much this winter, but if I am finally getting over it, I am going to pick up and run with it. I am a Libertarian and a firm believer in the principles involved.

January 8, 2018

January 7, 2018

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I got a little done today, maybe more than I expect. Most of what I did today, after church, was political. I hunted for a specific resolution dating sometime between 2006 and 2008. Needless to say, I did not find it yet.

I also started a conversation, I hope, with another organization that we Libertarians can work with for common goals. I hope that this expands but until I get a reply email, I don’t know.

Church was a problem for me. My knees started hurting bad and I asked for Communion to be brought to me, and it was misunderstood that I wanted to be the one guiding the clergy to others who wanted Communion brought to them. I almost didn’t get Communion, but it was caught in time.

The weather is mostly nice now. Cold in the morning, and warm in the afternoon. Which is why, I think, my knees hurt so much. From what I understand, a change in temperature affects the muscles and joints. And it is muscles and joints that are my problems, for the most part. Diabetes is neither joints nor muscles and I have a bad case.

I did not watch the NFL this weekend. Anymore there are few games I watch, specific teams like the Bengals, and they were not playing. The arch-rivals of the Bengals, the Steelers, were playing this weekend and I sometimes watch their game in order to cheer the other team on. Not this weekend.

August 9, 2017

August 9, 2017

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The weather has been nice, lots of rain. Rain cools down the atmosphere, often by a lot. But the change in humidity hurts my joints. So, while the weather is nice and rainy, I hurt. I hurt enough that it is hard for me to work up the energy to work on my writing. So, my editing of HIGH TREASON is going slow and working on ELDER’S DILEMMA has stopped for now. Even though I have written about a third of  the book so far, it is an easy book to write. At least, it is so far.

I am thinking of running for political office in 2020. Not the Presidency, but a local office. One of the County Board of Supervisors. I attend the Board public meetings often, and chew the Board out almost every time, and I think I can serve the people of the District better than the incumbent does. Of course I think that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t consider running. But the fact is that the District is primarily contained within the city limits of Tucson and thus gets ignored by the County a lot. The County expects the City to do everything for the residents of the District. The residents pay County Property Taxes (the highest property taxes in Arizona and in the top third of all the Counties in America) but get almost nothing in return. And one reason that the District gets ignored is that the present incumbent is a loyal partisan for one political party and his vote on the Board is taken for granted, he almost never votes against the other members of his party on the Board. As a Libertarian, I would side with both of the political parties on the Board at different times, thus my vote could not be taken for granted and that leverage could be used to improve the lot of the residents of the District.

Are there downsides to this idea? Oh yeah. Once I start to run, I can forget my TTRPG hobby. I will be attending meetings everywhere in the County talking with people on various issues. Once I am elected, that will go down some, but I will still lose most of my free time. Is it worth it? I don’t know if it will be worth it for me, but I believe it will be worth it for the residents of the District.

July 19, 2017

July 19, 2017

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Not as hot as it could be but the humidity is the killing factor today. I waited outside a store to pay a bill, and it was closed due to a meeting. I waited for half an hour, left to do some shopping and walked back. The store was still closed and people were still standing out in the heat and high humidity. This was an hour after the store was supposed to be open. As far as I know, no one passed out due to heat stroke or heat exhaustion but having to stand around in the heat like that is dangerous. And this was a customer service center. Customer service is their mission, not meetings. I intend to go back on Friday, I post a chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION tomorrow, and explain good management practices to the incompetent person in charge of that store.

Last night was the monthly meeting of the local Libertarian Party. It was a good one, if the Chairman can keep his health up, he is recovering from heart problems, we should start doing some real good. I am coming around to the idea of running for political office. Specific office, the Pima County Board of Supervisors District 5 office. If I run, especially if I win, my hobbies go down the tubes. I won’t have time, regular time, for meeting with friends for TTRPG. I might keep writing, and maybe even write a campaign for TTRPG, but any hobby like TTRPG that requires regular attendance, is gone. The election is not until 2020, so I will see.

If I get any writing done today, it will be this evening. Right now I am trying to recover from the humidity. I can stand the heat, I have lived here for almost 30 years straight and another 5 or so off and on from 1971 on. The humidity is worse for me every year for the last few years now. Another reason not to move away from Tucson. If the humidity here is bothering me, going somewhere where the humidity in summer is always high will be worse.

June 29, 2017

June 29, 2017

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Spent all day going to, and from, a VA appointment. For an 11:45 AM appointment I left home at 10:00 AM and had lunch just before going into the VA Medical Center. Then, of course, I had to wait for a long time before I saw the doctor. The actual appointment went well and I learned a couple of things about my ankle so I might be able to improve its working. I just have to remember to do it. This is an issue, I think my memory is not what it used to be, but I can’t be sure as I don’t really remember. (Intentional bad joke.)

I have to go shopping for socks tomorrow and for feet my size, size 15 American measurement, that is hard. Socks for my big feet are rare, even online. And I like to buy crew socks in large packs as that means I can just grab a pair without having to worry about the match. I hate shopping for socks for this exact reason.

I ordered a political shirt and it came. It was exactly what I wanted except for one thing. The shirt is heavy cotton so I probably won’t wear it until late Fall or Winter. I might wear it once or twice during the Summer if the heat isn’t too high. The message on the shirt, my own message, is: I AM THE LIBERTARIAN THAT YOUR DICTATOR WARNED YOU AGAINST. I might buy a couple more but instead of YOUR DICTATOR use THE DEMOCRATS and THE REPUBLICANS. And instead of WARNED YOU AGAINST I might use DON’T WANT YOU TO TALK TO. I could easily get half a dozen or more done up.

If you have been paying attention to christophercolesite.wordpress.com you will notice that I did not post a chapter today. I will try to get it posted tomorrow but with the hunting for socks, I might not. Next Thursday I should post even though I have another medical appointment as I can probably post after I get back, I will just stay up late as a result.

May 21, 2017

May 21, 2017

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A lazy Sunday afternoon. After church I did a small bit of grocery shopping and since then I have just been watching YouTube and reading some news feeds. One reason I watch YouTube is that, for a lot of the videos, I can just let my eyes watch and my brain can work on what I am writing or planning to say in a YouTube video of my own.

The game yesterday was OK but I really want to get away from D&D. I am planning on doing my own campaign using the Harn setting and the GURPS rules. However, for some reason I haven’t been able to order a couple of items from Columbia Games. I order them and the order get lost immediately. I sent an email to the company about it, but since I wasn’t paying attention to the day, I sent it on Saturday when the company is probably closed. Sometimes being retired causes me to forget just what day it is. Most of the time, it makes no or little difference, but occasionally it matters a lot.

I guess that this coming week is going to be productive, I don’t have a lot to do outside of working on HIGH TREASON and getting ELDER’S DILEMMA prepared. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all without problem, except grocery shopping, and Tuesday only has something in the morning, chewing out the Pima County Board of Supervisors. They have just gone through a series of special meetings on the budget and there is just the final, rubber-stamp, of what the bureaucrats want that will happen next month. Arizona has an Open Meeting Law so the Supervisors cannot meet to discuss the budget except at a public meeting with prior notice. And they cannot meet in private either as a group or serially (meaning that A talks to B, who talks to C and discusses  what A said, etc.) so they are required by law to discuss the budget in public and if they want to change anything all discussions on the change have to be in a public meeting. And they have not done this, which is why I say they are just going to rubber-stamp what the bureaucrats want.

I have never wanted to be President nor hold any other major political office. Thus, I have never been strict about my personal life. Now, I begin to regret that as I would like to run for a seat on the Board of Supervisors. The District I am in is held by a Democrat, a far-left Democrat, and I think I could unseat him. Absent my bad history of course. There are five members of the Board of Supervisors, right now three Democrats and two Republicans. The District I am in is mostly inside the city limits of Tucson so the County does very little for the District. As a Libertarian, if elected, I would make the composition two Democrats, two Republicans and one Libertarian. And since I would side with the Democrats on certain issues and the Republicans on certain other issues, I would be a swing vote and thus influential. The four others would want my vote on something and I could use that to pressure the County to take more care of the District. Even though the people live in the City of Tucson, they also live in the County of Pima and deserve a fair shake from the County Government. However, my history would totally prevent this from happening.

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