November 10, 2017

November 10, 2017

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Happy Birthday USMC. On this day in 1775 the USMC was formed. I am Air Fore, but my youngest brother is a retired Warrant Officer in the USMC and when I was Commander of my VFW Post, my Adjutant was a former USMC Long-Range Reconnocense in Viet Nam. Plus there are a lot of USMC members in that Post. Tucson has an Air Force Base but there are a lot of Marines here. I am not surprised,

Last Tuesday the Pima County Board of Supervisors held their first meeting for November and refused to make any acknowledgement of Veterans’ Day, even after I made an explicit comment about it. I am not surprised, veterans are not cronies of the County Government. Except for the rare one married to a famous politician. I think I will castigate them for that bigotry at the second meeting for November and see what happens.

Tomorrow would normally be one of the TTRPG campaigns, but the guy who would be running it is sick, so it got cancelled. I guess I will head downtown and watch the Veterans’ Day parade. I do not think my VFW Post will have an entry so I will stand on the side and salute the flags going by.

Someone just “liked” my post of August 29, 2017. I have not checked it out but I suspect a spambot Over two months after posting and someone just now read it? That beggars belief. There are a few people who read, but never comment on, my posts when newly posted, but I doubt anything I wrote months ago would garner interest in anyone today.


October 4, 2017

October 3, 2017

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Attended the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning. I would like to say that the public’s business was conducted in a fair and reasonable manner but I cannot. A lot of money was spent, and some administrative policies were changed but underlying problems were not dealt with. The Districts are designed to ensure that three (3) Democrats and two (2) Republicans are elected and the Democrats almost always vote as a bloc on any issue. And some very questionable results come from that. I attend and chew them out on a regular basis but they have stopped listening to me. So, I speak to the audience either physically present or watching on their television or computer.

It was early afternoon when I got home and I got a little writing done, but not a lot. I need to finish editing HIGH TREASON, but I seem to have hit a lazy spell on that. I prefer to work on ELDER’S DILEMA. New writing is always preferable to me over editing, even though I know editing is vital. Especially given my writing style. I write an entire story, what I call my “zero-draft” and then go back and divide it into chapters and start the first of several edits. Actually, I edit every time I read something, I am never satisfied with what I have written. I don’t finish a book, I abandon it.

I have to get some grocery shopping done tomorrow. I should have done it Monday but I never got around to doing it. I had thought of doing it today, before I realized that the BOS meeting was today; so, if I am going to eat, it has to be tomorrow. I should be good then until next payday. I get two paychecks a month and neither gets a cost-of-living increase that matches the annual inflation. Or, if they do, it is one year behind the curve. So, I slide into poverty since neither paycheck can be increased by anyone except Congress. Which is why I am so desirous of getting the five Elder books done. Hopefully, I can get them published and royalties can help with my finances. I never expected to live this long, so I did not plan as well as I should have for my future.

May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017

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Oh I felt like killing someone today. It took two hours for me to get downtown in part because the Suntran bus system just seemed to conspire against me. I took two busses and the first was late and stopped at so many stops that I missed my connection by just a few minutes and that second bus route ran every half hour. So, I was half an hour late for a court hearing on a subject I am interested in and missed almost everything. I did get to tell the attorney from the Goldwater Institute about a video that I found funny on YouTube and which I expected he would find funny, and he did. If you are interested, it was the THIS WEEK IN STUPID for May 7th, 2017. Getting back home was almost as bad but I did stop and do some grocery shopping. Now, I am doing much needed laundry. Nowhere in this did you see anything about writing. I got none done today and probably won’t get any done tomorrow. I might though, tomorrow will tell.

Tomorrow I will be telling off the Pima County Board of Supervisors, which is why I doubt I will get any writing done. The BOS is conducting hearings on next year’s budget and I have several things to say about it. I think that the BOS has stopped listening to me for the most part but I keep on anyway.

As far as my writing is going, even though I have put nothing down for a few days, nor posted a chapter last week, I am still getting my thoughts straight on HIGH TREASON and ELDER’S DILEMMA. If I can avoid distractions, I should get both down quite quickly. I think I will go with THE GOD’S TALE next as that really interests me, more than MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. I also want to go through all the Elder stories and fill them out some. I will be busy for a while.

So, not very much got done except fume at the public transit system. Even if I was carrying my battleax, I probably would not have used it. But, boy did I want to. I am just too moral a person I guess, I won’t commit a murder just out of anger.

April 18, 2017

April 17, 2017

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I decided that I need to go back through all the books I have written on Elder and make sure I have everyone detailed enough so that readers can picture the people; I know I never described Elder’s wife Constance. I am not looking forward to this but I know it needs to be done out of respect to the readers. I will probably wait to do this until all five books are done, but I need to do it.

I am ready, almost, to start painting some of my miniatures for TTRPG. I have a place to do it and I just need a couple of small items and I am off and running. I like miniatures for TTRPG and I even like miniature terrain to help with the imagery when playing. Some of the players in my group do not like terrain, saying that there is too much chance of knocking it over or it interfering with play. I intend to have terrain for the next campaign I run regardless. I am already planning the campaign, I have thought about starting campaigns in the past year but decided to not start the campaigns I was thinking about. However, I am torn between two different campaigns and two different systems right now. I can start preparing for each one and decide which to run as I get more involved with them. One of the two is going to interest me more and that is what I am going to finish and run.

Tomorrow I chew out, once again, the Pima County Board of Supervisors. I know that they hardly listen to me anymore but I won’t stop. Maybe I can make a difference eventually.

Tomorrow is also the monthly meeting of the Pima County Libertarian Party. Since I have not gotten an agenda for the meeting, I presume that the County Chair has been so busy with work that we are going to have to wing it again. I prefer an agenda that I can read ahead of time and use to plan. However, I am not the Chair so my wishes on this matter defer to his necessities.

I have diabetes and my blood sugar readings have been bouncing around like crazy. Part of the reason is I forget to take my medicine on occasion, usually in the evening. But there have been times when I take my medicines and my blood sugar readings are crazy. For example, for the last for days the evening reading has swung (positive or negative) almost 200 points relative to the previous day. Morning reading have been more stable but the evening readings are what have been the craziest.

April 5, 2017

April 4, 2017

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I spent a lot of time getting frustrated today. Not this morning, I attended the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting and it became hilarious. The chair of the Board is a woman but she did not attend today so the vice-chair, a man, presided. One Board member kept making his requests to “Madame Chair” out of habit. So the Board began making a joke of it. After the meeting I told the Vice-Chair that he should attend the next meeting in drag. The meeting took a long time and when I started to go to the bus company to try to straighten out my problem, I couldn’t right away as my monthly pass was void and I had to get change for the bus. Once I had the change, I went to where the headquarters was, and I had been told wrong because it was just a department of the bus company that was there. By the time I got home it was pretty much the end of the day. I sent an email to the company with my problem and I doubt I will easily get anything worthwhile back. So, I am frustrated at the government bureaucracy that runs the bus system.

Tomorrow, April 5th, is the birthday of my eldest surviving brother. Two days later, April 7th, it is the birthday of my youngest brother. They were born a year and two days apart. Thinking about them reminds me of the old Phyllis Diller joke: “The twins are nineteen and twenty-two. That is a birth I will never forget.”

The exterminator was by yesterday because of the bee problem. I looked at my backyard today when I got home and discovered a lot of dead bees and none flying around the hole in the shed wall where the cable company ran their cable into my apartment. I am going to have to sweep the dead bees up and safely dispose of them tomorrow. Dead bees can still sting if you are not careful handling them. There is a bit of a history of allergies to bees in the family so I am going to be careful.

April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

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I missed a few days again. I have to be more regular in this. Not really, but I want to be more regular in this.

Getting some slight grocery shopping done, a little at a time. I also tried to but a monthly pass for the bus and it fails. I tried Friday morning, payday for me, and it failed. I tried again today and it failed again. I have no trouble with my card anywhere else but the bus company, a government agency, is the only place it fails. And the bus company says it is the bank’s fault. I am attending the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow and once that is over, I will make sure that there is no problem with my bank and then go to the bus company headquarters and get them to fix this.

There was a bee in my apartment last night and this morning I checked to see where it could have gotten in through. The place where the cable company has a hole in the wall for the cables to enter my apartment is a hive it seems. I told the apartment manager and the bee removal company will be out sometime today. At least, that is what they said.

My church is giving hospitality to a women who has been in this country illegally for 19 years. As I remember, and I could be wrong here, there was at least one amnesty during that time. Plus, as I remember, the immigration law has a provision for someone who has settled here to go to a legal status as long as they act before INS starts to come after them. Why wait until panic stations when this could have been dealt with more humanely and effectively before now? I would hate to think that this is all showing off to demonstrate how good the people at the church are. Waiting until panic stations is not good.

I have thrown out HIGH TREASON and started over on that book. I kept one character in the book and realized after I started that keeping her would mean that she would be extremely old, older than anyone else in the story universe. So, I started over talking about her death earlier and how her son is governing the Empire. With Emperor Caroline’s death in office at an advanced age, the fears of her grandson and great-granddaughter become more real. I think it will make a better story.

I rarely watch TV anymore, my old TV broke during the 2006 Congressional elections and I waited until 2014 to replace it. Now I have a working TV but I don’t watch much of anything. There was one series that I did like, but it got cancelled last year. The series was a detective series based upon the historical friendship between Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle, it was good although not historical; the last episode had them save the life of President McKinley and the portrayal of Bram Stoker was totally off. I enjoyed it because it was well written and I could ignore the historical errors easily. And it got cancelled. So now I watch a couple of game shows and the evening news, and occasionally some old reruns. Maybe the next season will have something I can enjoy and watch from the start. I do not like dropping into the middle of a series show and not knowing what is going on. Which is why I will never watch a daytime soap opera, those have been going on for decades and I could never figure anything out as far as their plots go.


March 23, 2017

March 22, 2017

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I am not doing a good job of posting every day. I almost didn’t post today due my being so tired all day. I have done nothing all day of any significance except stay in bed. I do not know the reason I am so tired, I know I have anemia and I am taking iron pills for it but this tiredness continues on in Whatspite of the medicine.

I did something unusual yesterday, when I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting, I complemented them. They passed a resolution against the border wall and the cross-border taxes that will be used to pay for it. I am opposed to the wall as it is not going to work and thus I am especially opposed to the taxes to pay for it. Those taxes will hurt the local economy more than anyone sneaking across the border might do.

What else can I say? Talking about laying in bed is not interesting. I cannot invent events that did not happen, I want to keep this from becoming fiction. My other site is where I am posting fiction.

February 8, 2017

February 7, 2017

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Still no nuclear war, or massive round-up of dissidents or any of the other fears of the progressives. What a surprise.

I spent most of today with the Pima County Board of Supervisors. There was an item on the agenda concerning a sewer rate hike of 4% and there was a long presentation on that but the point that got most of the people attending upset was that this hearing interrupted the Call to the Audience where just about everybody spoke out against Monsanto. I understand that the sewer rate hearing had been advertised for a specific time and the Arizona law required that the hearing take place at that specific time, but there were a lot of annoyed people anyway. The Monsanto issue is that the Federal Government may declare a Free Trade Zone to the benefit of Monsanto and about 95% of the people speaking on the issue want the Pima County Board of Supervisors to declare opposition to that declaration. If the County Government does declare opposition, based upon historical precedents the Federal Government will refuse to grant the FTZ status. There are other issues with Monsanto, but one fight at a time.

I had to leave the meeting early as I was starting to get hypoglycemia. I stopped at a Thai restaurant near the County building and enjoyed the meal. Seated next to me were a couple of guys talking about Thailand and one mentioned that “Hello” in Thai was sawadee to which I commented that sawadee was indeed the proper greeting unless one was in Southern Thailand where the proper greeting was “Sawa-Howdy Y’all”. It took a second, then he got the joke. For those not familiar with the Southern USA, especially Texas, Howdy and Y’all are common expressions. He got a good laugh out of that.

I have to get back into apartment hunting tomorrow. I am getting loan companies wanting to do my VA home loan but I need something more on my credit report. It would be odd if it would be easier for me to get a house than an apartment but I begin to think that might just happen.

January 17, 2017

January 17, 2017

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Attended the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting this morning and it was a long one. A lot of people complained about Monsanto and the tax break that the County intends to give them. Monsanto, of course, will destroy the Pima County environment as they have done so many places elsewhere. Monsanto’s “safe” herbicides are killing me.

The monthly meeting of the Pima County Libertarians is tonight. I hope Scott gets the party revitalized and effective. We have a candidate for Ward 3 on the Tucson City Council and I hope ot work with his campaign and get him on the Council. The people need protection from the politicians running the city now. However, far too often, voters just look at the party affiliation of the candidate and vote party line. And the Democrats outnumber everyone else so mindless voting like that is hard to overcome.

I didn’t look for an apartment today. I get my Social Security check tomorrow and it will be too small to pay security deposit and a month’s rent. So, I intend to get a storage unit and move everything into there and get an apartment starting the first of February. I hate to impose on my friends for the extra time but I may have to.

I miss my books. Right now I cannot read any of my books except what is on my NOOK and that isn’t enough. Plus, I cannot watch any of my DVDs / Blu-Rays and I have a ton of those. So, I spend a lot of time writing, which is nice. I guess that setbacks like this one do have silver linings.

January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

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Monday afternoon. Today is a Federal Holiday here in America so just about everything is shut down.

It rained yesterday pretty much the whole day. It was wonderful. It wouldn’t be so wonderful, I guess, if I had to be out in the rain working. I did that a bit when I was on active duty. Not much because I worked with electronics and electricity and rain do not mix well. But when much younger I enjoyed walking in the rain. Not so much any more.

I am still looking for an apartment but the holiday is in the way. Oh well, tomorrow I chew out the Board of Supervisors as normal. But I intend to do some apartment hunting once that is over. Crashing with friends is not a good ting to do for a long time.

What writing I have been doing today has been just in the one story, HIGH TREASON. It is amazing to me the twists that I start writing without planning to put such in the plot. And so often, such twists improve the story I think. I am not a writer to plan out every sentence before I start writing, I just let the story flow and can get surprised by some of the twists I come up with without thinking about them.

There are a lot of web comics that I like and read. One, Accidental Centaurs, has been inactive for a long while but just posted a new page after almost a year. There have been many over the years that I have read for a time and either I dropped the comic or it quit. I dislike it when an artist quits a comic but I understand why it might happen and I do not claim the artist is a bad person for doing that. I just am disappointed that I was left hanging so to speak. I have a couple of ideas for a web comic but while I could write it, I could not draw it. I don’t think I could do a comic unless it had a planned ending. I would get burned out and the comic would suffer. A fate that I think several comics I followed suffered.

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