March 29, 2017

March 28, 2017

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Once again the VA messed over my medications. I have a prescription for simvastatin and I should have had it refilled last month but although the VA says it was sent out, I never got it. Plus another prescription, this time for insulin needles, expired because it had not been renewed at my last doctor’s appointment. This is the second prescription that has expired for that reason this year; the other was for blood glucose test strips. By and large I get good care at the VA except for my medications being messed over. Doing this required a trip to the VA hospital here is Tucson. That trip to the VA was hours spent on an issue that should not have needed it.

I have done no writing this week, as yet. I cannot get anything going on HIGH TREASON. I have less than half written, but I have hit a wall and nothing comes to me when I think about it. I have almost decided to shift to one of the other novels I have partially done and set HIGH TREASON aside for a couple of weeks. Both MAGIC IN THE MONASETRY and THE GOD’S TALE are waiting and I could start in on either for a couple of weeks. I could even start the fourteen novel series HOUSE FOURTEEN (working series title). I have other novels in my mind such as EMPTY EARTH but I am not sure I want to start on them until some of what I have already started is finished. For years I tried to get all of my writing going at the same time, each day I decided what novel I was going to work on that day; but, I stopped that as I spent more time deciding what to work on than I did writing. I do not want to start that up again, or anything similar.

The weather here is changing enough so that everything hurts. As I write this, my right arm is hurting something not quite fierce but still strong. My knees and my left ankle have been acting up all week. It hurts to change position, (to stand, to sit, to lie down, to get out of bed) but staying in one position, either standing or lying doesn’t bother me much. It is a shame that to live, especially living alone, requires moving about.


November 12, 2016

November 12, 2016

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The General Election for 2016 is over and my email inbox is a barren wasteland in comparison to what it was before Tuesday. I was getting emails from the national political parties, the state political parties, the campaigns,, and a whole bunch more.

Today I helped audit the election for Pima County. That is, the county political party chairs randomly selected certain precincts and certain batches of early ballots to hand count and compare against the machine count. We signed in at 8:30 AM and I left about 1:30 PM because I had done my share and I did not want to stay all day. I got home about 3 PM. Bus service in Tucson on the weekend is horrible. But the audit went well, few of the auditing teams had problems. There was one team for each precinct that was to be audited (10 out of about 230 precincts) and an early voting batch of 200 for about half the teams. We did not audit every political office or proposition just a randomly selected few but there had to be at least one at the Federal level, at least one at the State level and one proposition. We audited the Presidential and Senatorial offices, the Corporation Commission and one legislative district for the state level and one proposition out of two on the ballot, the one dealing with minimum wage. The precinct had about 300 ballots and the batch of early votes was 200 ballots (all early vote batches are 200 ballots). Since the Corporation Commission was select 3 out of 5 candidates and the legislative district was select 2 out of three candidates you can see where it got tedious doing the audit. There are four political parties recognized by Pima County and all four had several people present so that no one party was the sole party on any auditing team.

I am getting some writing done but now that I am getting more consistent in writing, story ideas are starting to flood in and demand attention. I have ENTRANCE EXAMINATION finished and posted on and DREADNOUGHT in the process of being posted there. I am just about finished with the draft of GENERATION UPON GENERATION and will start proofreading and chaptering it shortly, I have the basic idea for HIGH TREASON in mind and can start working on it soon plus I have a story about a person who goes back to AD 1142 and interacts with the locals there and changes history, a story about a person turned into a god and that person’s plan to invade Earth and get revenge on the people who killed him, series of fantasy books (one story spread out through fourteen books) and a few movie ideas. Plus, I am probably going to be more active politically. Anybody know how to get more than 24 hours in a day? And I didn’t even mention this blog or my YouTube videos. I didn’t work so hard when I was on active duty fixing airplanes for the USAF.


August 5, 2016

August 5, 2016

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So yesterday I posted Chapter 2 of DREADNOUGHT. I do not like transcribing anything but it is the only way I know to get anything I wrote posted on my other blog. I mean, reading off of a paper in order to write it onto a blog? To me that’s dull and boring. So I get a few paragraphs done and watch a YouTube video or two. BTW, I also post some videos on YouTube on the channel Christopher Cole. Well, one of the channels named Christopher Cole. If you are interested, some of the titles are: Initiating Violence, Why Waste Your Vote. There are others but those two, the first two I did, should get you to the right channel.

I did get some done on GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS today and I think I know where it will end finally. Normally when I write I know the beginning and the ending of the story and the middle works its way out as I write. This version of GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS is different. When I first wrote the story, before the fall of the USSR, it had a nice ending but that was ruined by the fall of the USSR. So I set it aside and worked on other stories. Well, I came back to GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS and started in on it again with a major twist and found that it wouldn’t work so I dumped it and started again. I’ve been working on the story but not knowing how it will end. But today! Today I thought of how it will end, at least the basic idea. So now I have a goal to work towards while writing this.

I used to write for about three hours a day straight. Then I’d do something else and let my brain recharge. Now, I get a little done but nowhere near three hours in one sitting, maybe in a whole day, but that will be scattered from say 8 AM to 5 PM with breaks for a whole lot of distractions. Maybe it was just that the distractions before were the sort that required a large block of time and I just plowed through my writing so that I had the free time to engage in the distraction. Now, YouTube is my major distraction and those videos are often short enough that I consider them just a rest for my eyes. Sudoku is another distraction that is usually short enough that I can rationalize playing a board before going back to my writing.

GEERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS is presently at about 26,000 words and I am shooting for around 48,000. I think that I can make it easily with the ending I thought of. HIGH TREASON should be about the same size but the last book in the series, title unknown for now, I plan on going for at least 100,000 words as it will probably be the last in the series. I have other books that I have been working on in the past and I will continue posting one or more of those as I complete them. I will probably continue this until I die; which, hopefully, will not be too soon. And when it does happen, I hope that it happens between stories so that no one is left hanging for the next chapter that never comes. I’m 66 years old so there is no guarantee there.