August 11, 2017

August 10, 2017

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This is the second week I have not posted a chapter of HIGH TREASON. It is taking a lot longer than I expected to edit and get the story ready. As I edit, I intend to add at least another 1,500 words or so just to get over the 40,000 minimum for sci-fi awards. But, as I intend to get all five books published as a unit, that might not be needed. I am going to try anyway. I like how the book came together at the end. I know how ELDER’S DILEMMA is going to end and that ending will be a suitable ending for the five book series.

It just finished raining, but it looks like it will start up again. I like it when it rains here in the desert. We can use every drop that makes it to the ground. Every drop that makes it to the ground and a lot more.

The one bad side of the rain, actually the change in the weather pattern, is that my knees hurt a lot more. It may take me three tries to stand up, because of the pain. I always end up standing up anyway, it is just that the pain of standing is something I do not want to go through, even though I have to else I would be in bed all day and never get to eat. I have to do my own meal preparation as I live alone. So, I force myself through the pain and stand up. Sitting down is not as bad, it hurts but nowhere near as bad. I am trying to walk with more movement in my knees to exercise them and get the muscles to a more normal condition. I daydream and fantasize a lot, it is how I got a lot of my story ideas, so lately I fantasize about being able to rid myself of the pains that are ever present. It doesn’t work, but it is a nice daydream.