May 2, 2017

May 1, 2017

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May Day, the international day of the worker. Never did me any good when I worked and it does me none now that I am retired.  So, I celebrated properly by ignoring it.

Did a little shopping, and quickly came close to depleting my paycheck. Once I get groceries, I am done for now. I get a second check in a couple of weeks, about half this last check, and groceries are going to be about all I get with that check. Once I build up a stockpile of groceries and get some set aside so that I can attend the Libertarian Party bi-annual convention, I will start building up some other things I want to build up such as TTRPG miniatures. I really have to start painting the ones I have now, once I get my hand back I paint pretty well. My Great-Great-Grandfather was a famous Scottish painter, not world famous, but famous. So I guess I do have some native talent that I inherited. If you are interested, he was Adam Henderson who painted portraits and seascapes. I have seen some of his seascapes and I like them, and not just because of his relationship to me. Eventually, I want to collect some of his work.

I got no writing done today, at least so far. I intend to get some done on HIGH TREASON after dinner. I know that one important factor in writing is consistency – in when one writes, how long, and where, etc. – but living alone, makes that hard. If I had someone who could do the shopping, and all the other chores that prevent me from writing, I could be consistent but I don’t so I can’t. It amazes me how I ended up 67 and alone. It seems like just yesterday that I joined the USAF (1967) and I shouldn’t be as old as I am, I shouldn’t be over maybe 25 or so. But, the years have gone by and I am 67, shortly to be 68. I have no idea what I have missed, but I wonder sometimes. Yes, I wonder sometimes.

If you could go back and somehow change your past, what would you change? That has been a thought going through my mind all day today. Not constantly, but repeatedly. Would I be better off if I did things differently, or would I be basically the same as I am now but only with different details? I do not know, but I wonder occasionally. The idea does generate some story ideas.