July 24, 2017

July 23, 2017

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The weather has been wonderful, it has been raining a lot. Yeah, in the desert we look forward to rain. If I were to move somewhere back East where rain is more normal, I wouldn’t like it probably. Although, I am weird enough that I might. The rain the other day hit so fast and so hard that walking back from a restaurant where I was having dinner soaked my shoes and socks. And that was just over a few hundred yards. I had waited until the hard part was over and the rain was just a light rain, but the standing (and flowing) water in the crosswalk, the sidewalks, and in my apartment complex was deep and not going away quickly. The sewer system in Tucson is all right for most of  the year but totally inadequate during rainstorms. It rained a little earlier today and looks like it will rain hard again this evening. I look forward to it. As long as I can stay out of the rain and runoff. The walkway right in front of my apartment, and a few on either side, has a nice deep pool of water when it rains. I try to stay indoors so I don’t have to walk through it, but if I have been away and it rained, I have to walk through it and I do not like that. Last night, after gaming with my TTRPG group, I had to walk through it once I was at the apartment complex.

At church a guy I was talking with mentioned being part of an optimist club and I made the bad joke about eye doctors. He had never heard that before. I love my bad jokes, but that one is so old I was, and still am, surprised that he had never heard it before. I love my bad jokes. I have never gotten anyone to throw something at me, although I came close once, but I have my hopes.