October 30, 2017

October 29, 2017

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Been home all day and getting nothing done. I twisted my left knee getting out of bed this morning. I put ice on it until my ice was gone and then I had the heating pad on it for most of the rest of the day. However, since I live alone, I had to get up and cook, eat, shower, and all the other functions one normally does, and every time I did something, it got my knee hurting worse. Over the course of the day my knee has been getting better, but it is still sore and I can feel it when I walk around my apartment.

Tomorrow I visit the Registrar’s Office to observe how ballots are verified. The City of Tucson has an election Tuesday, or rather that is Election Day but the City went to an all-mail system a couple of years ago. The only people voting Tuesday will be the ones who did not get a ballot in the mail, didn’t mail the ballot back in time or just refuse to vote by mail. I got my ballot three days after I was supposed to get it, and sent it in right away even though I believe that vote-by-mail increases the chance of fraud. Maybe when I see how the Registrar’s Office verifies the ballots, I might change my opinion but I doubt it. I mention this because I am hoping that my knee is good enough tomorrow that walking around as I will be doing, won’t make it feel worse like all the walking I had to do today did.

Because of my knee, I missed church today and I missed out on a TTRPG session that got moved from Friday to today. Like I said, today I moved around as little as I could, but I still had to move around too much for my comfort.

Don’t you just love it when an old man complains about his health?


August 9, 2017

August 9, 2017

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The weather has been nice, lots of rain. Rain cools down the atmosphere, often by a lot. But the change in humidity hurts my joints. So, while the weather is nice and rainy, I hurt. I hurt enough that it is hard for me to work up the energy to work on my writing. So, my editing of HIGH TREASON is going slow and working on ELDER’S DILEMMA has stopped for now. Even though I have written about a third of  the book so far, it is an easy book to write. At least, it is so far.

I am thinking of running for political office in 2020. Not the Presidency, but a local office. One of the County Board of Supervisors. I attend the Board public meetings often, and chew the Board out almost every time, and I think I can serve the people of the District better than the incumbent does. Of course I think that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t consider running. But the fact is that the District is primarily contained within the city limits of Tucson and thus gets ignored by the County a lot. The County expects the City to do everything for the residents of the District. The residents pay County Property Taxes (the highest property taxes in Arizona and in the top third of all the Counties in America) but get almost nothing in return. And one reason that the District gets ignored is that the present incumbent is a loyal partisan for one political party and his vote on the Board is taken for granted, he almost never votes against the other members of his party on the Board. As a Libertarian, I would side with both of the political parties on the Board at different times, thus my vote could not be taken for granted and that leverage could be used to improve the lot of the residents of the District.

Are there downsides to this idea? Oh yeah. Once I start to run, I can forget my TTRPG hobby. I will be attending meetings everywhere in the County talking with people on various issues. Once I am elected, that will go down some, but I will still lose most of my free time. Is it worth it? I don’t know if it will be worth it for me, but I believe it will be worth it for the residents of the District.

May 3, 2017

May 3, 2017

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This year is almost half-way gone already. Here it is the start of May and it seems like it should be March. But time never stops because of how we feel about it.

I haven’t got much written on HIGH TREASON so far this week. I have hit one more roadblock. I will get an idea and start on it only to discover that I don’t know what I am going to do with it. I have thrown away so many pages because what I thought was a good idea turned out to be a dead end; but, some of them have turned out to be something I am glad I tried. So, with what I am working on, I have high hopes.

A few years ago I broke my right arm and it has never healed properly. Now, the break and the area in my shoulder where the rod was put in by the surgeon are in quite a lot of pain. I have so much general pain that it is ridiculous. I injured my back in 1985, my knees over the course of my active duty career and my ankle at some unknown time. All of these, in addition to my shoulder and upper arm, hurt a great deal of the time. How I long for the days when I was healthy and whole. While I am at it, carefree would also be nice. However, I can only make my characters healthy and carefree. Actually, Jesip Dwight Roger Allen Elder, the main character in the novels I am posting on my other site is not carefree but he is healthy.

I have a Nook e-reader and it is broken. I can charge it up but when I turn it on, it freezes and I can do nothing with it until it completely discharges. I can then recharge it, but then the cycle starts again. I am going to have to get a new one real soon. I have a lot of books on that device that I like reading. Technology is great, until it isn’t.

April 18, 2017

April 17, 2017

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I decided that I need to go back through all the books I have written on Elder and make sure I have everyone detailed enough so that readers can picture the people; I know I never described Elder’s wife Constance. I am not looking forward to this but I know it needs to be done out of respect to the readers. I will probably wait to do this until all five books are done, but I need to do it.

I am ready, almost, to start painting some of my miniatures for TTRPG. I have a place to do it and I just need a couple of small items and I am off and running. I like miniatures for TTRPG and I even like miniature terrain to help with the imagery when playing. Some of the players in my group do not like terrain, saying that there is too much chance of knocking it over or it interfering with play. I intend to have terrain for the next campaign I run regardless. I am already planning the campaign, I have thought about starting campaigns in the past year but decided to not start the campaigns I was thinking about. However, I am torn between two different campaigns and two different systems right now. I can start preparing for each one and decide which to run as I get more involved with them. One of the two is going to interest me more and that is what I am going to finish and run.

Tomorrow I chew out, once again, the Pima County Board of Supervisors. I know that they hardly listen to me anymore but I won’t stop. Maybe I can make a difference eventually.

Tomorrow is also the monthly meeting of the Pima County Libertarian Party. Since I have not gotten an agenda for the meeting, I presume that the County Chair has been so busy with work that we are going to have to wing it again. I prefer an agenda that I can read ahead of time and use to plan. However, I am not the Chair so my wishes on this matter defer to his necessities.

I have diabetes and my blood sugar readings have been bouncing around like crazy. Part of the reason is I forget to take my medicine on occasion, usually in the evening. But there have been times when I take my medicines and my blood sugar readings are crazy. For example, for the last for days the evening reading has swung (positive or negative) almost 200 points relative to the previous day. Morning reading have been more stable but the evening readings are what have been the craziest.

April 17, 2017

April 16, 2017

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Happy Easter to all Christians and to all Jews I hope you enjoy your Passover.

In the words of Lilly Von Stupp, from BLAZING SADDLES, “Everything below the waist is kaput.” I have been using that line a lot lately. My knees hurt almost constantly, my left hip hurts often and my left ankle hurts almost constantly. I think it is the left ankle, and the way I walk because of it, that is causing my left hip to hurt. My right shoulder hurts as well, almost 4 years ago I fell and broke the bone in my upper arm and I had surgery to place a rod to hold it together. My shoulder has never healed right after that surgery. So it hurts. I sound like an old man don’t I. Well, I am old, I am 67 years old and from my years of military service, a lot of it working on various aircraft while kneeling on concrete, I have a lot of problems.

Now because of my hurts, especially my knees, church can be a pain. I am an Episcopalian, that is the Church of England here in America, and we do a lot of pew aerobics: Stand, Sit, Kneel. Bad knees mean I take a bit of extra time to do that and I complain about the pain but I do not let the pain stop me. I enjoyed the Easter service. Next Sunday the Bishop is visiting. That should be enjoyable as well, he is a good bishop. When the last Bishop of Arizona was getting ready to retire, a search took place to select the new bishop. The diocese selects the bishop in the Episcopal Church, unlike the Romans where the Pope makes the selection. I took part and of the finalists, I am glad we got the one we got. Bishop Smith is a good one. I look forward to his visits.

I really need to visit my parents graves, I haven’t done that in a long time. The church where they are buried did not set up the burial yard right and the grave markers have wandered a lot. The graves are for cremated remains not full bodies so there isn’t much in the plots to hold the markers in place. The newer section is planned better but my parents are in the original section and it is hard to find them. I want to take a rag and some Brasso so I can clean the marker for them, the church is supposed to do it, I set up a fund to care for their graves in perpetuity but the money never got set up and so the graves are neglected. So, I do not like going there and having to hunt for them. If I went more often I wouldn’t have to hunt so hard but I never think about that until too late.

March 29, 2017

March 28, 2017

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Once again the VA messed over my medications. I have a prescription for simvastatin and I should have had it refilled last month but although the VA says it was sent out, I never got it. Plus another prescription, this time for insulin needles, expired because it had not been renewed at my last doctor’s appointment. This is the second prescription that has expired for that reason this year; the other was for blood glucose test strips. By and large I get good care at the VA except for my medications being messed over. Doing this required a trip to the VA hospital here is Tucson. That trip to the VA was hours spent on an issue that should not have needed it.

I have done no writing this week, as yet. I cannot get anything going on HIGH TREASON. I have less than half written, but I have hit a wall and nothing comes to me when I think about it. I have almost decided to shift to one of the other novels I have partially done and set HIGH TREASON aside for a couple of weeks. Both MAGIC IN THE MONASETRY and THE GOD’S TALE are waiting and I could start in on either for a couple of weeks. I could even start the fourteen novel series HOUSE FOURTEEN (working series title). I have other novels in my mind such as EMPTY EARTH but I am not sure I want to start on them until some of what I have already started is finished. For years I tried to get all of my writing going at the same time, each day I decided what novel I was going to work on that day; but, I stopped that as I spent more time deciding what to work on than I did writing. I do not want to start that up again, or anything similar.

The weather here is changing enough so that everything hurts. As I write this, my right arm is hurting something not quite fierce but still strong. My knees and my left ankle have been acting up all week. It hurts to change position, (to stand, to sit, to lie down, to get out of bed) but staying in one position, either standing or lying doesn’t bother me much. It is a shame that to live, especially living alone, requires moving about.

March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017

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Posting on a Sunday because there is no TTRPG today. The person who would be running it is attending a memorial service for his grandmother who died just a few days ago. I never met her so I cannot say anything else about her.

I cracked about feeling like Lilly Von Stupp in BLAZING SADDLES quite a few times this morning – you know, the line she says at the end of her song, “Everything below the waist is kaput.” I do feel that way a bit as everything, the joints at least, below the waist hurts. Sitting down or standing up hurts, walking hurts, even standing hurts after a short while. What doesn’t hurt is sitting, once I am down, or laying, again once I am down.

Just a few more things to buy to be comfortable in my apartment, I don’t need a lot. I have to start saving for travelling to the Libertarian Party National Convention next year. It will be held in New Orleans which should be easy to get to and the convention should be interesting.

I am ready to do another YouTube video, I have what I am going to say down and I just need to record and post it. So many things I need to do and I get so few of them done on time. I just procrastinate too much.

March 23, 2017

March 22, 2017

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I am not doing a good job of posting every day. I almost didn’t post today due my being so tired all day. I have done nothing all day of any significance except stay in bed. I do not know the reason I am so tired, I know I have anemia and I am taking iron pills for it but this tiredness continues on in Whatspite of the medicine.

I did something unusual yesterday, when I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting, I complemented them. They passed a resolution against the border wall and the cross-border taxes that will be used to pay for it. I am opposed to the wall as it is not going to work and thus I am especially opposed to the taxes to pay for it. Those taxes will hurt the local economy more than anyone sneaking across the border might do.

What else can I say? Talking about laying in bed is not interesting. I cannot invent events that did not happen, I want to keep this from becoming fiction. My other site is where I am posting fiction.

March 19, 2017

March 19, 2017

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So it has been a few days since I posted last. Sorry, I’ve been sick with the crud. I could say more but I don’t want anyone reading this upchucking from the description of what I have been upchucking and expelling out the other end.

Summer is coming. Here in Arizona we have five seasons: 1) Winter 2) Spring 3) Fire 4) Rain 5) Autumn. Of those, Autumn is my favorite. Winter follows Autumn and I can wear more to combat the cold than I can take off to combat the heat. But Spring is a nice season also, in spite of what is coming.

I have had bees in my apartment, not a hive but just a couple of individual bees. They are dead now, and I never got stung. Which is good because I heard, and saw, them at night as I was trying to get to sleep.

I am still unpacking stuff even though I have been here a month or more. I am sorting out TTRPG miniatures now and getting them ready to paint. A nice thing about this apartment is that I have a backyard and do not have to bother people when I paint miniatures. I do have to get some outdoor furniture though, but that shouldn’t be a problem, just a table and a chair or two.

One nice thing about this complex, which I have mentioned before, is that packages can be left with the front office; but the bad thing relating to that, which I have mentioned before, is that I rarely get notified about packages nor do most of the delivery services try the apartment first before leaving a package at the office. I mention this because a delivery service actually did just that today, knocked at my door and delivered a package here. Since the office is closed on Sunday, they had to or else come back tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to go pick up a package at the office that I discovered was there only by accident and too late to get yesterday.

I have to start posting GENERATION UPON GENERATION this Thursday. I have missed two weeks and shouldn’t miss a third. I do wish people would read and comment on my novels, I want the feedback in order to improve my writing.

January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017

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My Apartment complex has a laundry room and for most of today I have been resident there getting a huge amount of laundry done. I have to start doing laundry more often.

Another thing about my complex, it is old. I can tell this by the fact that there are too few electrical outlets in the kitchen. I don’t know when it was built, but late 1950s or early 1960s would be my guess. Right now there are four outlets in the kitchen itself and I am using six of them. Luckily I don’t use them all at once. One outlet pair gets only one outlet used as it is now behind the countertop dishwasher and I can no longer access the other outlet. That leaves the other outlet pair and I have a three outlet adapter in each plug there and use five of them. I am not counting the outlet pair behind the refrigerator as it is unreachable even at the best of time due to the refrigerator blocking it. Electrical appliances are taking over our world. I’m not even going to talk about, at least not yet, about all the other electrical devices I own and use and how they use up all my outlets and more everywhere else in my apartment. And, I do want to get a few more appliances such as a clothes press so I don’t have to use a steam iron or take my clothes to a dry cleaners.

My health continues to get worse without my feeling worse because of it. Very soon I am going to have to undergo another colonoscopy due to various problem discovered recently. In addition I am now taking more pills. I am 67 years old and wish my health was better. Very little of what is wrong with me actually makes me feel bad, except when I think about it. Anybody want to trade physical bodies with me?

Cleaning out fifty years of accumulated “stuff” is hard but needs to get done. I have books that I haven’t read in probably over thirty years and a few that I have read to destruction. I have mentioned that I want to get down to about 2000 books and maybe fewer. Stuff accumulates at a rate that I don’t note nor pay much attention to. I am sure it is similar for everyone else. Thoreau railed against “stuff” and pointed out that “stuff” owns us, not we it. And I begin to think he is right. I have clothes that I will never wear again, clothes that I cannot fit into and probably will never be able to fit into, and yet, there they hang in my closet. Half or more of my closet is taken up by clothes I will never wear again. Two-thirds of my bookshelves are filled with books I need to get rid of. I have old, and broken, computers and printers that need to go. I have “stuff” and it is hard to eliminate the “stuff” I do not need or use.

There is a new TV program tonight, the start of a series, that looks interesting. The last new TV series that I found interesting only lasted one season but if I find this one interesting I hope it lasts. I have a stair-stepper placed so that if I watch TV I can exercise while doing so. I need the exercise. I weigh about 265 pounds (120 Kg) (19 Stone) and I need to get down to around 180-200 pounds. Two point two pounds per Kg and fourteen pounds per Stone as I remember it. Why do the British use the Stone measurement anyway? Other than it sounds exotic.

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