April 22, 2018

April 22, 2018

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One of these days I am going to have to set up a debate with the Rector of my parish about his belief that everyone goes to Heaven. Several years ago, two members of the parish (neither is with the parish now) had that debate and I decided to investigate the idea on my own. In October 1964 my father told me: Unless you honestly investigate both sides of an issue; you don’t have an opinion, you are a parrot. I investigated both sides of the issue and came to a conclusion. Since I would be debating someone who believes that everyone goes to Heaven, obviously I don’t. Maybe I will do an entire post here on the subject.

I had a low blood sugar event last night. And because I ate something at about 2AM, I didn’t feel the need to eat before going to church this morning. And, as a result, I forgot to take my morning medicines. I have got to stop doing that, forgetting like that. I expect that, when I test my blood sugar this evening, it will be extremely high. I have to keep on my medicine schedule. Missing like that has got to stop.


April 21, 2018

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I spent all day today without my cane. I use the cane to catch myself if I trip; and I normally trip because of a stiff left ankle. There is nothing wrong with the ankle, according to the VA doctors, but it is just stiff. And because it is stiff, my toes on that foot drag. So, I trip and often on level ground without any protrusions or similar. However, today I was in a hurry and forgot my cane until it was too late to get it and get to where I was going in time. I am lucky I didn’t trip and break something. I do walk around my apartment without it, and often for short distances in the apartment complex; but, the longer I walk, the more likely it will be for me to trip. I broke my right arm, badly, a few years ago because of tripping and I am still scared of repeating. When I broke my arm, I was in the hospital and a recovery institution for almost two months. I do not want to repeat that. My arm never healed properly and it hurts a bit on occasion, especially when the weather changes.

I think I am finally gaining on the bee problem in my backyard. I haven’t seen bees for a few days, but that could just be because I went out to check at dusk. I am still working to make sure that another bee hive does not get established in my backyard.

April 7, 2018

April 6, 2018

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I spent a good chunk of the day down at the VA. My appointment was for 10:30 and it was around 11 that I got called in. An hour with the pharmacist, and it took an hour because he kept repeating himself, it seemed like he was nervous or something. Anyway, I dashed to the canteen to grab a bite to eat, to avoid hypoglycemia, and then I checked on a prescription for diabetic shoes I should have gotten at the end of January but they were out of my size, I wear a size 15 (American measurement, I don’t know what that would be European), and had to order some. The order was not made until this month. Bureaucracy at its finest. I then when to schedule an appoint with the eye doctor, I got one and it is quick – something is wrong. Then I picked up my new insulin prescription. I walked from the front to the back of the VA Medical Center, then back to the front, then off to the side, then to the back again. I got my exercise for the day.

Needless to say, I got no writing done today. I did get a couple of other chores done, but no writing. With the way I have felt, and still feel to a smaller degree, this has been a totally unproductive week. I still feel sick, just nowhere near as bad as earlier this week. Maybe I am finally coming out of whatever it is that has been going around this winter, and stopping by to plague me several times. I miss the days when I was healthy and never got sick.

April 4, 2018

April 4, 2018

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I haven’t squat all today. I have been sick again all week. Normally I have pretty good health, but this winter has seen that go west. All day today, except for when I went out for cold medicine, I have stayed in bed and suffered. There is so much that I need to do, and whatever it is that has hit me again, has drained the energy from me and I just lay in bed.

I do not like complaining about my health, that is for old folks. So, I guess I am old then.

March 5, 2018

March 4, 2018

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Today is the first day that I have not felt ill all day in quite a while. I ignore aches and so forth as those are, for me, always present. As an example, a couple of years ago I was wearing a pair of shoes with soft soles. I began feeling something but could only find a pebble in the sole of my shoe, nothing inside or in the sole other than that pebble. Finally, I pulled the pebble out and discovered that it was huge. The thickness of the soft sole hid the largest portion of the rock. To this day, even though the doctor can find nothing wrong with that foot, I will have aches and pains where that rock pressed into the sole of my foot as opposed to the sole of my shoe. My back still hurts from an injury dating back to 1984, my knees have been hurting for 40+ years, one ankle is freezing up causing me to trip a lot and that started a few years ago and finally, when I broke my arm in 1013 the doctors installed a pin in the arm where the break is; and the shoulder where they went through to install the pin and the broken area itself have never healed properly. Looking at that list, I sound like an old man, don’t I? And I didn’t even mention the various diseases I have been suffering through this last month or two.

I am in true to my heritage. I was watching a college basketball game today and it did not interest me. I turned it off before the first quarter ended. And it was Purdue playing, my Father’s university. I don’t know why, but the game just was not interesting.

I am still working on ELDER’S DILEMMA when I can. Tonight I will work on it some more; I will not watch the Oscars. Just a bunch of overpaid whinnies congratulating themselves for nothing. I watch movies, but almost never go out to a theater. I collect DVDs or Blu-Rays and watch at home. I don’t have to deal with people chattering in the theater nor pay a lot to watch a movie. I buy the video and watch whenever I want.


February 25, 2018

February 25, 2018

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Still sick today. Not as bad but I still feel way under the weather. In the last year or so, I have been sick more often, longer and, with the one time I got mono back in 1970, harder than the rest of my life combined I think. I hate this. I felt horrible all day and I cannot do anything to get rid of that feeling, it seems. I know i am getting old, but come on, the rest of my life should not be like this. I have things to do.

I did do some writing on the dragon story and some editing on ELDER’S DILEMMA. But, not a lot because of how I feel.

So, not a lot to say today and I hope that this is the end of my feeling sick for a long time.

February 24, 2018

February 24, 2018

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Sick again. I have been sick more times and for longer, I think, this last year than the entire rest of my life combined. I know I am getting old, and I know I have some chronic problems but this is getting ridiculous.

I did do some writing today, but not much. Nothing on ELDER’S DILEMMA but a new book. One I started years ago but lost when my computer of the time crashed. I had a few thousand words done on it back then but today I got just a few hundred. What I wrote today was similar to what I started back then, but not the same. That is a problem with my writing, I have too many stories to tell. It is just too hard for me to concentrate on one long enough to finish it. I have several stories, novels, that I have started over the years, and I have finished, more or less, five. I have so many that I have started, and abandoned either deliberately or inadvertently, that I cannot remember. I remember one that I started and lost during my time on active duty that concerned how telepathy would drive someone insane, but I cannot remember any more of it than that. Maybe I will go back and start it over one day, along with all the others that need to be started over.

Once this post is done, I intend to get back to editing ELDER’S DILEMMA. I should have the discipline to get my writing done without darting off to another project. Maybe I can get it edited and chaptered, and combined with the other four in the series soon enough to start pushing it. Becoming published would be nice, but I write because I am a writer. Published is nice but not necessary to being a writer. A writer writes, a published novelist comes out of that but one can be a writer without being published.

February 19, 2018

February 19, 2018

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I just finished ELDER’S DILEMMA. Well, I finished the basic writing, I now just have to edit it and chapter it. I want to combine all the books on Elder into one file and push the combined set rather than each one individually. But I haven’t decided on that as a finished idea. I may still go with the individual books and see where that goes.

The weather is a bit cold and definitely windy. But, working inside, the weather does not bother me. I have to get ready for tomorrow when I chew out the Board of Supervisors and conduct the monthly Libertarian Party meeting. Presuming that the cough I have picked up is not something that I should worry about.

This flu season is horrible here in Pima County. I was sick for so long, and now it may be returning. I hate being sick. I have health problems but that is different. Those either do not make me feel bad, or just make me ache as I stand up or sit down. Being sick, like with the flu, is something I can do without. Forever.

February 18, 2018

February 17, 2018

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It has been a busy day today. Libertarian Party business in the morning and after a quick lunch, TTRPG all afternoon. I didn’t do a lot of different things, but the day was full.

I am in three TTRPG campaigns, all based on the D&D (D20) system. Two are based on the STAR WARS universe and the third is a horror-style campaign. The one I played today was the only one of the three that I can say that I like to any great degree. I have been playing D&D, in various forms, since 1977 and I am tired of it. I like the original six STAR WARS movies, but I will not go see any of the later ones. I read THE LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBITT and, in a similar manner, would not read any follow-up books. I read the original LENSMAN series and I have read the continuation and do not like the continuation. Most book series’ have a definite end and should never be continued on after that end. Continuing on destroys the series for me, at least as a general rule. And the STAR WARS TTRPG ruins the ending f the original six movies as far as I am concerned. But, I play in these campaigns primarily for the companionship of those I play with.

I cough just a little bit anymore, sneezing and a runny nose are gone – for the most part. It is so nice to be over whatever it was that I had. But, I doubt anyone else is interested in my health, especially now that it is back to normal, more or less.

February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018

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It has been raining all day. Nothing hard, just a drizzle but welcome. Light rain soaks into the ground and restores the aquafer more than a heavy rain does which is why I like it better.

So, all day I have been working on ELDER’S DILEMMA. It is so close to being done that I am starting to look forward to my next project, probably MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. If I had a magic ring or a Djinn Lamp that gave me three wishes, one of the wishes would probably be that all the stories that I have not finished in all my past writings, would get done now so I can concentrate on new stories. But such magic does not exist. It is nice to dream about once in a while but reality intrudes. So, I am paying the price for being lazy about my writing earlier in my life. I could be a writing star now. Or, at least I could brag about being published. Posting my stories on this or my other blog has done nothing. I need to get really published.

I need to get rid of a bunch of weight, so today I started what I hope becomes a life-long habit of weighing my food. For lunch I had 300 grams of a Hamburger Helper mix. I plan to do the same tonight. I weigh about 240 pounds and want to get below 210. I used to weigh as much as 280 at my heaviest and when I was on active duty, I weighed 220 for a long time. Maybe I will lose the diabetes, or at least it won’t be so bad, if I can get my weight down enough. I do not talk about losing weight as a dietitian once told me to never think about losing weight because when you lose something you want it back. So, I think about getting rid of the weight instead. It seems to help.

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