April 17, 2017

April 16, 2017

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Happy Easter to all Christians and to all Jews I hope you enjoy your Passover.

In the words of Lilly Von Stupp, from BLAZING SADDLES, “Everything below the waist is kaput.” I have been using that line a lot lately. My knees hurt almost constantly, my left hip hurts often and my left ankle hurts almost constantly. I think it is the left ankle, and the way I walk because of it, that is causing my left hip to hurt. My right shoulder hurts as well, almost 4 years ago I fell and broke the bone in my upper arm and I had surgery to place a rod to hold it together. My shoulder has never healed right after that surgery. So it hurts. I sound like an old man don’t I. Well, I am old, I am 67 years old and from my years of military service, a lot of it working on various aircraft while kneeling on concrete, I have a lot of problems.

Now because of my hurts, especially my knees, church can be a pain. I am an Episcopalian, that is the Church of England here in America, and we do a lot of pew aerobics: Stand, Sit, Kneel. Bad knees mean I take a bit of extra time to do that and I complain about the pain but I do not let the pain stop me. I enjoyed the Easter service. Next Sunday the Bishop is visiting. That should be enjoyable as well, he is a good bishop. When the last Bishop of Arizona was getting ready to retire, a search took place to select the new bishop. The diocese selects the bishop in the Episcopal Church, unlike the Romans where the Pope makes the selection. I took part and of the finalists, I am glad we got the one we got. Bishop Smith is a good one. I look forward to his visits.

I really need to visit my parents graves, I haven’t done that in a long time. The church where they are buried did not set up the burial yard right and the grave markers have wandered a lot. The graves are for cremated remains not full bodies so there isn’t much in the plots to hold the markers in place. The newer section is planned better but my parents are in the original section and it is hard to find them. I want to take a rag and some Brasso so I can clean the marker for them, the church is supposed to do it, I set up a fund to care for their graves in perpetuity but the money never got set up and so the graves are neglected. So, I do not like going there and having to hunt for them. If I went more often I wouldn’t have to hunt so hard but I never think about that until too late.


March 28, 2016

Easter, 2016

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He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Years ago, I forget exactly when, it snowed on Easter Sunday here in Tucson – and Easter that year was in mid-April. It didn’t snow today, the weather was beautiful. I enjoyed the service and the event as much as I ever have. One of the hymns was “I am the Bread of Life” and that is one of my favorites. After the service there was fun and games for the children (of all ages) and enjoyable conversation for me.

I now have five chapters of ENTRANCE EXAMINATION up on my other site – christophercolesite.wordpress.com – and I should have DREADNAUGHT chaptered and proof-read by the end of this week so once I finish ENTRANCE EXAMINATION I can start posting DREADNAUGHT. By the time that is finished I should have GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS ready. After that, I hope that I have the rest of the space novels finished and can get back to MAGIC IN THE MONASTARY and THE FOURTEENTH HOUSE and a novel I started years ago and lost when my computer crashed about someone who gets what is basically absolute power. Absolute power would get boring after a while, once you have done everything what is there to do? I have some ideas about that novel but as you can tell from earlier in this paragraph, I have a lot to do before then.

I had a lot of problems last week, I live in an apartment complex and some of the families “downstream” of me do not understand that pouring grease and other such gunk down the drain is a bad idea. It too a while for the plumber to clear all the clogs and until then I spent most of my time mopping the water in the bathroom. I still have some cleaning to do but at least the drain doesn’t back up just as soon as I am almost finished mopping.

I really want to attend the Libertarian Party National Convention at the end of May but I cannot afford to do so. Maybe I should start a Go Fund Me campaign and see if I can raise enough money that way. But if I can’t then how do I return the money to the donors? I am going to have to look at the Go Fund Me site and see how that works. I don’t want to raise money and abuse the system. I want to be honest and ethical about this, if I do it.

I am not going to list prayers today, you can if you wish either go to Grace-St. Paul’s website or just reuse what I posted last week. And the reason I am not going to post prayers today is that I feel today is too happy an occasion to be gloomy in prayers. The pain and suffering still exists so I won’t complain if you do pray for the prayer list, I just don’t feel ready for the downer. And, yes, I have in the past posted the prayer list and might in the future as well. It is just today I do not feel like it. This does not mean the need has gone away.