March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018

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I finally got my computer back. No problems were solved by the repair shop, but they did tell me what to do. If they had done the work, it would have cost me a lot. As it is, it cost me $50 for them to diagnose any problems. Telling me what to do was free, I guess.

My refrigerator conked out, twice in three days. The management of this apartment complex has been nicer than my old one for maintenance and replacing broken appliances. It costs more to live here, but I prefer it to my old place. The only problem I have is the noise of the sirens and helicopters going to the hospital just a block away. Especially since the helicopters fly low, right over my building as they land and leave.

I have been running around these past few days, trying to get stuff done. I got most of what I wanted to do done but since I was travelling around town, anything I wanted to get done at home got set aside.

I think I mentioned that I am active in the Libertarian Party. I am, in fact, the Pima County Chair. There is a person who wants to run for Federal office but I am having a hard time getting co-operation to get him on the ballot. I doubt that it is intentional, just poor management skills.


March 30, 2017

March 29, 2017

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I did not leave my apartment today except to check mail, do a bit of laundry, and get some soda. All day I have just sat around and tried to work past the roadblock I have on HIGH TREASON and failed. I know where I want the story to go, but it is the next page that is the killer. I forget which writer is credited with saying “Writing is staring at a blank sheet of paper until you sweat blood.” or something similar. I am horrible with quotes. Except the two sayings my Father taught me: 1) Unless you honestly look at both sides of an issue, you don’t have an opinion, you are a parrot; and 2) If your refrigerator is broken, changing the tires on your car won’t fix it. My Father was a wise man.

The manager of my apartment complex is coming by tomorrow to check the apartment for needed preventative maintenance and I am still, after all these weeks, unpacking and putting stuff away. Living alone slows down a lot of stuff I need to do because there is always too much stuff that needs to get done and that slows everything down. Plus, I am, for some reason, worried that I am going to have a serious hypoglycemia attack tomorrow morning. Why, I do not know. I have never felt this way before, hypoglycemia has always surprised me and hit me without warning or premonition.

My main computer is five years old and the hard drive is starting to make noise when starting up. So, even though I do not like the idea, I am going to have to get the latest version of Microsoft Office and install it on my secondary computer and then transfer all my files to that computer, which will become my primary computer. I have tried, in the past, to transfer files and use Open Office but the files get corrupted too often so that is now off the table forever. Office 2016 cost about $115+ and I will have to wait on other purchases to pay for this.


December 12, 2016

3rd Sunday in Advent 2016

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I have two working computers, one much older than this one I am using now and it is that old one the I am going to complain about. It is wearing out and I cannot afford to buy a new one just now. Plus, I have Microsoft Word 2013 on that computer which I use for all my writing. This computer does not have Microsoft Word, any version, and what little writing I do on this computer is done with Open Office. But the old computer has a broken CD drive, the keyboard skips and now I think the modem is shot. I cannot get a network connection on that computer. I may have to limit my use of that computer to just writing and use this one for everything else.

I carried the American Flag at church this morning in commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day. The shoes I wear for what is essentially my VFW uniform are just not a perfect fit but with my feet I don’t think I have had a perfect fit since before I was a teenager. I was glad to get them off after I got home. Then I got with friends and played a TTRPG, which normally would have been played yesterday but to accommodate one player was moved to today. We will be playing on Sunday for three or four months then back to Saturday. I am playing in three campaigns and three different game systems. Well, two are versions of the same system but those two are enough different to count as different systems.

Also at church today was a bake sale for refugees. I am broke so I wasn’t able to buy anything. Couldn’t buy coffee either. The coffee sold at church is Fair Trade coffee and I think it is superior to the coffee sold in stores. I have been drinking coffee since I was a little child. Come to think of it, I have been drinking beer for just about as long. Hard liquor is more recent and I don’t drink it as much. But for hard liquor I have only one drink – The Glen Levitt single malt Scotch. When I decided to change from Bourbon to Scotch I tried blended and did not like it. I tried single malt and liked Glen Levitt quite a lot. I have tried other single malts, notably Glen Fiddich, but always go back to Glen Levitt. When I do buy a bottle, I drink it over the course of a month. My nose does not work right and so I smell very few things and of those few, I do not like most. Glen Levitt I can smell and I like. I will set a glass next to my computer as I work and sip it for hours while enjoying the smell and taste.

The weather was nice today. Warm for winter but not too much. The night last night was chilly and tonight it is going to be chilly again. Chilly nights I can handle but real hard cold, forget it.