July 1, 2018

July 1, 2018

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Brand new month, never been used before.

Since Independence Day and July 4th fall on the same day this year, my church did a little celebrating. The Vestry held Sunday Sundae for the parishioners and I carried the flag for the service. Since it was also a Sunday that I was scheduled to be an usher, it got a bit busy for me.

For some reason, my shoes pinched the little toe of each foot so I took them off when I got home. My feet are still a bit sore, maybe my feet have grown again. When I was a teenager, my feet were size 13. I was in my forties when they expanded to 13 1/2 and now they are size 15. Being diabetic, I have to be careful of my feet, too much could go wrong and I could lose them. That would be one way to get rid of some wright but not one I want to take. I still wear a pad on the heel of my left foot where the shoe rubs and I do not want troubles with my toes. If I ever got a magical WISH, I would wish for good health. Other wishes, as available, would follow. I am tired of feeling bad and worrying about my health. However, such magical wishes do not exist. Which is a shame in some ways and a blessing in others. What would you wish for and what evil would result?

It is the hot season here in Tucson, and I have air conditioning for my apartment. But, I do not run it all the time. I set the temperature to a very low temperature on the thermostat and turn the air conditioner on when the inside temperature reaches a certain high number. I then run it until it reaches a very low number and turn it off. Air conditioners operate at only two speeds – on and off. But, every time the air conditioner turns on it has to overcome the inertia of the compressor to start up Doing it the way I do, the compressor starts up just once in an hour or so. If I kept it on, and set at a higher temperature, during the same hour the compressor would start up more than once and thus cost me more in electric costs. And the local electric company charges a much higher rate during the summer. I paid $100 for the last months bill, and I am in a small apartment. If I lived in a house, I would have a portable air conditioner and cool just one room, the one I would stay in for most of the time, and let the rest of the place heat up. Not to save energy, except as a by-product, but to avoid the expense of a high utility bill. I don’t have that much of an income, I cannot afford to spend a lot.

And, speaking of my income, I did a check on my income and outgo. As a military retiree and a Social Security recipient, I get a cost of living adjustment every year. Not a lot but something. My rent increase this year ate up my entire COLA and the cost of everything else is lowering my standard of living; and the Medicare premium increase wiped out the COLA increase that should have happened with my Social Security payment. I don’t have it as bas as those who get no COLA but it still is annoying. A bad side effect of living longer than I expected to live.



April 22, 2018

April 22, 2018

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One of these days I am going to have to set up a debate with the Rector of my parish about his belief that everyone goes to Heaven. Several years ago, two members of the parish (neither is with the parish now) had that debate and I decided to investigate the idea on my own. In October 1964 my father told me: Unless you honestly investigate both sides of an issue; you don’t have an opinion, you are a parrot. I investigated both sides of the issue and came to a conclusion. Since I would be debating someone who believes that everyone goes to Heaven, obviously I don’t. Maybe I will do an entire post here on the subject.

I had a low blood sugar event last night. And because I ate something at about 2AM, I didn’t feel the need to eat before going to church this morning. And, as a result, I forgot to take my morning medicines. I have got to stop doing that, forgetting like that. I expect that, when I test my blood sugar this evening, it will be extremely high. I have to keep on my medicine schedule. Missing like that has got to stop.

April 16, 2018

April 15, 2018

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Church this morning and chores this afternoon. I did get some writing done, a little bit on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY and a little bit on MURDER AND MAGIC. Nothing on ELDER’S DILEMMA but I keep looking at the printout that I am editing, albeit sporadically, and decide to get back to it, just after this other chore that needs doing. Tomorrow I am dedicating to writing. I intend to finish the editing and get ELDER’S DILEMMA finished. Maybe even go over the other four books in the series and make sure that they are ready.

It is going to be a busy week. Tuesday I chew out the County Government for its wrongdoing and then there is the business meeting of the County Libertarian Party, Wednesday is paying bills and then the “Meet and Greet” that night, Thursday is the VFW and Friday is the Election Integrity Commission. Saturday, of course is TTRPG.  I have to draw up the agenda for the Tuesday evening meeting and get it out. Probably tomorrow.

I have been paying attention to the news, at all levels, and I do not like what I read. I read a lot of my news in what I call “aggregate news sites” where the site collects news from many different sources. My father, back in 1964, taught me “Unless you honestly look at both sides of an issue, you do not have an opinion – you are a parrot” and, although it took several years for me to see the wisdom of that statement, I try to follow it now. And, the news is disturbing, at the very least. We have no business involving ourselves in the civil war in Syria and we do not need to defend all the rich countries we do now. And yet, recent Presidents have increasingly involved this country where we can do no good. I am discouraged and afraid of what is going to happen.

April 8, 2018

April 8, 2018

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The Sunday after Easter, Low Sunday; so called because the clergy and choir of an Episcopal parish are worn out after Easter and the week before, so noting much happens while they recover. I was an Usher today and the size of the congregation was much larger than I expected. Larger, for the most part, because there was a larger group of visitors from around the area visiting Tucson for a Arts Retreat and they visited our church. At least, I think that was what the visitors were, I couldn’t hear the announcement very well since I was working as an Usher. The total number of people attending was almost up to a regular Sunday, and that was without the choir which would have added another 20-30 people to the total.

I have pretty much stopped watching television. There are a couple of shows that I watch, game shows, and right now that is it. I was getting interested in the new version of MYTHBUSTERS but it seems to be on hiatus or something. I miss the old MYTHBUSTERS as I enjoyed the interplay between Adam and Jamie but the new pair are almost as good in that regard and they do entertain when testing myths or other such. There are a few other shows that intrigue me, but not enough for me to record them for watching later. Maybe I will start recording them just to see if an entire show is as interesting as the snippets I catch now.

March 25, 2018

March 25, 2018

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Palm Sunday.

The rector of my church is probably the reason that I will be leaving that congregation. I am getting tired of his bigotry. I had to remind myself that the sacrament of Communion comes from God and not the priest as I went to the altar rail. Years ago, I think 1975 or 1976, I got so upset at another Episcopal priest that I did refuse to take Communion from him. And this was Christmas Eve Midnight Mass. I was attending with my father and, since I was on active duty at the time, I wore my best uniform. So, I sat in the pew and tried to stop being angry. Different priest, same bigotry.

I am listening to Beethoven as I write this. I enjoy symphony music. Some day soon I should attend a live symphony concert. I did attend a concert of the Oak Ridge Boys years ago, and years before that a Black Watch show, but I haven’t attended a symphony concert.

I need to learn to cook, frozen dinners are just getting boring. Tomorrow I need to do some more grocery shopping and start in on beef stews and other slow-cooker meals. My nose does not work right, so I smell very few things and thus have a very bland sense of taste. I can taste some few things, usually strong tastes, but I go mainly by texture. Beef stew has a lot of different textures which is one reason I enjoy it so much.

October 1, 2017

October 1, 2017

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The first of October 2017 and I am writing this, if not drunk at least on the way to being there. I bought a bottle of wine about two hours ago and drank it. I cannot really save wine once the bottle is open so, when I buy a bottle, I drink it down. I have that nice warm feeling that comes when I am, at least, tipsy. I need to let myself go at least occasionally. So, I write this and go back and edit this to correct mistakes more often than usual.

At church today the entire usher team scheduled for today did not show up, most were sick. So, I and the team I am on served twice in a row. Not big deal. it happens and I was glad to serve. I am glad that I was an usher today as I didn’t want to have to listen to everything that went on. I heard enough to realize that the service was nothing but left-wing statism. Surprisingly, I have no problem with a church having political views, I did spend my adult life defending the freedom of doing so, I do not have to agree with the politics espoused. I am coming to the conclusion that the Rector worships the Government more than God.

I am just about finished thinking about another YouTube video. I will probably post it later today. I have another video in mind, one concerning the overpaid NFL players and their insults to me. In case I haven’t mentioned this before, I am a retired NCO in the USAF. I put my life on the line so that those idiots can protest, I do not have to agree with them, not accept the insults to me that they give. I have not yet reached the point where I will burn my Cincinnati Bengals items, but I have stopped watching the NFL.

My father went to Purdue and my mother went to Indiana. If you know college basketball rivalries, you know what basketball season was like for me in the 1950’s. In 2000, I was working for the Census bureau, not on the decennial census, but two other projects. Between the projects I had to call various businesses and verify some information. One of the businesses I had to call was the Combined Campus of IU and PU. I got the information and then told the clerk that I had a personal question and told her that my father went to Purdue and my mother went to Indiana. I then asked, “During basketball season, how do you keep the students from killing each other?” She laughed so hard, I think she fell down. I never got an answer.

September 24, 2017

September 24, 2017

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I was an usher at church this morning, so I didn’t take part in most of it. I kind of heard the sermon, and the singing but for the most part I was busy. One of the tasks of an usher is to guide the priest to those who want communion brought to them. I knew of five people and there were another six who I didn’t know about because they hadn’t asked ahead of time. Total of ten then. My math is correct, there was one who originally wanted it but decided to go to the altar rail anyway. Five plus six minus one. Otherwise everything went well.

The Sumer rainy season is over it seems, I do not know if we are ahead or behind the 30-year average but we are close if behind. I need to spray the hole in my apartment shed wall again, the drones are still hanging around and getting into my apartment. Otherwise, I need to clean up the dead bees on my small backyard and cut the plants that are growing. I don’t know what sort of plants they are and really do not care.

With the cooler weather, I am about to change my shirt collection. I have a bunch of shirts that I wear in the warmer weather and some, not as many, that I wear in the cooler weather. I need to get more winter shirts. Of course, this being Tucson, what are winter shirts here would be useless in cold weather in many other parts of the country. I like Tucson’s weather most of the time.

I am going to spend the rest of the day loafing, but maybe finish the editing of HIGH TREASON. I have stalled on that for way too long. It is amazing how easy it is to stall on writing, and editing is a major part of writing, once you hit a small roadblock. But, I get a lot of roadblocks because I have to do everything such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, and so forth. It all falls on me as I live alone and have no one to help with the mundane details of life.

I may have mentioned before that I have diabetes, Type 2. Recently the pharmacist at the VA clinic I am assigned to talked me into changing how I take my insulin. Now, with the new regime, my blood sugar readings are out of whack. I will talk with the pharmacist later this week and argue for going back to the old regime. I hate needles and that fear has caused me to miss, by accident, some of the shots I needed to take. I haven’t missed the shots under this new regime as often but my blood sugar readings are never what they should be.

August 28, 2017

August 27, 2017

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Church this morning was not a lot of fun. The Rector of Grace-St. Paul’s is a hard-core progressive and his sermons are getting painful for me. I am not a progressive, I am a liberal; I believe in the individual not the group. The Rector is so hard-core, extreme progressive that he suffers from what has been labeled “Trump Derangement Syndrome” by some pundits. I don’t mind political sermons, but he is going past political. He refuses to even say the name Trump.

I recorded and watched the Bengals / Redskins game and was very sad that the Bengals lost. I know that this is preseason and thus does not count, but a loss is still a loss and hard to watch. One more pre-season game and then the season starts for real.

I am trying to get used to the new insulin pens that the VA wants me to use. It takes more time to get the insulin ready but the needle is smaller and harder to see, especially without my glasses on. So far, it hasn’t been bad.

The weather has been nice, it tried to rain late last night and that is always welcome. The temperature isn’t too bad, but I stay indoors a lot. Once the temperature breaks and starts seriously down, I will have to get the backyard cleaned up and then I can stay outdoors. There are still bees hanging around the hole in the shed wall, and occasionally getting into the apartment. Luckily, they are all drones and therefore without stingers, but they still bother me.

I didn’t write anything yesterday or today, at least not yet. I need to finish editing HIGH TREASON and work on ELDER’S DILEMMA and get it ready. Once that is done, I don’t know which book to work on next but it will probably be MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. I have enough stories in my head to last me the rest of my life, and then some. I just with I had started being serious about my writing decades sooner. I have been writing for fifty years, off and on. But, it has only been the last ten years that I have been serious and even then not serious enough. I cannot go back and change the past; if I could, there is a lot I would change in addition to getting serious with my writing decades sooner.

July 16, 2017

July16, 2017

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It is a warm and humid day here in Tucson. Not as hot as it has been but the humidity makes it worse. I have lived here in Tucson since 1988 and I do not like the humid weather. If I ever moved somewhere else, not likely, it would be probably a lot more humid than Tucson is as a general rule and I would hate that. I don’t mind the heat but I do mind the humidity. It has been raining for several of the recent nights and that helps. Normally, when it rains here during the rainy season, the rain comes from the South but these last rainstorms have come from the North or the North-East. The small patio in my backyard is on the north side of the building, so I cannot sit and watch the rain storm without getting soaked. I am getting old, I no longer like getting soaked.

Church this morning was all right, the sermon made me think a bit. The Rector of Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is hard to get out of the pulpit, he gives the sermon every Sunday he can. It is a rare event that he is present and doesn’t give the sermon. The Associate Rector conducts the service and occasionally gives a sermon. A deacon might give a sermon once in a while, or maybe a lay person with a special message. However, out of the 52 Sundays, the Rector will give a sermon on at least 40 of them. The problem with his sermons is that I usually cannot sleep through them. OK, bad joke.

As I am often online reading news or, as right now, posting a thought online either here or on a comment thread, Windows often sends me an unwelcome notice that I have an email. Why is it unwelcome? Well, the notice shows up on the right side of my screen – right where I would be placing the cursor to move the screen or select from my Favorites list. I have to wait for the notice to go away or I have to click on the little X to close the notice and if several emails arrive in a row, I am stuck until that queue goes away. And I cannot often ignore the notices and use my cursor as where I need to put the cursor for a selection is right in the notice – opening an email that I don’t want to deal with at that moment. I cannot find a way to shut off that email notice application. I haven’t selected it, it came installed with the update.

June 4, 2017

June 4, 2017

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The Day of Pentecost in my church, the Episcopal Church (Church of England in America) and as per tradition the Gospel reading was said in many languages. But the Scripture says that the hearers heard the Disciples in their own language not that the Disciples spoke in different languages. I guess that we just can’t do that anymore.

I spent the day so far after church just relaxing even though I have to get laundry done. Sitting here at my computer and watching YouTube videos is so addictive and time-consuming. Once this post is done, I have to get busy and get laundry done. Procrastination is no fun unless you have work to get done. I forget who is supposed to have first said that, some philosopher I presume, but I agree with it and there is so much to do around my apartment, all of it little stuff, that procrastination has a lot of appeal.

Tomorrow I have a lot to do. I had two packages show up yesterday and since I was out with friends, I have to go get them. Naturally, they are at two different places. Plus, I have to work on what I plan to say to the Pima County Board of Supervisors Tuesday. Not that they really listen to me, but they need chewing out on a regular basis anyway.

Before I started the rewrite of HIGH TREASON I had a plotline that I have yet to put into the rewritten version. I am not sure that I want to keep the plotline, there are good arguments for keeping it and losing it. If I do lose it, no one will ever know obviously, but I cannot decide. Thankfully, I do not have to do so yet; I am still working on a plotline that I hadn’t thought of before and it is interesting. Enough so that I have not the need to go to the other one yet, if ever.


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