December 30, 2017

December 30, 2017

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This year is almost over. Where did it go?

I spent all day out and about. It wouldn’t have taken so long, except that the bus system does not run nearly as often on the weekends. Routs that are every fifteen minutes during the week are every half-hour or even every hour on the weekend. I did get some shopping done, but not near what I wanted to do.

I am now the Chair of the Pima County Libertarian Party. I got the position because the previous Chair had to resign because of ill-health. Which means, if I am going to do all that I think I will need to do in order to make sure the Party survives and thrives, I will not have as much time for my writing and other stuff. I am still going to chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors, they deserve every bit of it – and more. But, the last two Chairs have let the Party slide into almost a death-like topor. This is one reason I do not like being the one in charge. There isn’t enough people to delegate to, which means I get to do it all until I can get people on-board who will take over various assignments. I believe in the principles that the Libertarian Party stands for and want those principles to succeed. So, I do what needs to be done – that is what a leader does.

The weather this morning was chilly but it warmed up quite a bit. I dressed for the chill because the predicted high was such that I wouldn’t overheat with what I was wearing. Naturally, the high temperature was about five degrees Fahrenheit higher than the predicted high. I saw a report a few months ago where a scientific study was conducted over a period of six months and the actual highs and lows were off from the predictions by as much as ten degrees . I do not remember where the study was conducted, but it was a major city here in the USA. I am thinking of doing that here over the next few months starting on January 1st. I hope, that I can keep this up if I do start this. I would hate to drop it because I forgot to keep it going.


July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017

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It looks like rain is coming today. Now, if you are living in an area where it rains often, that may seem like no big deal; but, Tucson is in a desert. Tucson has five seasons: Winter, Spring, Fire, Rain, Fall. And, since the rainy season is running late this year, the fact that it is raining over the Rincon Mountains and the Santa Catalina Mountains, and it looks like the storm is headed towards Tucson itself, is a great event. At least, locally a great event.

The bus ride to church this morning cost me an extra $2. I buy a monthly pass for $45 but this morning the fare kiosk refused to accept my pass and I had to pay $2 to ride. The fare is actually $1.75 but all I had was $2 and the kiosk does not give change. Any other Sunday I might have skipped church but not today. Today I was a Lector, one who reads one of the lessons, plus a friend of mine is leaving Tucson and going back to Ohio this coming week, so today was his going away party. He and I were at the same air base at different times together. We are also both writers, he is married so his wife does things I have to do for myself, and thus he writes more.

Speaking of writing, I am re-editing ENTRANCE EXAMINATION in preparation for taking it off my other blog and offering it, and the other four novels in the series, for publication. I started my other blog in hopes of getting comments about my writing so I could improve, but I never get any. I did get a few comments from my youngest brother; but not on the blog, in private emails. Why no one comments on my novels, no one says. I do get people liking a specific chapter, which seems odd unless they read the other chapters in the novel but say nothing about them. I do want to write stories that people enjoy but so far, I have no clue if I am doing that.

May 27, 2017

May 26, 2017

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Been busy today. I got a form I had to sign and notarize yesterday, it was due today downtown at the County building. I stopped at a branch of my bank to have it notarized and discovered, after waiting a long while, that the branch I was at was not one of the two branches in the Tucson area that the bank performed that service for their customers as of the First of this Year and then only by appointment. Rather than risk not getting the form notarized in time, it was a government form and who knows what the County would do to me if I was late, I went to where I had to turn the form in and hoped that there was a notary public there I could use. There was and I was safe.

Now, to do that simple task took hours. Not just the waiting at the bank branch but the travel time and the waiting for the bus to show up so I could transfer routes both there and back. It was mid-afternoon when I got back home, I left mid-morning since there was no use getting downtown before the bank opened. Thus, one of my complaints about mass transit. As run here in the Tucson area, it is very time-consuming to use.

This Monday is Memorial Day here in America, when we honor the fallen military. I still have a grudge, although I shouldn’t, about last Veterans’ Day, November 11th. This was right after the General Election. My church has a tradition, under the present rector, of carrying the American Flag on patriotic days but last Veterans’ Day, because of some crybabies, veterans were insulted and I could not carry the flag. This was to honor all those who served in the military in order, among other things, to let us keep free elections and freedom of religion. It had nothing to do with the results of the election (I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted for Johnson). Thinking about it while writing this riles me up a bit more right now.

Once the sun sets I am going to have to spray again to try to eliminate the bees in my backyard. I cannot use the patio because of them. There is no hive, there was but it is gone now, but bees are still buzzing around the hole in the wall where a hive was getting established. Once it is safe to do so, I plan on spending most of my time this summer in the backyard while writing or painting RPG miniatures or whatever.

May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017

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Oh I felt like killing someone today. It took two hours for me to get downtown in part because the Suntran bus system just seemed to conspire against me. I took two busses and the first was late and stopped at so many stops that I missed my connection by just a few minutes and that second bus route ran every half hour. So, I was half an hour late for a court hearing on a subject I am interested in and missed almost everything. I did get to tell the attorney from the Goldwater Institute about a video that I found funny on YouTube and which I expected he would find funny, and he did. If you are interested, it was the THIS WEEK IN STUPID for May 7th, 2017. Getting back home was almost as bad but I did stop and do some grocery shopping. Now, I am doing much needed laundry. Nowhere in this did you see anything about writing. I got none done today and probably won’t get any done tomorrow. I might though, tomorrow will tell.

Tomorrow I will be telling off the Pima County Board of Supervisors, which is why I doubt I will get any writing done. The BOS is conducting hearings on next year’s budget and I have several things to say about it. I think that the BOS has stopped listening to me for the most part but I keep on anyway.

As far as my writing is going, even though I have put nothing down for a few days, nor posted a chapter last week, I am still getting my thoughts straight on HIGH TREASON and ELDER’S DILEMMA. If I can avoid distractions, I should get both down quite quickly. I think I will go with THE GOD’S TALE next as that really interests me, more than MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY. I also want to go through all the Elder stories and fill them out some. I will be busy for a while.

So, not very much got done except fume at the public transit system. Even if I was carrying my battleax, I probably would not have used it. But, boy did I want to. I am just too moral a person I guess, I won’t commit a murder just out of anger.

February 14, 2017

February 14, 2017

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Happy Birthday Arizona. Arizona entered the Union 2/14/1912.

I move tomorrow so I will miss posting tomorrow and perhaps Thursday as well since I get my internet hooked up Thursday afternoon. If so, I will post the DREADNOUGHT chapter on Friday.

I was running around today getting the last little bits done before the move. The Tucson bus service is not all that great but luckily I didn’t have to transfer that much and I was extremely luck in that the transfer bus arrived right away.

I did have a look at another book I had been working on, MAGIC IN THE MONASTRY. I got a little done on it and a little done on HIGH TREASON. Friday I can start really working on my writing. I look forward to that. I am tired of crashing at my friends apartment. I can even start posting YouTube videos again.

February 9, 2017

February 8, 2017

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I am tired. I am also frustrated. Still apartment hunting and no luck so far. Remembering what the loan officers at the mortgage sites said about my needing something on my credit report, I went to Sears, bought a couple of shirts, and applied for credit. I got approved for “rent-to-own” but not a credit card. Plus all the frustration of applying for apartments and getting turned down due to the eviction. The last complex I went to, recommended by an apartment hunting website I subscribed to, was way out in the north of Tucson. Once I got there, I discovered that the office was closed with a sign saying that they would return at ten to two. I got there at two thirty, over half an hour after their sign said that they would be back. Probably the sign was wrong but I left anyway. It was just too far north and the bus service would be too limited.

I have been getting some writing done on HIGH TREASON. I have about one third of the word count I want but I am nowhere near close to the end of the story. Plus, I have been pretty thin on a lot of what I wrote so I expect to end up around 45,000 words.

I did find out about that case that the one loan officer mentioned when he first spoke with me about getting a loan. The case where there is supposed to be a $10,000 judgement against me. A friend of mine used to work as a private detective and discovered that the referenced case number had nothing to do with me, the name wasn’t even close. I wonder about that loan company. How did they get that case number and why did they reference it to me? The email that the officer sent me had some very specific information, not true it seems, but someone had to create that information and do it in a very short order.

All day long riding the bus trying to get from one place to another and more of that tomorrow. The bus service here in Tucson is OK, I guess, for light use but this apartment hunting strains my using the bus service. When it takes an hour or more to get from one place to another, plus the time waiting for the bus to arrive, I cannot get a lot done in a day.

January 24, 2017

January 24, 2017

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Yet another day goes by and no nuclear war, no mass round-up of minorities, no martial law. Gee, could the opponents of President Trump be wrong?

Still looking for a new apartment. Eviction does do a lot to reduce the opportunities. I will make it through this rough spot though.

I spent most of today running around trying to get tasks done and finding it hard to do because the bus service takes so much time. It does not help when I get to a bus stop just after the bus pulls away and I have to wait for the next one as much as half an hour later. Sitting at an open bus stop with the cold wind blowing is no fun.

The cold weather is wrecking havoc with my joints and the not-properly healed break in my right arm. Now the shoulder where the rod was inserted is acting up as well. It is January and this is going to continue for another couple of months probably. Wouldn’t it be nice to able to just go “Bippity, Boppity, Boo” and fix any problem? Unfortunately, life does not work that way.

Tomorrow the Pima County Election Integrity Commission starts our test of the Risk Limiting Audit System. Unfortunately, the Berkley professor who developed the idea, and who was scheduled to be with us to help understand it, is going to be in Ohio for a court case where he is an expert witness. I am looking forward to the test but I do wish he would be here as I might have questions.


January 19, 2017

January 19, 2017

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It is still cold for Tucson now, most other parts of the country would enjoy the warmth compared to what they are getting now but for here and now, it is cold.

I finished off some work on the trial Risk Limiting Audit for next week and delivered it to the Elections department. Going anywhere by bus in Tucson, especially if you have to transfer between bus routes, can be hard. I just missed the transfer going to the Elections Department and had to wait in the chill for quite a while. Coming back wasn’t so bad but it still took three hours to do an hours worth of travel and associated work. This is not counting the time I spent doing the work, just the time travelling and dropping it off.

I did get some storage and now I have to arrange to get the storage boxes and a rental truck to move everything. With the help of a couple of friends I can get it done and I can stop worrying about losing so much stuff due to the eviction. I have to read Thoreau because I know about his comment that things own us but I want to understand the context of that comment and the meaning behind it. Moving like this is a good way to eliminate a lot of the stuff I want to get rid of and maybe a lot of stuff that I hadn’t considered getting rid of but should have.

I have so many projects that I want to do, and not all involve writing, that it is easy to dither between them. Crashed with friends has eliminated a lot of those, at least for now, so I am getting my writing done. However, part of my writing is locked away for now so I cannot post chapters of DREADNOUGHT for a while nor work on GENERATION UPON GENERATION. I just get HIGH TREASON and THE GOD’S TALE written. When I was on active duty I was able to concentrate more than I do now. I need to get back into that discipline.

January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017

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I have spent most of today going from one place to another with little effect. I have gotten a few things done but nothing major. There are days like that.

I have been paying attention to the political situation and with the inauguration  in two days I find the hysterics laughable. I did not vote for Trump, I campaigned for Johnson and voted for him, but Trump is elected and I can only wish that he does as little damage as possible. If Clinton had gotten in I would wish the same. I cannot see a great difference between the two. He is, and she could have been, just the latest in a long line of Presidents, the present one included, who have not been good for the country. A LONG line of Presidents. A line of Presidents going back to before my grandparents were born.

Normally on Wednesday nights a group I am part of plays TTRPG but not tonight as one of the group is sick. So, tonight I am getting more writing done. I got none done during the day today. One reason is that the Tucson bus system takes forever to use. The amount of time I wait for a bus is probably half or more of a journey most of the time. Especially if I just miss a bus transfer. I sold my car over twenty years ago because I never seemed to use it. Now I wish I had a car.

December 7, 2016

December 6, 2016

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I did a lot of running around today with very little to show for it, although I did sort through some of my books and set some aside for eliminating. Tucson is a very spread out city and the bus system does not run often enough nor to enough places for what I so often need to do. I sold my car in 1994 because I never needed it and now I need it. For example, it takes about one and a half hours and three buses to get to the VA Medical Center from where I lice but I could do it in half an hour with a car and so forth

I didn’t get any writing done today. I did do a lot of thinking about HIGH TREASON while on the bus and I have the villain identified and the opening scene thought through, and the basic plot. Once I have finished going over GENERATION UPON GENERATION I can get started on it. I don’t know what title I am going to give the fifth and last book in the series but I am presently leaning toward THE END but don’t hold me to that.

The weather remains cold here and I am looking forward to Spring. Yes, I know that Summer follows Spring and here in Tucson the Summer can be brutal. But Spring and Autumn are the two seasons I enjoy the most here in Tucson. We didn’t have much of an Autumn but I can look forward to Spring.

The computer I am writing this on is getting old, old for a computer that is. The CD drive is broke and several of the keys skip when I hit them. I need a new computer but the money is the problem right now. There is also the problem of my writing. I use an older version of Microsoft Word for my writing and have no desire to upgrade. The version I have now has too many features for me, features I will never use. The latest version will have even more features that I won’t use. So, when I get a new computer I will have to hunt down a new word processing program that I can translate my documents to. Technology is great – until it isn’t.

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