April 25, 2017

April 25, 2017

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Waiting for the company that is going to steam clean my apartment. Someone was supposed to arrive between 9AM and 5PM and it is now just before 3PM. I have gotten a lot of writing done on HIGH TREASON but I still want to get the steam cleaning over with.

Other than getting writing done I haven’t done a lot. It has been nice to just concentrate on writing, and I have missed doing just that for a long time. However, I am single and I live alone, so if anything gets done, I have to do it. And that takes away from writing time. I still have to write a report on the Tucson March for Science event for the Libertarian Party but once I get started on that, it should not take long. It was a busy Saturday at the event but all the action can be summed up in a few sentences.

I didn’t get any figures painted yesterday as there were a lot of bees in the yard when I went out and I do not want to get stung. Bee sting allergies are in the family and I do not want to find out that I am allergic the hard way. The last time the pest control guy was here, he said that the bees were drones attracted by the pheromones left by the bees that had been building a hive. Drone bees have no sting according to the research I did, but I still do not want to risk it.

So, instead of painting, I have been preparing some of the figures. Right now I am working on some wolves but I am going to keep ordering more figures and a wide variety of creatures and people. Since I have no pets to worry about, once painted I can place the figures on an open bookcase.


March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017

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Posting on a Sunday because there is no TTRPG today. The person who would be running it is attending a memorial service for his grandmother who died just a few days ago. I never met her so I cannot say anything else about her.

I cracked about feeling like Lilly Von Stupp in BLAZING SADDLES quite a few times this morning – you know, the line she says at the end of her song, “Everything below the waist is kaput.” I do feel that way a bit as everything, the joints at least, below the waist hurts. Sitting down or standing up hurts, walking hurts, even standing hurts after a short while. What doesn’t hurt is sitting, once I am down, or laying, again once I am down.

Just a few more things to buy to be comfortable in my apartment, I don’t need a lot. I have to start saving for travelling to the Libertarian Party National Convention next year. It will be held in New Orleans which should be easy to get to and the convention should be interesting.

I am ready to do another YouTube video, I have what I am going to say down and I just need to record and post it. So many things I need to do and I get so few of them done on time. I just procrastinate too much.

February 22, 2017

February 22, 2017

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Slowly I am getting my life back together and getting my apartment all set up.

Tuesday morning I had a extreme hypoglycemia attack and when I collapsed onto the kitchen floor, I hurt my knees. This was the worst attack I can remember. I was shaking and sweating big time and my vision was blurred to the point that it was almost worthless. I didn’t pass out but I came close. Some years ago I passed out walking along the streets of Tucson, from the local library to my apartment and I just passed out without any other symptoms. I crossed a fairly busy street without incident and came to once I had finished crossing that street. Then I got the symptoms that should be leading up to passing out. I made it home and came out OK but yesterday although I did not pass out and I was safe in my apartment all the while, the incident seemed worse in all other respects.

I am sitting in the clubhouse of my apartment complex because there is Wi-Fi here and I cannot get the internet in my apartment. The connection is slow so I am having trouble getting stuff done and I need to subscribe to one of the computer repair services in order to get my home network up and running. But to subscribe, I need an internet connection and this one in the clubhouse isn’t getting it done right now.

The Pima County Government seems to want to get into bed with Monsanto regarding a greenhouse and some experimental field work Monsanto wants to do here. I am fighting it because Monsanto should not be getting a sweetheart deal that isn’t available to all other companies plus, Monsanto has a poor history concerning leaving a polluted local environment that the local governments have to clean up because Monsanto won’t.

February 18, 2017

February 18, 2017

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Things are not good. Oh, things are good that I have found an apartment and am thus no longer homeless; but, I cannot get my router to work in the apartment so I have no internet there. I have it at the clubhouse of the complex but only for one of the two laptops I have and the one that I cannot use now is the one I use for uploading videos to YouTube. Frustration after frustration abounds. However, I am meeting with friends tomorrow and one of them is a computer whiz. Therefore, I hope, I can get this fixed soon and be productive again.

I am slowly, too slowly perhaps, getting my gear organized and set up. I still haven’t found the remotes for the two Blu-Ray players and the two TVs so that is another frustration. I have a floor lamp on order and on its way so that will help with getting things going. I need another one and I intend to order it today. I need a cot to replace the one that broke and once that is her, I can stop sleeping on the floor. I do not like sleeping on the floor but for now I have no choice. I could go and order a mattress set but that would cost a lot more than I want to spend now, and I have found camp cots to be comfortable.

Getting stuff for my apartment is a pain. Yes, I am on two major bus lines but getting anywhere in Tucson by bus is still an annoyance. Years ago I had a little diesel car. It got great mileage, but was slow and underpowered as all get out. I was also too tall for it and my head pressed against the roof of the cab. Nevertheless, in a warm climate it ran good. In a cold climate or in a cool winter, it did not run. But here in Tucson, it is warm enough that I would have had no problems with that. It would also be paid off now and all I would have to pay is the insurance and operating costs. Much better than the bus system even though it would be more expensive in dollar costs. My time would be worth it.

February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

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Monday the 13th is a running gag in the Garfield comic strip and books. At least, I think it is still a running gag. Today, for me, it is not a bad day. I have just about everything done for moving in to the new apartment on Wednesday. I will have some privacy and I will no longer be crashing on a chair in my friends’ living room. I move on Wednesday and get some shopping done on Thursday and Friday and I will be set enough for a start.

So, I can get really going on editing GENERATION UPON GENERATION and having it ready for publishing on my other blog: christophercolesite.wordpress.com. By the time I have that posted, HIGH TREASON should be ready for posting. I will still be working on one other novel, for regular publishing, at the same time.  Maybe I can become a famous writer and everyone reads my work.

The apartment is far enough away from church so that I will have to take my TTRPG gear to church and go directly to my friends’ apartment to play and then get to my apartment. Sine the new apartment has a small back yard, I can use that to pain some of my miniatures for later use. For some reason, I have not liked the idea of painting them where other people can watch me doing it. I have no clue why this is, I just accept it.


Feburary 12, 2017

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I find out tomorrow if I continue homeless or if I move in to a new apartment on Wednesday. I have my doubts because I always have doubts when I am waiting for something I want to happen. I presume this is human nature to some extant but regardless, I have it.

Real soon I am going to have to replace my cell phone. I have had this one for too long and it wasn’t very good when I bought it, I just didn’t realize it. However, if I do get the apartment, I am going to have to spend a lot of money getting stocked up. You know, food, soap, etc. Plus the costs for getting the electricity, gas, etc. turned on. Lucky for me, I reduced my bills by about $300 a month so I will have enough I believe.

It rained here in Tucson, it sounded loud and large but I didn’t go out and investigate. I just know it rained and we can use every drop we can get. Once I am in my new apartment, I will have a small backyard where I can just sit and watch the rain.

With the amount of money I save from cancelling the land line phone, the newspaper, the internet and the satellite TV, and the smaller expected costs of natural gas for a heater, the storage lockers I may still need and a cable contract instead of a satellite hock-up, I should be able to save quite a bit for going to the Libertarian Party National Convention next year. I attended a VFW Department Convention some years back and I liked it. I expect to like the Libertarian National Convention even more. I might even met someone I haven’t seen in about 30 years. A fellow named Craig Swarthout, who in some very interesting philosophical discussions after work, convinced me of the rightness of the Libertarian philosophy.

February 11, 2017

February 11, 2017

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Now I wonder if I did get that apartment. There was a phone call earlier today from the manager of the complex but my phone would not let me hear/talk. And when I went out to try and get a good signal, I think I acted after the complex office closed for Saturday. So, until Monday I am in limbo and worried. I hope I was accepted and can move in next Wednesday.

I have been getting some writing done but I have spent a lot of time watching a friend of mine play FALLOUT: LAS VEGAS. IF you don’t know, that is a First Person Shooter game set after a nuclear war in an alternate time-line. He likes it but I find it boring. I watched in order to try to understand why it appeals to him but I don’t get it.

I like this time of year in Tucson, not as much as Fall, but I like it. The only reason I like Fall better is that now I know that the summer is coming soon and in the Fall it is the winter that is coming up next. You can add clothing to combat the cold but to combat the heat, after a short while you cannot take more clothes off and can only retreat inside. And if you have to be out and about, the heat can be brutal.

February 10, 2017

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Apartment hunting today seems to have paid off. Baring an unexpected refusal, I move in next Wednesday to a nice little place. It is a one-bedroom with a den and on the ground floor. The complex is right next to three bus lines so I should be able to get things done, presuming the bus service does not let me down as it so often does.

With this, I will be able to continue posting the Jesip Elder saga. I am close to ending DREADNOUGHT and I need to be able to print out GENERATION UPON GENERATION after I finish editing it. Which printing I cannot do here, crashed with friends.

It is getting warm here in Tucson, I think the weather reports mention a cold snap here soon. Old joke: In the 1950s the Weather Service could predict the weather, with some accuracy, out for three days. With the improved techniques and equipment, the Weather Service can predict the weather, with some accuracy, out for 72 hours. (Hint: how many hours in three days?)

I am going to have to start looking for a new phone now that I have found an apartment. The one I have is old and the operating system is crap. I was one of the very few people who bought a Windows 8 phone and I hate it. The longer I have it, the less I like it.

February 8, 2017

February 7, 2017

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Still no nuclear war, or massive round-up of dissidents or any of the other fears of the progressives. What a surprise.

I spent most of today with the Pima County Board of Supervisors. There was an item on the agenda concerning a sewer rate hike of 4% and there was a long presentation on that but the point that got most of the people attending upset was that this hearing interrupted the Call to the Audience where just about everybody spoke out against Monsanto. I understand that the sewer rate hearing had been advertised for a specific time and the Arizona law required that the hearing take place at that specific time, but there were a lot of annoyed people anyway. The Monsanto issue is that the Federal Government may declare a Free Trade Zone to the benefit of Monsanto and about 95% of the people speaking on the issue want the Pima County Board of Supervisors to declare opposition to that declaration. If the County Government does declare opposition, based upon historical precedents the Federal Government will refuse to grant the FTZ status. There are other issues with Monsanto, but one fight at a time.

I had to leave the meeting early as I was starting to get hypoglycemia. I stopped at a Thai restaurant near the County building and enjoyed the meal. Seated next to me were a couple of guys talking about Thailand and one mentioned that “Hello” in Thai was sawadee to which I commented that sawadee was indeed the proper greeting unless one was in Southern Thailand where the proper greeting was “Sawa-Howdy Y’all”. It took a second, then he got the joke. For those not familiar with the Southern USA, especially Texas, Howdy and Y’all are common expressions. He got a good laugh out of that.

I have to get back into apartment hunting tomorrow. I am getting loan companies wanting to do my VA home loan but I need something more on my credit report. It would be odd if it would be easier for me to get a house than an apartment but I begin to think that might just happen.

February 4, 2017

February 4, 2017

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Today I got very little done except laundry and some writing. My hunt for an apartment is on hold for the moment because trying to get places in Tucson on the weekend using the bus system is hard. So, I wrote on HIGH TREASON and a couple of other projects and watched YouTube, you know, wasted some time.

I am trying to keep posting every day but until I get my own place, I don’t have a lot to write about. And writing about doing very little is probably boring reading. I am a quiet type anyway but, while it is nice for me, sitting at a computer writing for hours on end is not a good narrative. And yet, there is little else I would prefer to do with my time.


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