May 17, 2018

May 17, 2018

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I spent all morning shopping and haven’t done a lot this afternoon yet. I did start in on getting the table and chair set put together but only just barely. Because of the shopping, that took three hours or so, a lot of what I normally do in the morning when I first get up didn’t get done until this afternoon. Thus, how little I got done on the furniture.

There has been a series of water main breaks at my apartment complex and the city water company has been trying to fix the problem. It is going on two days of active work and five days of water stoppages so far. There is another water stoppage tonight so that more work can get done. The timing is bad for me. I would be taking my shower during the time the water is going to be shut off, so my morning routine will get a bit busier since I have to leave before 7AM to have breakfast and be at the Election Integrity Commission at 9AM. So, tomorrow also, a lot of morning routine will get done in the afternoon.

I have not paid much attention to the weather lately. It is getting warmer as expected and it will soon be the summer rainy season. But, I do not subscribe to the daily newspaper any more, so I stopped looking at things like the annual rainfall and the temperatures. And, I find I am more relaxed and calm. Not that I ever was worried that there was going to be a weather catastrophe around the corner, but living in the desert, I worried about the rainfall. I know that Tucson has been in a drought for over twenty years and I know that the population of Tucson is growing and has grown steadily for decades. Just on the rainfall, Tucson cannot support its population and the population is still growing.


May 9, 2018

May 8, 2018

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I spent all day watching over the Pima County Board of Supervisors as they got briefings from several of the County Departments concerning the budget for the next fiscal year. If you can watch over your local government, do so; it will be instructive as to how badly managed your money is. One of the supervisors tried to get some better information about how the various departments are spending our money, something she does a lot, but even then the amount of information was pitiful. I do not have the time or expertise to research every line item in the budget and determine if it is lawful or not. Very few people outside of government has such free time. But, trying to get the BOS to put the information out for the public is like talking to a wall. No, worse because the wall might actually listen and do something. I am not part of the local 1%, so the BOS ignores me.

When I got home from the BOS, I found a package that was due tomorrow was delivered today. I like that but the package was 30-some odd kilos and it was hard for me to move it into my apartment because of the problem I have with my shoulder. I got it in, and now I will have to assemble it in the near future. The package is a table and four chairs and all five items have to be assembled. However, once I get it done, I will be able to get a lot done that is easier to do on a table instead of my lap. Painting TTRPG miniatures is on the schedule. As is a lot of other TTRPG projects.

I have a meeting tomorrow as the apartment complex management is going to explain a new policy relating to them going paperless. I can see no benefit to me, so far, and I expect an increased cost. But, that is a conclusion based upon absolutely no information, just a tendency to expect the worst. I have to attend one specific meeting as there are two other meetings scheduled and those two are scheduled for times I cannot attend.

March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018

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I finally got my computer back. No problems were solved by the repair shop, but they did tell me what to do. If they had done the work, it would have cost me a lot. As it is, it cost me $50 for them to diagnose any problems. Telling me what to do was free, I guess.

My refrigerator conked out, twice in three days. The management of this apartment complex has been nicer than my old one for maintenance and replacing broken appliances. It costs more to live here, but I prefer it to my old place. The only problem I have is the noise of the sirens and helicopters going to the hospital just a block away. Especially since the helicopters fly low, right over my building as they land and leave.

I have been running around these past few days, trying to get stuff done. I got most of what I wanted to do done but since I was travelling around town, anything I wanted to get done at home got set aside.

I think I mentioned that I am active in the Libertarian Party. I am, in fact, the Pima County Chair. There is a person who wants to run for Federal office but I am having a hard time getting co-operation to get him on the ballot. I doubt that it is intentional, just poor management skills.

May 12, 2017

May 12, 2017

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I have been busy all week but it feels like I have done nothing. I did get some writing done today, I worked on HIGH TREASON. As I lay in bed before getting up, I started thinking about a series of short stories I wanted to write a few years ago. There is a genre of role-playing game called superhero RPG. Several years ago the group I game with was playing a superhero campaign and I invented the phrase “We’re UPSET, you’re under arrest!” The campaign setting involved a successor to the UN called United Planet and the superhero cops were the Special Enforcement Teams – thus UPSET. Anyway, I thought about writing some short stories about cases involving UPSET as a series, none of them were to involve the characters we played as I did not want to use them, and now I don’t remember them, so I just made characters up. I dropped the idea for whatever reason but I started thinking about it again this morning. I doubt I will follow up on it, I have to get the Elder Saga books done and then MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY, THE GOD’S TALE and maybe the books in the HOUSE FOURTEEN series. But I might if I cannot get it out of my mind enough. I am 67 years old, if I keep at this I will be working on these until I die.

I haven’t done a YouTube video for a long time, I keep starting on one, but I drop that topic and start on another topic. I used to do that with my writing, so now I guess I will have to work through that with the videos.

I have other projects I need to do as well. There is an old saying: If you want something done, give it to a busy man. I should be busy, all day every day, but I procrastinate too much. I can force myself to get writing done, but there are just too many things to sidetrack me. Living alone, I have no one to help do the cooking, shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc. So, that takes a lot of time away from my writing. As does other interests I have such as politics, church, and TTRPG.

There may be a problem with my apartment complex. I paid my rent on time, May 1st, but the check has not cleared the bank yet. I spoke with one of the clerks in the management office and she assured me that I am paid up. I still worry that somehow my check will get lost and I will get into trouble over it. I am worrying over nothing I am sure, but I worry.

March 30, 2017

March 29, 2017

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I did not leave my apartment today except to check mail, do a bit of laundry, and get some soda. All day I have just sat around and tried to work past the roadblock I have on HIGH TREASON and failed. I know where I want the story to go, but it is the next page that is the killer. I forget which writer is credited with saying “Writing is staring at a blank sheet of paper until you sweat blood.” or something similar. I am horrible with quotes. Except the two sayings my Father taught me: 1) Unless you honestly look at both sides of an issue, you don’t have an opinion, you are a parrot; and 2) If your refrigerator is broken, changing the tires on your car won’t fix it. My Father was a wise man.

The manager of my apartment complex is coming by tomorrow to check the apartment for needed preventative maintenance and I am still, after all these weeks, unpacking and putting stuff away. Living alone slows down a lot of stuff I need to do because there is always too much stuff that needs to get done and that slows everything down. Plus, I am, for some reason, worried that I am going to have a serious hypoglycemia attack tomorrow morning. Why, I do not know. I have never felt this way before, hypoglycemia has always surprised me and hit me without warning or premonition.

My main computer is five years old and the hard drive is starting to make noise when starting up. So, even though I do not like the idea, I am going to have to get the latest version of Microsoft Office and install it on my secondary computer and then transfer all my files to that computer, which will become my primary computer. I have tried, in the past, to transfer files and use Open Office but the files get corrupted too often so that is now off the table forever. Office 2016 cost about $115+ and I will have to wait on other purchases to pay for this.


February 17, 2017

February 17, 2017

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Busy day today. Now that I am all moved in and am setting up, I can get back to normal. So today, I attended the Election Integrity Commission meeting. We discussed the Risk Limiting Audit proposal. I dislike it for various reasons primarily due to the extra work involved for little perceived benefit. I closed out my storage units and tried to get the Wi-Fi in my apartment to work. I couldn’t so I am using the complex’s Wi-Fi in the¬†community room for now.

Once I am finished with this post, I am going to get some items from Amazon in order to make the apartment a bit better. There are no lights except for the kitchen, the bathroom and the den. So, in the living room and bedroom, it is dark all the time. I also need to get a new bed as the cot I was using broke. I like camp cots because I think that they are comfortable and a lot less expensive than regular beds. I am still getting unpacked and trying to find things I want to use. I hate moving.

The apartment complex I am in now is nice, even nicer than my old place I think. Not only the community room but the exercise room as well.¬† There aren’t as many restaurants and grocery stores nearby as were available at the old place but the base is just a straight bus ride and since I am retired USAF, I can get on base to shop there. I just need to make the time to do it.