June 8, 2017

June 7, 2017

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My Blu-ray player gave out a couple of weeks ago and I got a new one today, I was getting ready to watch some videos that I have been wanting to watch for weeks and my TV gave out. Now this isn’t something serious, just annoying. And it seems that all this year little things have been annoying me. Not every day but often enough to build on each other.

Now I doubt that my minor annoyances amount to much, but they do illustrate an aspect of human psychology. Good or bad; major or minor; a series of events will impose on the human psyche if they are reasonably close together. I used the TV and video player as examples of the sort of thing that has been going on this year so far; but, if all the little annoyances had occurred over a full year instead of half a year, I probably wouldn’t have paid any attention nor thought of myself as put upon. That is human nature as I understand it.

I had to go out and pay for a package at the Post Office. I forgot where the station was exactly and was walking along the wrong street. Lucky for me that I did. As I was approaching the street that I had to walk south on to get there, I began experiencing hypoglycemia. It was starting to get bad when I walked up to a restaurant. Thai food. I like Thai food, a holdover from my tours in Thailand during the Vietnam War. I was able to get something enjoyable and prevent a collapse. Then I finished my walk to the Post Office and got my book. I belong to a book club and if I order two books at once, then shipping is free. The two books in my last order were shipped separately so I ended up paying shipping. The two books are fine, I wanted them but them getting shipped separately is annoying (there I go again) and the bout of hypoglycemia is especially annoying.

June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017

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Seventy-three years ago a bunch of men waded ashore to take Western Europe back from the Germans. Germany lost the war on the Eastern Front but because of D-Day and the Western Invasion, the end came quicker and the Soviets stopped before taking all of Europe while fighting the Germans.

Lately, while on the web, I get a lot of pop-up ads on various web sites and I have a blocker running. Annoying to say the least. Ads on the side of a page, or the top or bottom are one thing, some of them actually interest me, but the pop-ups always annoy me. Progress. Block the ads one way and advertisers find another way to get in my face.

Working on HIGH TREASON is getting relaxing compared to a lot of the other stuff I have to do. As I have said in past posts, I do not like housework but I have to do it. I forget which comedienne it was who made the joke: “Housework is hard, you clean, do the laundry, wash the dishes and six months later you have to do it again.” I may have gotten is wrong, it has been a long time since I heard her, but I can agree with the idea. I do have to take the videos out of two bookcases and hammer the backs of the cases so that the backs do not separate. That sort of immediate correction of a problem is something I will probably do sooner than vacuum the rug or mop the kitchen or scrub the toilet. Priorities.

A friend of mine from church is moving Back East to Ohio. He and his wife are retired and want to be nearer family. Most people I know move to Tucson when they retire, not away from Tucson. I will miss the conversations we have after church but family is family. Speaking of family, one of these days I have to get back on the Cleghorne website and post the family book I have a copy of. I should do that on Ancestry as well. Priorities.

June 4, 2017

June 4, 2017

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The Day of Pentecost in my church, the Episcopal Church (Church of England in America) and as per tradition the Gospel reading was said in many languages. But the Scripture says that the hearers heard the Disciples in their own language not that the Disciples spoke in different languages. I guess that we just can’t do that anymore.

I spent the day so far after church just relaxing even though I have to get laundry done. Sitting here at my computer and watching YouTube videos is so addictive and time-consuming. Once this post is done, I have to get busy and get laundry done. Procrastination is no fun unless you have work to get done. I forget who is supposed to have first said that, some philosopher I presume, but I agree with it and there is so much to do around my apartment, all of it little stuff, that procrastination has a lot of appeal.

Tomorrow I have a lot to do. I had two packages show up yesterday and since I was out with friends, I have to go get them. Naturally, they are at two different places. Plus, I have to work on what I plan to say to the Pima County Board of Supervisors Tuesday. Not that they really listen to me, but they need chewing out on a regular basis anyway.

Before I started the rewrite of HIGH TREASON I had a plotline that I have yet to put into the rewritten version. I am not sure that I want to keep the plotline, there are good arguments for keeping it and losing it. If I do lose it, no one will ever know obviously, but I cannot decide. Thankfully, I do not have to do so yet; I am still working on a plotline that I hadn’t thought of before and it is interesting. Enough so that I have not the need to go to the other one yet, if ever.


June 3, 2017

June 2, 2017

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Spent most of today shopping. I have one of those laundry carts that I use to carry groceries in, especially if I intend to get a lot of groceries, and it broke. It actually broke when I fell on it during a bout of hypoglycemia a few months ago, but today it got so much worse that I am going to finally replace it before shopping again. I did do some shopping without it this afternoon but the grocery bags the store provided were weak and broke under the weight of my canned goods. Thankfully, a young woman (young to me, she mentioned being 35 and I am 67) stopped and helped carry the bags to my apartment. Without her help I would have had to drop a couple of bags of groceries off (and hope that they did not get stolen) while taking one bag home and getting a cloth bag I have and doing a second trip.

I haven’t gotten any writing done today because shopping took so long. And relaxing after getting home took longer than I expected. Trying to get my arm to stop hurting is not something done in a minute. Back about four years ago I tripped and broke my arm, I now have a rod helping hold the broken section together and that rod was put in through my shoulder. My shoulder has never healed right. Neither has the right arm. So, since I use my cane with my left hand, anything I carry is carried by the arm that isn’t quite healed from four years ago. A heavy weight, groceries for example, makes it hurt. And I have to use the cane to keep from tripping and falling again. Being old and having joint and bone and muscle problems is a pain (pun intended).

Tomorrow I play TTRPG with my friends. As much as I am growing to hate D&D, I enjoy being with my friends. I am gathering material for a campaign I want to run, using another TTRPG system. I like the campaign setting and I do not mind the play rules very much. I had wanted to just use the setting with a set of rules I like but I don’t think that is going to work. So, I am gathering all the material I need, setting and system both.

My feet are long and narrow and I think that they are getting longer as I age. I used to be American size 13 and now the shoes I am wearing are size 15, and I think that my feet are getting too big for them already since I feel like my toes are rubbing against the end of the shoes. If it isn’t one thing, it is another as far as my body goes.

It is almost bedtime for me. I used to go to bed after the late news but now I go after the earlier late news. Confused? I used to watch the entire 10 PM newscast and perhaps a bit of one of the talk shows, but now I watch part of the 9 PM newscast and go to bed after the weather report. I get my news from so many sources anymore that watching the newscast isn’t that big a deal. So, I watch to see what the weather is going to be like when I get up. I don’t pay attention to the forecast for more than the next day as the weather service cannot be accurate for more than 3 days anyway and usually less. So, I see what the weather is going to be like when I get up. For the rest of the day I use the weather applications on my computer.

May 31, 2017

May 31, 2017

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It is a hot one today, but that is normal for this time of year here in Tucson. I had to travel around Tucson to get some business done and I am glad I am back at home now. The bus system does not have enough shelters that provide shade. Some of the shelters are positioned, out of necessity, so that the sun angles into the shelter and there is no shade. Even the ones with shade do not provide much cooling if there isn’t any wind. Once the wind stops, the heat percolates into the shade and the shade doesn’t do as much good. Too much wind is uncomfortable but a little, enough to just feel it, is great.

Yesterday, for whatever reason, I was tired all day and got almost noting done. I lay in bed whenever I could and avoided doing anything I could. I felt tired all day, and I have been sleeping well so it wasn’t tiredness from lack of sleep. I was just tired all day.

One thing I did get done yesterday was discover the ending of the series of books I have been writing about Jesip Dwight Rodger Allen Elder (read what I have finished on my other blog christophercolesite.wordpress.com) so I have the start and the end of the last book in the series. Five books. Once I am done and working on the next (probably MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY) I might go through them again and flesh out certain thin areas and offer the entire series for publication. I will take them off the blog site before submitting them.

It is amazing just how little I do each day that isn’t a repeat of every other day. I miss, kind of, my days on active duty. Then, when I went to work, I never knew what was going to happen. I fixed airplanes for the Air Force, specifically the avionics that was intended to keep our planes from getting shot down, and the problems were rarely similar enough to get boring. Four of the types of aircraft I worked on are still in service even though I have been on the retired list for thirty years this August. The AC-130, the A-10, the B-52 and the F-15. The F-4 and the FB-111 are out of service. The DC-130 I think is out of service but I do not know. I know the specific type of drone I worked on, the AQM-91 is out of service. Twenty years of active duty expressed, kind of, in one short paragraph.

May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017

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It has been a lazy day for me today. I was planning on walking over to the cemetery where my VFW Post holds its annual Memorial Day celebration but decided this morning to not go. Last Friday I twisted my knee when I tripped over an uneven section of the bricks making up the sidewalks downtown and, while not too serious, this has been bothering me all day. It was worse this morning, probably because of sleep and not moving it, but regardless of why, it hurt enough to keep me home all day.

I did watch some old videos about WW II, the Victory at Sea series from the 1950s. So, I guess one could say I did something military related regarding Memorial Day. Not as good as attending the ceremony but however weak, I did something.

I am old enough to remember when Memorial Day was specifically May 30th and not the last Monday in May and even after all these years after the change, the change bothers me. Why? Well, one big reason is that Memorial Day has become just another Monday holiday and has lost a lot of its meaning for most people. I am a veteran, shot at but not killed, and the sacrifice made by so many of my comrades over the decades still moves me. The fact that so many people have no clue about what Memorial Day is supposed to mean saddens me.

I didn’t write anything for HIGH TREASON today but I did do some writing for a web comic that I first had an idea for several years ago. Not a lot, just some character description. There are several web comics I read on a regular basis and as a writer, not an artist since my skill at drawing does not exist, the concept intrigues me. I have so many writing ideas, if I never did anything but write I could not do them all. So, I pick and choose, usually by whim.

May 29, 2017

May 28, 2017 Evening

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So, two posts today. Both talking, at least in part, about Memorial Day.

At church this morning I was thanked by several people and even mentioned in the sermon. While the people who abused me when I returned from SEA will never apologize, after all they are “good people” and thus don’t need to apologize for their evil actions, when I get thanked for my service it helps a little bit.

I forgot to get a DVR for my TV and so I missed the Indianapolis 500. I haven’t even checked yet on who won. I do hope that the race went smoothly, I know Yellow Flags will happen, but I hope no one got hurt or worse. Five hundred miles, when the race started out that was an all day affair since the average speed was less than 100 MPH. Now, two hours or slightly more. I have watched the race in person from both the Infield and the stands and also on TV. It is the only motorsport I watch. While at church today I was talking with a couple of people and I mentioned Formula I racing and how that is often through city streets. And I said: “Sometimes they even clear the streets for the races.” The look on the one woman’s face until she realized I was joking was priceless.

I have been thinking about the ending of the series of books staring Jesip Dwight Roger Allen Elder. I have two books posted on my other blog and I am posting the third and writing the fourth. The fifth will be the end of the series and I have an ending in mind that I like. So for Elder’s Dilemma I have the start and the finish and I am letting the middle just percolate in my mind for now. High Treason is coming along nicely and I should get a lot written this week.


May 28, 2017

May 28, 2017 Morning

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I start this just before 5 AM on Sunday, May 28th. Normally I do these in the late afternoon or early evening but today I want to say something about Memorial Day separate from anything I might write later.

Tomorrow is officially Memorial Day here in the USA but the Indianapolis 500 is run today and for me that is a great Memorial Day tradition (I am originally from Indianapolis Indiana). Tomorrow I will probably attend the ceremony that my VFW Post performs at a cemetery near where I live. And today, also, I will be carrying the American Flag at church.

The previous rector, and the first one since Grace Church and St. Paul’s Church merged, refused to allow anything patriotic in church. I can understand his logic since the church is not part of the government but also I believe that it is a good thing to remind people that freedom of worship is not universal and especially today, who it was that bought that freedom for them to complain about.


May 27, 2017

May 26, 2017

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Been busy today. I got a form I had to sign and notarize yesterday, it was due today downtown at the County building. I stopped at a branch of my bank to have it notarized and discovered, after waiting a long while, that the branch I was at was not one of the two branches in the Tucson area that the bank performed that service for their customers as of the First of this Year and then only by appointment. Rather than risk not getting the form notarized in time, it was a government form and who knows what the County would do to me if I was late, I went to where I had to turn the form in and hoped that there was a notary public there I could use. There was and I was safe.

Now, to do that simple task took hours. Not just the waiting at the bank branch but the travel time and the waiting for the bus to show up so I could transfer routes both there and back. It was mid-afternoon when I got back home, I left mid-morning since there was no use getting downtown before the bank opened. Thus, one of my complaints about mass transit. As run here in the Tucson area, it is very time-consuming to use.

This Monday is Memorial Day here in America, when we honor the fallen military. I still have a grudge, although I shouldn’t, about last Veterans’ Day, November 11th. This was right after the General Election. My church has a tradition, under the present rector, of carrying the American Flag on patriotic days but last Veterans’ Day, because of some crybabies, veterans were insulted and I could not carry the flag. This was to honor all those who served in the military in order, among other things, to let us keep free elections and freedom of religion. It had nothing to do with the results of the election (I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted for Johnson). Thinking about it while writing this riles me up a bit more right now.

Once the sun sets I am going to have to spray again to try to eliminate the bees in my backyard. I cannot use the patio because of them. There is no hive, there was but it is gone now, but bees are still buzzing around the hole in the wall where a hive was getting established. Once it is safe to do so, I plan on spending most of my time this summer in the backyard while writing or painting RPG miniatures or whatever.

May 21, 2017

May 21, 2017

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A lazy Sunday afternoon. After church I did a small bit of grocery shopping and since then I have just been watching YouTube and reading some news feeds. One reason I watch YouTube is that, for a lot of the videos, I can just let my eyes watch and my brain can work on what I am writing or planning to say in a YouTube video of my own.

The game yesterday was OK but I really want to get away from D&D. I am planning on doing my own campaign using the Harn setting and the GURPS rules. However, for some reason I haven’t been able to order a couple of items from Columbia Games. I order them and the order get lost immediately. I sent an email to the company about it, but since I wasn’t paying attention to the day, I sent it on Saturday when the company is probably closed. Sometimes being retired causes me to forget just what day it is. Most of the time, it makes no or little difference, but occasionally it matters a lot.

I guess that this coming week is going to be productive, I don’t have a lot to do outside of working on HIGH TREASON and getting ELDER’S DILEMMA prepared. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all without problem, except grocery shopping, and Tuesday only has something in the morning, chewing out the Pima County Board of Supervisors. They have just gone through a series of special meetings on the budget and there is just the final, rubber-stamp, of what the bureaucrats want that will happen next month. Arizona has an Open Meeting Law so the Supervisors cannot meet to discuss the budget except at a public meeting with prior notice. And they cannot meet in private either as a group or serially (meaning that A talks to B, who talks to C and discusses  what A said, etc.) so they are required by law to discuss the budget in public and if they want to change anything all discussions on the change have to be in a public meeting. And they have not done this, which is why I say they are just going to rubber-stamp what the bureaucrats want.

I have never wanted to be President nor hold any other major political office. Thus, I have never been strict about my personal life. Now, I begin to regret that as I would like to run for a seat on the Board of Supervisors. The District I am in is held by a Democrat, a far-left Democrat, and I think I could unseat him. Absent my bad history of course. There are five members of the Board of Supervisors, right now three Democrats and two Republicans. The District I am in is mostly inside the city limits of Tucson so the County does very little for the District. As a Libertarian, if elected, I would make the composition two Democrats, two Republicans and one Libertarian. And since I would side with the Democrats on certain issues and the Republicans on certain other issues, I would be a swing vote and thus influential. The four others would want my vote on something and I could use that to pressure the County to take more care of the District. Even though the people live in the City of Tucson, they also live in the County of Pima and deserve a fair shake from the County Government. However, my history would totally prevent this from happening.

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