April 19, 2017

April 19, 2017

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It has been almost 3 months since Donald Trump was sworn in as President and the world is still here and functioning. the sore losers haven’t slowed down in their hate and violence yet, but there is still hope. If Gary Johnson had won, things would be much better now. Or, given that the Congress is such a pain, maybe not. I can dream however.

I spent all morning running around buying various small items that I need, mostly at the Army and Air Force Exchange – I am retired Air Force so I can shop there. Tomorrow I have to do grocery shopping, and get the next chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION posted on my other blog site: christophercolesite.wordpress.com. And Friday I have a morning meeting with the Pima County Election Integrity Commission. Last night I bullied the chair of the Pima County Libertarian Party a bit and he got the letter to reappoint me to the EIC done. Once the Board of Supervisors acts on it, I am good for another two years.

It looks like I can finally start saving for the Libertarian party convention in New Orleans next summer. And I should even be able to save while sill getting TTRPG material for the campaign I want to run. I have decided to not do a SHADOWRUN campaign even though I love the system but instead I am going to use the Harn setting and the GURPS rules.

I joined another veterans group, this one based upon a squadron I was assigned to back in 1971 for several months. It seems just a place to swap war stories but I am getting to the age where nostalgia has attractions.

I am leaving in about an hour or so in order to play a TTRPG with friends. I am increasingly dissatisfied with the game system, it is a version of D&D, and the campaign setting is not to my liking but I am with friends and that is enough for now. I make no secret of my increasing dislike for D&D in any version.

February 9, 2017

February 8, 2017

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I am tired. I am also frustrated. Still apartment hunting and no luck so far. Remembering what the loan officers at the mortgage sites said about my needing something on my credit report, I went to Sears, bought a couple of shirts, and applied for credit. I got approved for “rent-to-own” but not a credit card. Plus all the frustration of applying for apartments and getting turned down due to the eviction. The last complex I went to, recommended by an apartment hunting website I subscribed to, was way out in the north of Tucson. Once I got there, I discovered that the office was closed with a sign saying that they would return at ten to two. I got there at two thirty, over half an hour after their sign said that they would be back. Probably the sign was wrong but I left anyway. It was just too far north and the bus service would be too limited.

I have been getting some writing done on HIGH TREASON. I have about one third of the word count I want but I am nowhere near close to the end of the story. Plus, I have been pretty thin on a lot of what I wrote so I expect to end up around 45,000 words.

I did find out about that case that the one loan officer mentioned when he first spoke with me about getting a loan. The case where there is supposed to be a $10,000 judgement against me. A friend of mine used to work as a private detective and discovered that the referenced case number had nothing to do with me, the name wasn’t even close. I wonder about that loan company. How did they get that case number and why did they reference it to me? The email that the officer sent me had some very specific information, not true it seems, but someone had to create that information and do it in a very short order.

All day long riding the bus trying to get from one place to another and more of that tomorrow. The bus service here in Tucson is OK, I guess, for light use but this apartment hunting strains my using the bus service. When it takes an hour or more to get from one place to another, plus the time waiting for the bus to arrive, I cannot get a lot done in a day.

February 4, 2017

February 3, 2017

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Bunch of bad news today. I got turned down for an apartment after applying, usually it happens before it gets that far, and I learned that I have a $10,000 judgement against me that I had no idea existed. I knew about being evicted, well duh, but a resulting judgement that large is a total shock. That is about six months pay for me.

How I found out about the judgement is that I started investigating buying a home. Yeah, I am having trouble renting an apartment and I started considering buying a home. The judgement and the fact that, since I haven’t used credit cards for years, I have no credit record killed that. I have one credit card but it isn’t being reported. If I had a bit of credit card debt for the loan company and I didn’t have the judgement, new home here I come. However, it looks like I will be homeless and crashing, sleeping on a chair at a friend’s apartment, is going to last a bit longer.

I got maybe a paragraph written so far today, maybe a little more, since I was hunting an apartment and dealing with the VA for the chance of a home loan. I am going to get some writing done tonight. Tomorrow I will get more done as I probably won’t go apartment hunting due to the poor bus service.


January 28, 2017

January 28, 2017

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Laundry day, since I don’t have a lot of clothes with me, this happens often. So, naturally, the machines at the complex where I am crashed are broken and I have to walk a short distance, thankfully, in order to do my clothes. With luck I will be out of this apartment and into my own soon.

A quiet day, no nuclear war, no massive roundups of whichever minority groups are protesting today. So, I guess a lot of predictions were wrong. I do not like President Trump, his policies for the most part, but the man himself I could not care less about. Most of his policies are statist and thus I oppose them but the man is probably no worse than a lot of Presidents we have had over the last 230 years or so.

I did get some writing done on HIGH TREASON this morning and may get some done tonight. However a guest is arriving and I may visit with him.

Short post, since I am not doing a lot, I don’t have a lot to post about.

January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017

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Out and about today trying to find a new apartment and the leads I followed were all dead ends. Well, maybe one might not be, I’ll find out tomorrow. I have to find a place soon, I am getting tired of crashing on a chair in the living room of friends. It would be easier if the bus service here in Tucson were better.

The weather is still cold for Tucson. That is another thing I am tired of.

I am still working on my writing. I wish I could do nothing but write but since I live alone, that isn’t going to happen. I am the one who does shopping and I am the one who has to go to the doctor for my illnesses and pains, and so forth. I enjoy writing and I hope I am good at it. I hope I bring enjoyment to others.

Not a lot to say today. More tomorrow.

December 10, 2016

December 10, 2016

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Today would have been my dead Brother’s 61st birthday. His full name was Kenneth Daniel Cole; our Father wanted him named Kenneth and our Mother wanted him named Daniel. Dad won the fight as Kenneth was his first name but Mom won the war as he was almost never called that, Dan was the name most often used. He and a cousin were due early in December but they swapped birthdays. Dan was to have been born on the 5th but arrived on the 10th and Philip was the opposite. Both weighed exactly 9 pounds. It is family lore that the doctor who delivered Dan said that if he had known that Philip weighed 9 pounds, he would have added a couple extra ounces to Dan’s weight. I was late, Dan was late, Wally (the next in order) was on time and Eugene (the youngest) was 6 weeks premature. Dan has been dead for about a year and a half now and I still miss him. He was injured in a construction accident 26 years ago now and died as a result. His body gave up fighting the injuries.

Normally on Saturdays I play TTRPG but for the next few months the game session is moved to Sundays. So today I did other stuff. I did get some writing done on HIGH TREASON and some editing done on GENERATION UPON GENERATION. I haven’t picked the name of the villain in HIGH TREASON yet but I am leaning towards the daughter of the present Emperor who wants to kill her mother because her mother will not retire as per custom and let the daughter, Margaret, ascend the throne. If I go this route, I will have to change the background material I have written over the years but that would be no problem. If not Margaret, then whoever it is that is the villain will require some extra work on my part justifying how that person would ascend the throne if the treason goes through. Probably Margaret would be another target as well. I am thinking that it would be easier to have Margaret the villain but I will have to see how the story goes forward as I write it.

I am getting all this done in between bouts of cleaning. I hate housework and right now I am cleaning the bathroom and it is hard work.

I am still throwing away books I no longer read and no longer want. I throw away just a few in each trash can so that I don’t tear the liner but I have three trash cans I use in different rooms so I am making headway. I can’t give these books to the library because they are too old and most are damaged. So the landfill gets them. Ideally, I would never throw books away and I would read each book often enough to justify keeping it but I don’t have the time anymore.

The weather here is staying the same as it has been for the last several days. I am catching up on my sleep, I remember reading a report that stated that sleep is better in slightly cooler conditions and since I don’t use the central heating, I use an electric blanket instead, I satisfy that requirement. All I have to do is keep this up. I doubt that I will be able to do so but I can dream.

For anyone buried under snow, I feel sorry for you. It almost never snows here and even when it does snow, it isn’t much nor does it hang around long. Up on Mt. Lemon and the Catalina Mountains in general, it is a different story. Mt. Lemon is the southern-most natural snow ski resort in the continental USA. The folks up there have never had to resort to artificial snow as far as I can recall. Quite a feat.

August 15, 2016

13th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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It seems that most of the time, when I post on this blog, I am complaining about something. Well, I’m old and that is the clichĂ©. I don’t normally complain about much but it seems that my sleeping problems and the other health issues are taking over my life. And I hate that. I would rather just get on with life.

Turning out these posts every day is hard. It isn’t that I don’t do stuff but for the most part, it is the same stuff every day. There are various things that I do that are different such as tomorrow I chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors and Tuesday I attend the monthly Pima County Libertarian Party meeting but those are the exceptions. I am not one who does exciting adventures every day. I just get on with it and that makes a slice of life blog boring the way I thought. Which is why I started posting just once a week because I didn’t see where my life was greatly exciting. Maybe interesting to some people who wanted to see how others live but not exciting.

I did put another video up on YouTube today. The title is Leave me alone! So far I don’t have a lot of views on those videos and only one subscriber but I expect that as I post more videos, there will be more views, something like an avalanche. I doubt I will ever be as popular as some of the big names, but the idea is to get the ideas out there and start people thinking. And I hope that I do exactly that.

When I started this blog I posted on Wednesdays as well as Sundays. The Wednesday post was a political rant. Since I started the YouTube videos I deleted those posts. So, with this blog getting an update every day, at least so far this month, and my goal of a short video every day, I haven’t kept up with that but it is the goal, and my writing, I can be busy every day doing stuff from start to finish. I do take some time in the evening to relax and unwind, usually by watching a video or playing solitaire or reading. I have a lot of books, if you watch any of my videos you can see a small fraction of my books in the background. I hate to throw books away but I am going to have to start getting rid of a lot of the books I no longer read. Once my apartment is less cluttered, I can start in on some other projects I want to do but which I do not have the space to do now.