March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018

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I finally got my computer back. No problems were solved by the repair shop, but they did tell me what to do. If they had done the work, it would have cost me a lot. As it is, it cost me $50 for them to diagnose any problems. Telling me what to do was free, I guess.

My refrigerator conked out, twice in three days. The management of this apartment complex has been nicer than my old one for maintenance and replacing broken appliances. It costs more to live here, but I prefer it to my old place. The only problem I have is the noise of the sirens and helicopters going to the hospital just a block away. Especially since the helicopters fly low, right over my building as they land and leave.

I have been running around these past few days, trying to get stuff done. I got most of what I wanted to do done but since I was travelling around town, anything I wanted to get done at home got set aside.

I think I mentioned that I am active in the Libertarian Party. I am, in fact, the Pima County Chair. There is a person who wants to run for Federal office but I am having a hard time getting co-operation to get him on the ballot. I doubt that it is intentional, just poor management skills.


February 5, 2018

February 5, 2018

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Still feeling the effects of whatever it was that I had the last week or more. It isn’t so bad now, just a runny nose and some coughing. Nowhere near what it was.

One side effect of this “whatever it is” is that I ruined lunch today. Normally I just pop something into the microwave and have at it. Today, however, I set the timer and did not notice that I set it for 50 minutes instead of 5. About fifteen minutes later, I smell smoke. I will explain in a moment why that is significant. The meal is burned to a crisp and smoke is everywhere. I set the air conditioner to the lowest setting and turned the fan on. (For some reason, the thermostat for my apartment does not let me run the fan alone.) I left the apartment for a while and when I came back, I turned the air conditioner off and opened some windows to clear out the last of the smoke.

Why was it significant that I smelled smoke? My nose does not work right, it never has due to genetics, and so if I smell something, it is significant.

I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. I thought it was a good game. Some of the commercials were well worth watching as well. Since neither team was the Bengals, I had no real preference as to which team should win. I did enjoy the fact that both teams tried  the exact same trick play but only the Eagles did it successfully. And the fact of the last-second “Hail Mary” added some interest to the game. I did not like the poor sportsmanship of the losing quarterback though.

Tomorrow I chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors again. They set up a crony deal with World View and they have not supervised it properly. They didn’t even negotiate the deal properly. However, now World View exploded the balloon on their second test flight. They used hydrogen instead of helium. And, it seems that using hydrogen as they did violates the contract with Pima County as well as several State and Federal laws.

September 29, 2016

September 28, 2016

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I watched the Presidential Debates the other night and was disgusted. And the Old-School wants us to choose between them? Thankfully, there are other options. I cannot support Jill Stein but I can, and do, support Gary Johnson. But the Old-School media tries to deny that he exists much less that he is viable.

Someone finally commented on one of my YouTube videos and asked me to watch his counter to my video. I let two comments on his video pointing out where he is wrong. I am going to have to make a reply video discussing his errors. I am getting noticed finally.

I helped audit the Primary Election for Pima County a few weeks ago and was paid $75 on a prepaid debit card. I spent the morning checking out the balance. It is amazing how fast one can spend money without even thinking about it. I have just over four dollars left, enough for breakfast tomorrow. I don’t have to worry about past then as I get paid my military paycheck Friday. I will help audit the General Election in November and that will be another $75. So, with a Special Election that happened earlier this year I will have $225 to add to my taxable income for tax purposes when I file next year.

I live alone, I never married. So, for those of you who are married or have a live-in partner, think of you having to do all the things the other one does in order to get through life. That is me, I have to do the work of two people so to speak. Thus my writing suffers. And I’m not a social animal so I meet very few people and most of them are already taken or just do not interest me. I wish I were more socially active but then when would I get the time to write? I barely have the time now.

It rained again today for a short while. This is unusual not only because this is a desert but the summer rainy season is over and the winter rainy season won’t start for a couple of months yet. However unusual it is, I am glad for it.

The Cincinnati Bengals play again tomorrow night and I hope that they have their act together, as the old saying goes. The last two games were horrible. Not to the level of the old “Bungles”, and I hope that they do not return to that level of horridness, but it was still bad. The last five seasons gave me a chance to be proud of my being a fan and I do not want to lose that.

Oh well, to bed. I hope that I sleep as well as I did last night. A full nights sleep is so unusual for me anymore, even though a full nights sleep still means multiple trips to the bathroom.

September 21, 2016

September 20, 2016

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Busy day today and another one tomorrow. I got some writing done on GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS and some political writing done. I attended the monthly Pima County Libertarian Party meeting but it wasn’t a meeting just a gathering with some people from the Johnson / Weld campaign. The venue was a small local restaurant and we sat on the patio, next to a busy street so it was hard to hear anything. The food was OK I guess, but messy. At least what I ate was messy. I ended up using about four napkins to clean myself after eating and I can just hope I got it all.

Tomorrow I have a lot to get done. First thing I have to go to the VA for blood work and see the foot doctor, then I want to get a haircut and perhaps a back massage. I have to be back at home in enough time to get ready to attend a forum up in the north side of Tucson. Then home again. Once that is all done, if I can, I need to get a video done for uploading. If you have looked at any of my videos on YouTube or the Facebook pages, you will see just how shaggy I am getting.

Monday I watched the NFL game. I am a Bengals fan and there are a few teams I dislike a lot, some I either like or dislike somewhat but for the large number of the teams I watch the game to see good football. Monday night the game was in that last category but I did not watch a good game. If a game is a blowout I feel cheated. Unless, of course, the team doing the blowout is the Bengals. Monday’s game was no fun to watch and I kept the game on but didn’t really pay that much attention. If Chicago had turned the game around and made it interesting I could have watched more closely. But they didn’t and I didn’t.

The first Presidential Debate (so-called) is in the near future. Using criteria that can only be considered rigged, the Libertarians got no invite. The 15% in the national polls is rubbish. While the election is national in that the President and Vice-President are national offices, the election is not one election. There are fifty elections not one. The polls in the fifty States for that specific State is more telling than a national poll. And in a lot of States Gary Johnson is polling well above 15%, among the military he is almost at 50%, in several States he is well above the 15% goal, but the Democrats and Republicans who control the debates want to keep it to just themselves. I request that you call your local Democrat and Republican party headquarters and demand that they let Gary Johnson debate. The Commission on Presidential Debates is supposed to be independent but it is obviously run for the exclusive benefit of the two old-school parties. If you don’t live in America, then this request does not apply, obviously.

September 17, 2016

September 16, 2016

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Politics all day today. This morning I attended the monthly meeting of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission which went from 9 AM to just after 11 AM, then home and working on an editorial I am writing and rewriting for the Arizona Daily Star. And between now and November 8, the date of the General Election, it will probably just get worse.

I posted a new video to YouTube and both Facebook pages. For those not in America, the Commission on Presidential Debates is a commission owned and operated by the Democrats and Republicans to control the Presidential Debates. They do this for the benefit of the two parties, not the American public. And today they announced that only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be allowed to debate at their event. Big surprise there. Even though over two-thirds of Americans want Gary Johnson on the debate stage, even though Gary Johnson polls enough in the selected polls the Commission uses to be statistically equal to the criteria set, the Commission said no. Big surprise here. The commission is protecting their bosses, the commission does not dare allow Gary Johnson to debate. If Gary Johnson were on the stage he would show just how empty the Democrats and Republicans are. That was the essence of my video.

When I retired from the USAF I went looking for work in the civilian market and didn’t really find it. I got a couple of temporary jobs but nothing substantial and lasting. The closest I cam was with the Census Bureau but there I wasn’t offered a position that gave me the hours I wanted. So, after several years of age discrimination, and I complained to the Federal Government but they refused to do anything, I just gave up and considered myself retired. I wasn’t busy at first but now I am busier than I have been since I left active duty in 1987. None of it pays however. Which is why I have been posting my writing on my other blog, I hoped to get comments that would help me polish my writing so that I could get published. Nobody wants to comment it seems. The only comments I get are from my brother and he doesn’t comment at the blog, he does it by email.

Ah well, life goes on and what I want (what anyone wants) is not necessarily what I get.