September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017

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Halfway through September, and about three-quarters of the way through 2017. Where does time go? Does it go anywhere? I can remember reading somewhere, I think THE NOTEBOOKS OF LAZARUS LONG but I am not sure, that time is just nature’s way to ensure that everything does not happen at once. Finding out where time goes might be an interesting science experiment.

I go the problem solved with the computer program I recently bought, now I just have to learn to use it. I own word-processing and spreadsheet programs that I have never learned to use more than the barest number of the features because I don’t need them. Way back when, during the early days of private computing, there was a word processing program called ELECTRIC PENCIL and it had all I needed, even today I think. I cannot get a program that simple anymore and probably 90% of the features in the word processing or spreadsheet programs I never use.

Today was the September meeting of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission. If you are ever interested, the minutes are now recorded and available on the website for the Commission. Today’s meeting was over an hour and a half long and a good part of that was a meaningless discussion (I think) because one member wanted to get another member to stop sending emails to the commission members by himself, even thought his doing so did not violate the law. The rest of us send everything through the individual deputized by the Election Department to do the minutes and co-ordinate everything else. The same individual who wanted the other to stop sending emails to Commission members seems to have burned bridges between us and the Registrar of Voters as the Commission member wants, if I understand the issue, the Registrar’s Office to stop providing voter data to the local political parties.

On the bus ride to the PCEIC meeting, I got into a discussion about the NFL team I am a fan of, the Cincinnati Bengals. I have been a fan since Day 1 of the team, good times and bad. I mention this because I think the team is heading for another bad stretch. The Head Coach, Marvin Lewis, has done great things bringing the team out from a severe bad time, when everyone referred to “The Bungles” but the rest of the league has adapted to his game plan and he has not changed it to counter the counter-actions of the other teams. The Bengals have started this season with no wins and two losses, and given who they play next week, it probably will be three loses. It has been several years since that has happened. I still support the team, but I am sad at this season’s start.


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