August 9, 2017

August 9, 2017

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The weather has been nice, lots of rain. Rain cools down the atmosphere, often by a lot. But the change in humidity hurts my joints. So, while the weather is nice and rainy, I hurt. I hurt enough that it is hard for me to work up the energy to work on my writing. So, my editing of HIGH TREASON is going slow and working on ELDER’S DILEMMA has stopped for now. Even though I have written about a third of  the book so far, it is an easy book to write. At least, it is so far.

I am thinking of running for political office in 2020. Not the Presidency, but a local office. One of the County Board of Supervisors. I attend the Board public meetings often, and chew the Board out almost every time, and I think I can serve the people of the District better than the incumbent does. Of course I think that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t consider running. But the fact is that the District is primarily contained within the city limits of Tucson and thus gets ignored by the County a lot. The County expects the City to do everything for the residents of the District. The residents pay County Property Taxes (the highest property taxes in Arizona and in the top third of all the Counties in America) but get almost nothing in return. And one reason that the District gets ignored is that the present incumbent is a loyal partisan for one political party and his vote on the Board is taken for granted, he almost never votes against the other members of his party on the Board. As a Libertarian, I would side with both of the political parties on the Board at different times, thus my vote could not be taken for granted and that leverage could be used to improve the lot of the residents of the District.

Are there downsides to this idea? Oh yeah. Once I start to run, I can forget my TTRPG hobby. I will be attending meetings everywhere in the County talking with people on various issues. Once I am elected, that will go down some, but I will still lose most of my free time. Is it worth it? I don’t know if it will be worth it for me, but I believe it will be worth it for the residents of the District.


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