August 8, 2017

August 7, 2017

Posted in Personal tagged at 2:52 am by gruundehn

I have started work on the editing of HIGH TREASON and breaking it into chapters. ELDER’S DILEMMA is going good also. Once that is done, it is back to MAGIC IN THE MONASTRY. I am going to post the chapters of that book differently than I have been doing. Posting all the chapters of all the Elder books on one page was a mistake but one I am going to finish the series with. Reposting the chapters would be too much work for whatever gain I would get.

I got very little done today otherwise, I just got started on the editing and chaptering. Other than that, I did some shopping and ate breakfast out, and a paragraph or two of ELDER’S DILEMMA. Not a lot, just a quick idea that I wanted to get down before I forgot it. For the rest of the day, I loafed and read a book on the Scottish War of Independence. The author wrote the book in 1914, so the language is a bit on the strange side but he does make a good case. I also got another book today, about the Soviet-Polish war of 1919-1921 and the American volunteers who fought for the Poles. It is also a good book.

I got a couple of comments on some videos I posted on YouTube but they were not really about the videos, they were spam. I write this blog just to post, much like a diary. I post chapters on my other blog and I post videos on YouTube in order to gain comments and get almost nothing. Maybe I should get discouraged, but I am not.


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