July 19, 2017

July 19, 2017

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Not as hot as it could be but the humidity is the killing factor today. I waited outside a store to pay a bill, and it was closed due to a meeting. I waited for half an hour, left to do some shopping and walked back. The store was still closed and people were still standing out in the heat and high humidity. This was an hour after the store was supposed to be open. As far as I know, no one passed out due to heat stroke or heat exhaustion but having to stand around in the heat like that is dangerous. And this was a customer service center. Customer service is their mission, not meetings. I intend to go back on Friday, I post a chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION tomorrow, and explain good management practices to the incompetent person in charge of that store.

Last night was the monthly meeting of the local Libertarian Party. It was a good one, if the Chairman can keep his health up, he is recovering from heart problems, we should start doing some real good. I am coming around to the idea of running for political office. Specific office, the Pima County Board of Supervisors District 5 office. If I run, especially if I win, my hobbies go down the tubes. I won’t have time, regular time, for meeting with friends for TTRPG. I might keep writing, and maybe even write a campaign for TTRPG, but any hobby like TTRPG that requires regular attendance, is gone. The election is not until 2020, so I will see.

If I get any writing done today, it will be this evening. Right now I am trying to recover from the humidity. I can stand the heat, I have lived here for almost 30 years straight and another 5 or so off and on from 1971 on. The humidity is worse for me every year for the last few years now. Another reason not to move away from Tucson. If the humidity here is bothering me, going somewhere where the humidity in summer is always high will be worse.


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