July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

Posted in Personal tagged , at 10:48 pm by gruundehn

A hot day today for me. It isn’t as hot as it has been recently, but I had to take a long walk to fix my bus pass problem. I called Sun Tran and discovered that my old card had expired, which is why it would not work yesterday, so I had to walk to where I could buy a new one and then call Sun Tran again and get my pass transferred over to the new card. The humidity is high enough that my sweat did not evaporate immediately, so my shirt is soaked. Once home, I drank a huge amount of water just to stop feeling thirsty. That was about an hour and a half walking down to the store, getting my new card registered, doing a little bit of grocery shopping and walking back. At least it was exercise; which I need.

I did get some writing done this morning. I decided to not kill off a character I introduced in this book so I sent him off to a far-off planet to save his life. I am going to have a lot of bloodshed at the end of HIGH TREASON anyway, so why not save this guy’s life. His granddaughters are staying on Earth, something that will make the main character’s life a little more complicated. As if it wasn’t complicated enough anyway.



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