July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017

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It looks like rain is coming today. Now, if you are living in an area where it rains often, that may seem like no big deal; but, Tucson is in a desert. Tucson has five seasons: Winter, Spring, Fire, Rain, Fall. And, since the rainy season is running late this year, the fact that it is raining over the Rincon Mountains and the Santa Catalina Mountains, and it looks like the storm is headed towards Tucson itself, is a great event. At least, locally a great event.

The bus ride to church this morning cost me an extra $2. I buy a monthly pass for $45 but this morning the fare kiosk refused to accept my pass and I had to pay $2 to ride. The fare is actually $1.75 but all I had was $2 and the kiosk does not give change. Any other Sunday I might have skipped church but not today. Today I was a Lector, one who reads one of the lessons, plus a friend of mine is leaving Tucson and going back to Ohio this coming week, so today was his going away party. He and I were at the same air base at different times together. We are also both writers, he is married so his wife does things I have to do for myself, and thus he writes more.

Speaking of writing, I am re-editing ENTRANCE EXAMINATION in preparation for taking it off my other blog and offering it, and the other four novels in the series, for publication. I started my other blog in hopes of getting comments about my writing so I could improve, but I never get any. I did get a few comments from my youngest brother; but not on the blog, in private emails. Why no one comments on my novels, no one says. I do get people liking a specific chapter, which seems odd unless they read the other chapters in the novel but say nothing about them. I do want to write stories that people enjoy but so far, I have no clue if I am doing that.


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