July 7, 2017

July 7, 2017

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I am beginning to not like this time of year. Not because of the heat, specifically, but because of what the heat is doing to my joints. I can stand the heat, indeed I like it a bit. However, this year, with the coming of summer, my knees are in pain whenever I change attitude. When I sit down, or stand up, my knees hurt while I do it. And they hurt for a while after the change in attitude. When I was at the doctor’s yesterday, the screening nurse asked (when I told her about this) tp give a number with 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain I could imagine. I said 3. My eldest brother, dead now three years, when describing the continuing pain from his construction accident always said 12. He was quite the guy my brother and I miss him. When he graduated from the University of Arizona, he wore the cap and gown but put the mortarboard cap on top of his cowboy hat. He wanted to extend a false hand and leave it when accepting his diploma but the University said one or the other, so he went with the cowboy hat.

So, I was out all morning shopping and I was so tired when I got home that I went over to a convenience store to buy some bread (I had not bought any earlier because I expected to get some at the convenience store) so I could make a couple of sandwiches for lunch and found out that they no longer carried bread. I was starting to go into hypoglycemia so I grabbed some snack cakes and gobbled them down. However, that didn’t seem enough so I stopped in at a fast food joint and grabbed a meal. I did not want to pass out in the middle of the street as I came home. Once home, I took a nap. Now, I am writing this and I intend to get back to HIGH TREASON this evening. Busy day, wasn’t it?

Some of the poems that other bloggers post have been interesting and I am not one who is a fan of poetry. I write prose, novels specifically. I don’t think in terms of poetry, I think in terms of stories. Long stories. I almost never seem to be able to get my point across in a short story. I have one short story that I posted here instead of my other blog and that is the only short story I have ever done that I am willing to put out into the public. I do have to transfer that story over to my other blog though. All my other short stories seem incomplete, as if I am telling only half the tale, or worse. Now, these blog posts could be considered short stories in terms of word count, but I am not telling a story here, that is my other blog, here I am just recounting my day and trying to stay active with my writing, especially on days like today when I am too busy with other stuff and get little, if any, writing done. For some reason, perhaps because this is public and other people read it, I have kept at this longer than any other time I have tried to keep a journal.


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