July 7, 2017

July 6, 2017

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Not a lot done today, I most definitely did not post a chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION. I really didn’t have the time, my doctors appointment was too late in the day and when I got back home, I got a couple of items in the mail that I had ordered and I read them. So, grocery shopping tomorrow, I didn’t get that done earlier this week, and next week I post. Even though I have written only about half the number of words I am aiming for, I am close to ending HIGH TREASON. The future I set these stories in is a bloody one. And when I end the series, I will leave no continuation open. I might continue the universe but the stories will be different. However, I have too much to write, and finish writing, before I revisit this universe.

My doctor’s appointment went well. The only dark cloud is a future colonoscopy. I have already had one and I do not want to have another, but I will have one because I need it. I do a lot of stuff that I do not want to do because I need to do them, such as my insulin shots. I have a phobia about needles, that is what everyone else calls it, I think it isn’t a phobia as I think it is very rational. At the VA I did refuse a Shingles shot and a Pneumonia shoot and a flu shot, those I doubt I need enough to risk getting the shot.

Looking at the weather report, it looks like rain is coming next week. Here in the desert, rain is a welcome sight. I can remember when I was assigned to Davis-Monthan AFB back in the 1970’s, during the rainy season it would rain two or three times a week regular as clockwork. About 1 PM to 3 PM it would rain and the temperature would drop a good twenty or twenty-five degrees and the rest of the afternoon and evening would be nice. Now, when it does rain, it is just as likely to rain in the evening or overnight as any other time. Don’t get me wrong, this is the desert and we need rain, especially since we are coming out of a twenty-year drought. I just miss the afternoon rain and the gorgeous sunsets that came with them.


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