July 2, 2017

July 2, 2017

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When I was thirteen years old I first started wearing glasses and my feet reached size thirteen. I can remember, on a family trip to Indianapolis, visiting a shoe store called, I think, Stroud’s and being very excited about being given a wide choice in shoes that fit not only the length but the width of my long and narrow feet. Now, I still wear glasses, but my feet have reached size fifteen. Getting shoes here in Tucson that fit, and are comfortable, is harder. Since I carried the American Flag in church today, in celebration of July 4th, I wore a pair of shoes that I bought some time ago, and rarely wear. My feet no longer fit the shoes. So I decided today. I think I remember that the shoes are size fourteen and that is the reason that they felt tight. I need to get a pair of fancy shoes in size fifteen and that is going to be hard. I cannot make it to Indianapolis and visit Stroud’s (if I remember the name right) where there would probably be shoes that fit and in various styles.

I haven’t done any writing today, once home from church, I laid down and read. I am reading a book about OPERATION MINCEMEAT, the use of a dead body to plant false information about the invasion of Sicily during WW II. Interesting story.

The heat here in Tucson is still going strong and the rains haven’t started yet. However, the humidity is starting to rise in preparation for the coming rain. And the combination of heat and humidity is not doing well on my joints. At night I get my apartment chilly and that helps me sleep well. I still await the bees no longer buzzing around in my backyard so I can use it as a backyard.


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