July 29, 2017

July 29, 2017

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I have been preparing for a hospital visit all week. I went in for a colonoscopy and stayed overnight. That was not fun, in any sense of the word. I could not eat Thursday, nor Friday. I only had some beef broth mixed with vegetable broth Thursday and the diuretic Thursday night and Friday morning. I used Gatorade for the mixer so that I would get some sugar and nutrients. I got to the VA in plenty of time and the staff prepped me. I found out later, this morning, that they broke my cane while doing it. The examination went fine, except the nurse placed a catheter in my hand and it hurt the entire time I had it in. IT came out this morning and bled badly as a result. Anyway, I got into a room for recovery and stayed overnight. The colonoscopy gave me a huge air bubble in my gut so I spent the day burping and farting, except one fart, at about 3 AM, was much more than a fart. I felt sorry for the nurses who had to clean that up.

Anyway, I was discharged this morning and it took almost three hours to get home because the busses run so much less on the weekends and I just missed a couple of connections. Thankfully, there was no game this weekend. The son of one of the players is sick, not that I am thankful that the boy is sick, but the child is sick and the game got cancelled. Which is good sine I would have been two hours late for the game because of the bus schedule.

Because of the preparation for the colonoscopy, I did not post the last chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION. I did get HIGH TREASON pretty well finished, I need to go back and edit it and put the chapters in. Then I can start in on ELDER’S DILEMMA. Once that is posted, I will leave the series up for a week or so, and then remove it. I made a mistake in posting it all on one page. Too many chapters for the books. For MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY I will post a chapter a page and see how that works in getting comments.

It rained a great deal yesterday and is raining a good deal now. In Tucson, the summer rain season is about half the rainfall we get each year. This year has bee great. Good strong storms that are several times a week is just what we need.


July 24, 2017

July 23, 2017

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The weather has been wonderful, it has been raining a lot. Yeah, in the desert we look forward to rain. If I were to move somewhere back East where rain is more normal, I wouldn’t like it probably. Although, I am weird enough that I might. The rain the other day hit so fast and so hard that walking back from a restaurant where I was having dinner soaked my shoes and socks. And that was just over a few hundred yards. I had waited until the hard part was over and the rain was just a light rain, but the standing (and flowing) water in the crosswalk, the sidewalks, and in my apartment complex was deep and not going away quickly. The sewer system in Tucson is all right for most of  the year but totally inadequate during rainstorms. It rained a little earlier today and looks like it will rain hard again this evening. I look forward to it. As long as I can stay out of the rain and runoff. The walkway right in front of my apartment, and a few on either side, has a nice deep pool of water when it rains. I try to stay indoors so I don’t have to walk through it, but if I have been away and it rained, I have to walk through it and I do not like that. Last night, after gaming with my TTRPG group, I had to walk through it once I was at the apartment complex.

At church a guy I was talking with mentioned being part of an optimist club and I made the bad joke about eye doctors. He had never heard that before. I love my bad jokes, but that one is so old I was, and still am, surprised that he had never heard it before. I love my bad jokes. I have never gotten anyone to throw something at me, although I came close once, but I have my hopes.

July 19, 2017

July 19, 2017

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Not as hot as it could be but the humidity is the killing factor today. I waited outside a store to pay a bill, and it was closed due to a meeting. I waited for half an hour, left to do some shopping and walked back. The store was still closed and people were still standing out in the heat and high humidity. This was an hour after the store was supposed to be open. As far as I know, no one passed out due to heat stroke or heat exhaustion but having to stand around in the heat like that is dangerous. And this was a customer service center. Customer service is their mission, not meetings. I intend to go back on Friday, I post a chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION tomorrow, and explain good management practices to the incompetent person in charge of that store.

Last night was the monthly meeting of the local Libertarian Party. It was a good one, if the Chairman can keep his health up, he is recovering from heart problems, we should start doing some real good. I am coming around to the idea of running for political office. Specific office, the Pima County Board of Supervisors District 5 office. If I run, especially if I win, my hobbies go down the tubes. I won’t have time, regular time, for meeting with friends for TTRPG. I might keep writing, and maybe even write a campaign for TTRPG, but any hobby like TTRPG that requires regular attendance, is gone. The election is not until 2020, so I will see.

If I get any writing done today, it will be this evening. Right now I am trying to recover from the humidity. I can stand the heat, I have lived here for almost 30 years straight and another 5 or so off and on from 1971 on. The humidity is worse for me every year for the last few years now. Another reason not to move away from Tucson. If the humidity here is bothering me, going somewhere where the humidity in summer is always high will be worse.

July 16, 2017

July16, 2017

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It is a warm and humid day here in Tucson. Not as hot as it has been but the humidity makes it worse. I have lived here in Tucson since 1988 and I do not like the humid weather. If I ever moved somewhere else, not likely, it would be probably a lot more humid than Tucson is as a general rule and I would hate that. I don’t mind the heat but I do mind the humidity. It has been raining for several of the recent nights and that helps. Normally, when it rains here during the rainy season, the rain comes from the South but these last rainstorms have come from the North or the North-East. The small patio in my backyard is on the north side of the building, so I cannot sit and watch the rain storm without getting soaked. I am getting old, I no longer like getting soaked.

Church this morning was all right, the sermon made me think a bit. The Rector of Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is hard to get out of the pulpit, he gives the sermon every Sunday he can. It is a rare event that he is present and doesn’t give the sermon. The Associate Rector conducts the service and occasionally gives a sermon. A deacon might give a sermon once in a while, or maybe a lay person with a special message. However, out of the 52 Sundays, the Rector will give a sermon on at least 40 of them. The problem with his sermons is that I usually cannot sleep through them. OK, bad joke.

As I am often online reading news or, as right now, posting a thought online either here or on a comment thread, Windows often sends me an unwelcome notice that I have an email. Why is it unwelcome? Well, the notice shows up on the right side of my screen – right where I would be placing the cursor to move the screen or select from my Favorites list. I have to wait for the notice to go away or I have to click on the little X to close the notice and if several emails arrive in a row, I am stuck until that queue goes away. And I cannot often ignore the notices and use my cursor as where I need to put the cursor for a selection is right in the notice – opening an email that I don’t want to deal with at that moment. I cannot find a way to shut off that email notice application. I haven’t selected it, it came installed with the update.

July 11, 2017

July 11, 2017

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It rained last night. A huge storm. I was going to go out onto my patio and watch it for a while, even though it was around 2 AM, but my patio faces north and that was where the rain was coming from. I would have been soaked in seconds. As it was, I did watch from my French Doors in my bedroom for a little while but since I could not see much, I quit and went back to bed. The ground in my small backyard was saturated this morning.

I went down to the Board of Supervisors meeting this morning and chewed them out. Not that it did any good, Chicken Little was still screaming how hot it is getting. Is Tucson getting hotter? Yes, probably. However, the increase is due to all the concrete and asphalt put down over the years. If Tucson went back to the population of 1970 and eliminated all the construction since then to support the increased population, the temperature would be at the level it was in 1970, if not cooler.

I haven’t done any writing today, I had to stop off at the Post Office and take care of a small matter and that took a lot of time as the Post Office was crowded. Then, the bus schedule means that it takes a long time to get anywhere. So, even though I left the Board of Supervisors’ meeting about 11 AM, I didn’t get home until almost 1:30 PM. And after checking email, and now posting this, that has been the day so far. I do intend to write this evening. I am almost at the climax of HIGH TREASON and once I finish that off, it will be the editing and re-writing. The light is at the end of the tunnel for HIGH TREASON, and it is not an oncoming train. At least, I hope it isn’t. I will see tomorrow when I really jump into my writing. I wish, sometimes, that I had someone living with me who could take care of all the non-writing stuff that has to get done so I can concentrate on writing. However, that would mean a lot of the other stuff that I do such as politics, would suffer. I will keep things the way they are and plug on when I can.

July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

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A hot day today for me. It isn’t as hot as it has been recently, but I had to take a long walk to fix my bus pass problem. I called Sun Tran and discovered that my old card had expired, which is why it would not work yesterday, so I had to walk to where I could buy a new one and then call Sun Tran again and get my pass transferred over to the new card. The humidity is high enough that my sweat did not evaporate immediately, so my shirt is soaked. Once home, I drank a huge amount of water just to stop feeling thirsty. That was about an hour and a half walking down to the store, getting my new card registered, doing a little bit of grocery shopping and walking back. At least it was exercise; which I need.

I did get some writing done this morning. I decided to not kill off a character I introduced in this book so I sent him off to a far-off planet to save his life. I am going to have a lot of bloodshed at the end of HIGH TREASON anyway, so why not save this guy’s life. His granddaughters are staying on Earth, something that will make the main character’s life a little more complicated. As if it wasn’t complicated enough anyway.


July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017

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It looks like rain is coming today. Now, if you are living in an area where it rains often, that may seem like no big deal; but, Tucson is in a desert. Tucson has five seasons: Winter, Spring, Fire, Rain, Fall. And, since the rainy season is running late this year, the fact that it is raining over the Rincon Mountains and the Santa Catalina Mountains, and it looks like the storm is headed towards Tucson itself, is a great event. At least, locally a great event.

The bus ride to church this morning cost me an extra $2. I buy a monthly pass for $45 but this morning the fare kiosk refused to accept my pass and I had to pay $2 to ride. The fare is actually $1.75 but all I had was $2 and the kiosk does not give change. Any other Sunday I might have skipped church but not today. Today I was a Lector, one who reads one of the lessons, plus a friend of mine is leaving Tucson and going back to Ohio this coming week, so today was his going away party. He and I were at the same air base at different times together. We are also both writers, he is married so his wife does things I have to do for myself, and thus he writes more.

Speaking of writing, I am re-editing ENTRANCE EXAMINATION in preparation for taking it off my other blog and offering it, and the other four novels in the series, for publication. I started my other blog in hopes of getting comments about my writing so I could improve, but I never get any. I did get a few comments from my youngest brother; but not on the blog, in private emails. Why no one comments on my novels, no one says. I do get people liking a specific chapter, which seems odd unless they read the other chapters in the novel but say nothing about them. I do want to write stories that people enjoy but so far, I have no clue if I am doing that.

July 7, 2017

July 7, 2017

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I am beginning to not like this time of year. Not because of the heat, specifically, but because of what the heat is doing to my joints. I can stand the heat, indeed I like it a bit. However, this year, with the coming of summer, my knees are in pain whenever I change attitude. When I sit down, or stand up, my knees hurt while I do it. And they hurt for a while after the change in attitude. When I was at the doctor’s yesterday, the screening nurse asked (when I told her about this) tp give a number with 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain I could imagine. I said 3. My eldest brother, dead now three years, when describing the continuing pain from his construction accident always said 12. He was quite the guy my brother and I miss him. When he graduated from the University of Arizona, he wore the cap and gown but put the mortarboard cap on top of his cowboy hat. He wanted to extend a false hand and leave it when accepting his diploma but the University said one or the other, so he went with the cowboy hat.

So, I was out all morning shopping and I was so tired when I got home that I went over to a convenience store to buy some bread (I had not bought any earlier because I expected to get some at the convenience store) so I could make a couple of sandwiches for lunch and found out that they no longer carried bread. I was starting to go into hypoglycemia so I grabbed some snack cakes and gobbled them down. However, that didn’t seem enough so I stopped in at a fast food joint and grabbed a meal. I did not want to pass out in the middle of the street as I came home. Once home, I took a nap. Now, I am writing this and I intend to get back to HIGH TREASON this evening. Busy day, wasn’t it?

Some of the poems that other bloggers post have been interesting and I am not one who is a fan of poetry. I write prose, novels specifically. I don’t think in terms of poetry, I think in terms of stories. Long stories. I almost never seem to be able to get my point across in a short story. I have one short story that I posted here instead of my other blog and that is the only short story I have ever done that I am willing to put out into the public. I do have to transfer that story over to my other blog though. All my other short stories seem incomplete, as if I am telling only half the tale, or worse. Now, these blog posts could be considered short stories in terms of word count, but I am not telling a story here, that is my other blog, here I am just recounting my day and trying to stay active with my writing, especially on days like today when I am too busy with other stuff and get little, if any, writing done. For some reason, perhaps because this is public and other people read it, I have kept at this longer than any other time I have tried to keep a journal.

July 6, 2017

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Not a lot done today, I most definitely did not post a chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION. I really didn’t have the time, my doctors appointment was too late in the day and when I got back home, I got a couple of items in the mail that I had ordered and I read them. So, grocery shopping tomorrow, I didn’t get that done earlier this week, and next week I post. Even though I have written only about half the number of words I am aiming for, I am close to ending HIGH TREASON. The future I set these stories in is a bloody one. And when I end the series, I will leave no continuation open. I might continue the universe but the stories will be different. However, I have too much to write, and finish writing, before I revisit this universe.

My doctor’s appointment went well. The only dark cloud is a future colonoscopy. I have already had one and I do not want to have another, but I will have one because I need it. I do a lot of stuff that I do not want to do because I need to do them, such as my insulin shots. I have a phobia about needles, that is what everyone else calls it, I think it isn’t a phobia as I think it is very rational. At the VA I did refuse a Shingles shot and a Pneumonia shoot and a flu shot, those I doubt I need enough to risk getting the shot.

Looking at the weather report, it looks like rain is coming next week. Here in the desert, rain is a welcome sight. I can remember when I was assigned to Davis-Monthan AFB back in the 1970’s, during the rainy season it would rain two or three times a week regular as clockwork. About 1 PM to 3 PM it would rain and the temperature would drop a good twenty or twenty-five degrees and the rest of the afternoon and evening would be nice. Now, when it does rain, it is just as likely to rain in the evening or overnight as any other time. Don’t get me wrong, this is the desert and we need rain, especially since we are coming out of a twenty-year drought. I just miss the afternoon rain and the gorgeous sunsets that came with them.

July 4, 2017

July 4, 2017

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On July 2, 1776 the Continental Congress passed the Declaration of Independence, with the signing starting that day and continuing for several months as delegates arrived or got authorization to sign. On July 4, 1776 the Declaration was published to the public. So, July 4 has become Independence Day ever since. So, today we Americans celebrate our birthday. My Mother was born on January 14th but for some reason she always celebrated her birthday on January 13th. Same sort of thing.

So, what did I do yesterday? I got a little work done and played TTRPG with my friends. And once home, I had dinner and read email and went to bed. Real busy day. Not! What am I doing today? Getting work done on HIGH TREASON. I couldn’t post a chapter of GENERATION UPON GENERATION last Thursday and I will be late posting this Thursday because of a doctor’s appointment, but I am reaching the end of that book. I need to have HIGH TREASON done in a few weeks. And by done, I mean written, chaptered and edited. And I want to have a good start on ELDER’S DILEMMA when I start posting HIGH TREASON. I have another book or two kind of ready to work on, on both I have done a lot of work in the past, and I hope I can finish them quickly enough so that I can be working on HOUSE FOURTEEN while posting them and continue posting a chapter a week. However, once I start posting either MAGIC IN THE MONASTRY or THE GOD’S TALE, I intend to take down the Elder stories, edit them again and offer them for publication as a single effort. Five books averaging around 45,000 words for a total of 235,000 words roughly.

Since I have a backyard, I intend to watch fireworks tonight. I can sit in my backyard and watch them go off in some comfort.

Tomorrow I am going shopping. First to a department store to get a laundry cart, bring it home and assemble it. Then use it to go grocery shopping, perhaps twice. With some luck, that will last me the rest of the month and my next check can be grocery free and I can start seriously saving for the Libertarian Party convention next year in New Orleans.

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