June 28, 2017

June 28, 2017

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I deliberately skipped my morning medicines today because I had to have blood drawn and I had to fast for that. If I had given myself my medicines, I probably would have passed out before I could eat something. I almost did anyway. It takes an hour and a half, more-or-less, to get to the VA Medical Center and there is no knowing how long the wait will be at the outpatient lab before I would be called in for the vampires to do their thing. So, I got it done and headed for the canteen at the other end of the medical center for breakfast. Naturally, there was a line. And naturally, I had to wait for one of the items I ordered. However, I got my food and while my back was starting to sweat, I got enough in me fast enough to avoid hypoglycemia.

Once the blood draw was over and the gauze taped in place, I began to lower the sleeve of my shirt. This dislodged the gauze and now I have bloodstains along the sleeve of a white shirt. A brand-new shirt. I hope the stain washes out. Because the humidity is so low here in Tucson, it dried very quickly, which may cause problems getting it out.

Because of this, I haven’t gotten any writing done today and because of a doctor’s appointment and my TTRPG group tomorrow, nothing then either. The chapter I normally post on Thursdays I will try to get posted on Friday but that is payday so I may miss the entire week.


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