June 27, 2017

June 27, 2017

Posted in Personal tagged , , at 10:29 pm by gruundehn

Still hot here in Tucson, but it is Summer and the Sonoran Desert. I have spent the day writing, HIGH TREASON, and little else.

I did get a shirt I ordered from Zazzle.com. I used a blank long-sleeved t-shirt and had them print on the front and back: I am the Libertarian your dictator warned you against. I plan to order some more shirts, but instead of “dictator” I will use Democrat or Republican. Should be a nice conversation starter.

HIGH TREASON is about halfway done in terms of word count but since I have not done an outline preparation, my target of 45,000 words may not be accurate. I may go longer but I do not want to end up shorter. I think 45,000 words is a good length to tell a story, there are good stories that are longer, but with some books that are longer, I get the feel of padding. I don’t argue against padding, sometimes you have to expand a section and that can feel like padding to someone else, so what I think of as padding might not be. A lot of style is subjective.

I often think of something I wanted to put into one of these posts about an hour or so after I publish the post and then forget it until I publish another post. I have been sitting here, trying to fool myself into remembering what it is more that  I want to post and I cannot.


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