June 27, 2017

June 26, 2017

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Another warm day in Tucson. I spent very little time doing anything outdoors. I still have bees hanging around my backyard but I seem to have picked up a couple of lizards as well. I am not familiar with lizards, not like military aircraft, so don’t ask me what they are. I don’t know, other than lizard.

It still hasn’t done any real raining but I don’t expect any until on or after the 4th in spite of what the Weather service says is the start of the monsoon season. Lots of clouds though and I like that. Clouds presage rain.

I did get a lot of writing done on HIGH TREASON and the plot has taken a couple of twists in the rewrite. In the original that I threw away because I didn’t like where it was going, and I needed to kill off the Emperor Caroline, I had a different set of events that took place. I still am following the basic plot I had in mind but the events are somewhat different. Feel free to stop over on my other blog christophercolesite.wordpress.com and read the two books I have finished posting there and the third book, in the process of posting there. I welcome any comments on my writing as I want to improve.

A friend of mine gave me a copy of Heinlein’s JOB. He complained that the book eliminated any chance for sequels or spinoffs. My books in the Elder series will do the same but I am not going to say how right now. Some of the other books I want to finish, such as MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY do not eliminate the chance for sequels. HOUSE FOURTEEN is going to be a mass of sequels. It is a good thing I enjoy writing, I could do nothing but write for the rest of my life and not get all my stories done. And I couldn’t do that because I need to grocery shop, eat, sleep, do other shopping, and so forth. All by myself.


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