June 25, 2017

June 25, 2017

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I just got back from a radio show. The host of the show, it is actually bought time on the station like an infomercial, had attended the Libertarian Party meeting last week and invited me. I hadn’t ever been on the radio before so I grabbed the chance and I hope people liked what I said.

It is hot still, the heat wave hasn’t broken yet. It looks like it might rain which will be welcome. A few years ago the National Weather Service changed the definition of when the annual monsoon starts and stops. It used to be when the humidity was at or above a certain level for three days in a row for the start and when the humidity went below that level for three days. Now, it is a specific date on the calendar for both the start and the stop. So, we are in the official monsoon season but no rain yet.

My new phone was acting up for a while but seems to be over that for now. For a couple of days it flickered most of the time it was on, now it seems over that. I hope it was just that I was out in the heat too much. Electronics is so heat sensitive.

Not a lot to say today. So, this is a short post. Maybe tomorrow will be a day I can justify a thousand words or a good picture.


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