June 24, 2017

June 24, 2017

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Another hot day here in Tucson and I had to go grocery shopping. This being Saturday, the bus I would be using runs on a reduced schedule. From the time I got off the bus near the grocery store to when I had to be at the bus stop waiting for the bus was fifteen minutes or an hour and fifteen minutes. I couldn’t get my shopping done fast enough and I couldn’t stay in the grocery store for all the extra time needed, so I finished and went to a fast food place and had a hot fudge sundae. Lucky me, I had enough time to kill that the extraordinary wait for the sundae didn’t make me late for the bus. For some reason, I had to wait for almost twenty minutes for a hot fudge sundae, nothing else, just the one item.

I did watch a couple episodes of ARROW this morning and will watch a couple more later. The series is darker than what I remember the comic being, but I still like it. I always enjoyed the Green Arrow, Batman, and the Flash comics as a child. Both Green Arrow and Batman had exactly what they needed when they needed it, talk about planning ahead, and the Flash could do so much with his speed trick.

I bought off of a download RPG site a copy of the latest version of TRAVELLER. I have been playing TTRPG for 40 years now and I started with D&D and I have gotten to hate that system. I haven’t read the rulebook for TRAVELLER yet but I am hoping for something I can enjoy. I am also collecting the HARN setting and HARNMASTER system. With those two I should be able to have something that is not D&D for future play.

I still want to go out into my backyard and enjoy the scenery, the Catalina Mountains, but I still have bees and even through they have been identified as drones and thus without stingers, I hesitate. I am paying a slightly higher rent because I have a backyard and I am afraid to use it.


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