June 23, 2017

June 23, 2017

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Laundry day and I got only some of my laundry done. Actually, basically just the socks. I wear white socks, all of a single pattern so I don’t have to worry about matching. However, the socks are wearing out and getting new socks is going to be hard. My feet have gotten bigger over the years. At age 13 my feet were size 13 (American) and stayed that size until about ten years ago when they went to 13 1/2. Now they are 15. Try finding socks that size. It isn’t easy and most of the socks I do find are crazy clown socks. I just want simple socks. I get it that my feet are hard to fit, I just don’t like it. It was fun years ago when I could find proper sized shoes and socks; now, it has stopped being fun. It hasn’t been fun for years.

I got a chapter posted yesterday and I got a lot written today. I like where HIGH TREASON is going. I watched a guy making a sign, I presume he is homeless since it was the sort of sign I see often asking for handouts; and, I got an idea for another book. I have to stop getting ideas for books. This idea, which I will never do probably, is that I make a sign saying “I need a million dollars for a project. Can you help with something help me meet my goal?” The project, of course, is a book on collecting a million dollars from strangers. I would have to keep track of the details of my collection efforts in order to make the book valid, which is why I would never do it. I have too many book projects already and this one would take forever and prevent me from working on any other book project. It seems a fun idea though. If you decide to do it, and I wish you luck, I get 10% for the idea.

I haven’t been to my backyard for a while, yes I know the bees are supposed to be drones without stingers, but I stay away anyway. I need to rake and sweep up all the dead bees and throw them away and I need to seal up the hole in the wall that the bees were using to make a hive in. Once that is sealed up, maybe the bees will no longer hang around and I can spend some time out back. I have a very good view of the Catalina Mountains, and I enjoy looking at the mountains. The mountains ringing Tucson are one of the reasons I moved back here.


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