June 22, 2017

June 21, 2017

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Tucson is in a desert. The Sonoran Desert to be exact. So, it gets hot in the summer. It is summer, today has been hot, over 45 degrees C. And there is enough moisture in the air to make it miserable, and perhaps to trigger rainstorms. As I was just out, I looked to the east and saw beautiful dark clouds. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

I got some shopping and bill paying done today. I forgot my shopping list so I wandered around in the store trying to remember what I wanted. Plus, there was a whole part of the list that I did not even try to remember. I lost my uniform ribbon bar with all the award ribbons a few months ago and I need to replace it. I wear my ribbons when doing something “veteran” such as carrying the American Flag at church on specific occasions such as Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, and Independence Day. So, Friday I will have to go back with the list and replace what has been lost.

Tomorrow is posting day, another chapter in GENERATION UPON GENERATION goes up. Friday I have to get a lot more done on HIGH TREASON. Saturday is going to be a binge watching of ARROW Season One. I hope to finish that season off and start on Season Two. I have Season Three as well, and intend to buy Season Four soon. I have the first two seasons of FLASH and intend to buy Season Three soon as well. Once I am caught up with the backlog, I can just watch episodes when I but a new season but only one episode a day, binge watching kind of dulls my mind.

At the Libertarian Party meeting last night I mentioned an idea that I am toying with. I just might run for political office. Specifically, the County Supervisor office for the District I live in. The incumbent is a Democrat, one of three on the five position Board. Since the District overlaps the incorporated area of the City of Tucson, the County does very little for the amount of property taxes the District generates. Since I would make the composition 2-2-1, I would be a swing vote. Especially as, being a Libertarian, I would agree with the Democrats on some issues and with the Republicans on some issues. To make a selfish point, I could bring home more bacon to the District that the incumbent can. I hate to put it that crudely, and I do not like the concept of selling myself on those terms, but it is a good back-up to running on the issues. I will have to think on it.


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