June 17, 2017

June 17, 2017

Posted in Personal tagged , , at 11:12 pm by gruundehn

Do I have a lot to talk about today? Nope. I spent all day binge watching the TV series ARROW.

Actually, I started last night and continued today. I bought the first season a while back and I am trying to get through it. I actually have the first three seasons but I have never finished watching season one, so I have started yesterday and am continuing until I finish season one. Once I am past that hurdle, the other seasons I have I will watch in a more leisurely manner. Say, maybe, an episode or two an evening.

I always enjoyed Green Arrow, Flash and Batman comics when I was much younger. Green Arrow and Batman because they could always grab the right gadget for the job and Flash because DC Comics could do more with that single trick of speed that anyone should have a right to expect. Neither the Arrow not the Flash series are true to the comics but they are close enough to be enjoyable. Arrow is darker than the comics were when I was growing up but that is not much of a problem for me.


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