June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017

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I got a lot of writing done this morning and I started going over ENTRANCE EXAMINATION in hopes of getting it published. I will be bundling all five of the books in this series and offering them as a single to the various agents and publishers. I think that having the five books completed will make it easier to get accepted. I do want to add detail to the books, for example, I never describe Constance the wife of the main character. She isn’t in the books much, in HIGH TREASON she is already dead, except as a touchstone for Elder. Even so, I should describe her.

I still am leery of spending time in my backyard because of the bees. Supposedly, they are drone bees and thus without stingers. I just do not want to risk it. I do have to get a rake and rake up all the dead bees laying about. There were a lot of them before the exterminator dealt with the forming hive and now, there are a lot more. I need to get rid of them.

Tomorrow I post the next chapter in GENERATION UPON GENERATION. I am getting towards the end of that book and need to have HIGH TREASON done in time. I may have to start writing when I am now watching a video or reading something. I only have less than 20,000 words done in HIGH TREASON and I am aiming for 50,000. I will see. Getting a lot done as I did today will make it easier to finish when I want. I just need to stop throwing away huge chunks because I changed my mind about something I wrote already. If I can get HIGH TREASON done in the next couple of weeks, I can seriously start on ELDER’S DILEMMA. And, get the previous books rewritten enough to my satisfaction. But, I always rewrite when I reread my writing.

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