June 11, 2017

June 11, 2017

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Summer is here and I hesitate to go out into my backyard because of the bees. I had a hive but the apartment management took care of that problem. Now, there are still bees in the backyard but the exterminator says that those are drone bees, without stingers. I still hesitate to go into the backyard. I was out there a couple of evening ago, reading after sunset when the bees were gone but during the day, I hesitate.

I think I finally have my next video worked out. I haven’t posted on my YouTube channel in a long time. But I have a video worked out and I haven’t gotten sidetracked by other issues. I plan to record and post it today. And, one of the videos I had been working on before getting caught up in this one, I can do tomorrow and maybe one Tuesday as well.

Tomorrow I play TTRPG with friends, a Star Wars campaign. I liked the movies, even the prequels, the original six. I am not so sure that I would like the continuation movies. I have not gone to see any, and unless I decide that there is merit in continuing past the story of Darth Vader’s fall and redemption, I won’t go see them.

I am buying and studying the Harn campaign setting and system. I like Harn. The campaign system is a bit complex, in that the number of defining attributes for the characters seems high. The setting is great though. However, one of the players in my gaming group has stated that he is tired of high fantasy – saving the world. So, if I do run something in Harn, it will be low fantast. Low fantasy being, not saving the word, but advancing you life and maybe saving the local area. But, instead of grand plots and schemes, it is local and petty plots and schemes.

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