June 8, 2017

June 7, 2017

Posted in Personal tagged at 3:43 am by gruundehn

My Blu-ray player gave out a couple of weeks ago and I got a new one today, I was getting ready to watch some videos that I have been wanting to watch for weeks and my TV gave out. Now this isn’t something serious, just annoying. And it seems that all this year little things have been annoying me. Not every day but often enough to build on each other.

Now I doubt that my minor annoyances amount to much, but they do illustrate an aspect of human psychology. Good or bad; major or minor; a series of events will impose on the human psyche if they are reasonably close together. I used the TV and video player as examples of the sort of thing that has been going on this year so far; but, if all the little annoyances had occurred over a full year instead of half a year, I probably wouldn’t have paid any attention nor thought of myself as put upon. That is human nature as I understand it.

I had to go out and pay for a package at the Post Office. I forgot where the station was exactly and was walking along the wrong street. Lucky for me that I did. As I was approaching the street that I had to walk south on to get there, I began experiencing hypoglycemia. It was starting to get bad when I walked up to a restaurant. Thai food. I like Thai food, a holdover from my tours in Thailand during the Vietnam War. I was able to get something enjoyable and prevent a collapse. Then I finished my walk to the Post Office and got my book. I belong to a book club and if I order two books at once, then shipping is free. The two books in my last order were shipped separately so I ended up paying shipping. The two books are fine, I wanted them but them getting shipped separately is annoying (there I go again) and the bout of hypoglycemia is especially annoying.

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