May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017

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It has been a lazy day for me today. I was planning on walking over to the cemetery where my VFW Post holds its annual Memorial Day celebration but decided this morning to not go. Last Friday I twisted my knee when I tripped over an uneven section of the bricks making up the sidewalks downtown and, while not too serious, this has been bothering me all day. It was worse this morning, probably because of sleep and not moving it, but regardless of why, it hurt enough to keep me home all day.

I did watch some old videos about WW II, the Victory at Sea series from the 1950s. So, I guess one could say I did something military related regarding Memorial Day. Not as good as attending the ceremony but however weak, I did something.

I am old enough to remember when Memorial Day was specifically May 30th and not the last Monday in May and even after all these years after the change, the change bothers me. Why? Well, one big reason is that Memorial Day has become just another Monday holiday and has lost a lot of its meaning for most people. I am a veteran, shot at but not killed, and the sacrifice made by so many of my comrades over the decades still moves me. The fact that so many people have no clue about what Memorial Day is supposed to mean saddens me.

I didn’t write anything for HIGH TREASON today but I did do some writing for a web comic that I first had an idea for several years ago. Not a lot, just some character description. There are several web comics I read on a regular basis and as a writer, not an artist since my skill at drawing does not exist, the concept intrigues me. I have so many writing ideas, if I never did anything but write I could not do them all. So, I pick and choose, usually by whim.

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