May 28, 2017

May 28, 2017 Morning

Posted in Personal tagged at 12:01 pm by gruundehn

I start this just before 5 AM on Sunday, May 28th. Normally I do these in the late afternoon or early evening but today I want to say something about Memorial Day separate from anything I might write later.

Tomorrow is officially Memorial Day here in the USA but the Indianapolis 500 is run today and for me that is a great Memorial Day tradition (I am originally from Indianapolis Indiana). Tomorrow I will probably attend the ceremony that my VFW Post performs at a cemetery near where I live. And today, also, I will be carrying the American Flag at church.

The previous rector, and the first one since Grace Church and St. Paul’s Church merged, refused to allow anything patriotic in church. I can understand his logic since the church is not part of the government but also I believe that it is a good thing to remind people that freedom of worship is not universal and especially today, who it was that bought that freedom for them to complain about.


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