May 27, 2017

May 26, 2017

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Been busy today. I got a form I had to sign and notarize yesterday, it was due today downtown at the County building. I stopped at a branch of my bank to have it notarized and discovered, after waiting a long while, that the branch I was at was not one of the two branches in the Tucson area that the bank performed that service for their customers as of the First of this Year and then only by appointment. Rather than risk not getting the form notarized in time, it was a government form and who knows what the County would do to me if I was late, I went to where I had to turn the form in and hoped that there was a notary public there I could use. There was and I was safe.

Now, to do that simple task took hours. Not just the waiting at the bank branch but the travel time and the waiting for the bus to show up so I could transfer routes both there and back. It was mid-afternoon when I got back home, I left mid-morning since there was no use getting downtown before the bank opened. Thus, one of my complaints about mass transit. As run here in the Tucson area, it is very time-consuming to use.

This Monday is Memorial Day here in America, when we honor the fallen military. I still have a grudge, although I shouldn’t, about last Veterans’ Day, November 11th. This was right after the General Election. My church has a tradition, under the present rector, of carrying the American Flag on patriotic days but last Veterans’ Day, because of some crybabies, veterans were insulted and I could not carry the flag. This was to honor all those who served in the military in order, among other things, to let us keep free elections and freedom of religion. It had nothing to do with the results of the election (I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted for Johnson). Thinking about it while writing this riles me up a bit more right now.

Once the sun sets I am going to have to spray again to try to eliminate the bees in my backyard. I cannot use the patio because of them. There is no hive, there was but it is gone now, but bees are still buzzing around the hole in the wall where a hive was getting established. Once it is safe to do so, I plan on spending most of my time this summer in the backyard while writing or painting RPG miniatures or whatever.

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