March 21, 2017

March 20, 2017

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I am over the crud. It was indeed a 3-day version and it ran its course.

I have not done any writing for several days now. It isn’t that I do not want to write, but the crud has kept me away from writing. So, now I can get back to writing. However, not tomorrow as I have meetings most of the day. The Board of Supervisors in the morning and the Libertarian Party in the evening. I am going to surprise the Board of Supervisors, usually I chew them out but tomorrow I am going to praise them. President Trump is proposing a border commerce tax to pay for his useless wall and the BOS is going to resolve to oppose that tax and I am going to praise them for opposing it.

I am ready to start posting GENERATION UPON GENERATION starting Thursday. Yes, I have intended to start the posting last week and the week before but this time for sure.

I am still unpacking my TTRPG miniatures and setting them up ready for painting. Payday I am probably going to get outdoor furniture and start painting in my backyard. I just realized that this is the first yard I have had since 1975 when the mobile home I had then burned down.

Saturday is 25 years since my mother died. Later this year, December, it will be 40 years since my father died. June will be 2 years since my eldest brother died. I feel awful. I have no idea when various aunts and uncles died, I have more or less lost track of my family, and I have no idea if any cousins have passed on either. I really need to reconnect with family.


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