March 11, 2017

March 11, 2017

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No game tomorrow. As much as I do not like D&D or horror, I do miss the chance to game with my friends. So, after church, I will have to fill my time with something, probably watching Season 1 of The Flash or maybe Arrow. I like both shows. I have always liked the FLASH comic books because DC did more with that “one-trick pony” than should be possible. I also liked the Green Arrow because, like Batman, he always had the right tool at his fingertips, and never ran out. Superman was never a character I liked, he was just too much. DC had to stretch in order to give him vulnerabilities and there was no fun in that for me.

I spent most of today just putting stuff away. I still have a lot to store away but less than before today. I am worried about so items that I seem to have lost when I moved out of my old apartment. I still have bags to search so I hope that I come across them. I did not plan ahead and I am now paying the price.

I can start posting chapters of GENERATION UPON GENERATION this coming Thursday. I have 14 chapters so that means in three and a half months I have to have HIGH TREASON ready to post. I do wish that someone would start reading and commenting on what I write. The commenting part being important since I want feedback so I can improve.


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