March 9, 2017

March 8, 2017

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A busy day today, not that a lot got done, but it was busy. I picked up the three items that had been on order from the complex office, the printer was very heavy but luckily some young men gave me a hand. I now have a bath mat instead of press on stickers to keep me from slipping and killing myself in the shower. I also have replaced the pots and pans I lost when I became homeless.

The printer is a heavy duty one, suitable for offices. I guess I ordered the wrong one and now I have to make the printer fit on my desk. This means the laptop computer I am using for my writing is going to be replaced with a tablet for space reasons. If I can get a second desk, a real one made of real wood and not particle board, I might put it next to this desk and have computers on both. Luckily, the tablet I was given as a Christmas gift has the office program I use, normally it wouldn’t but I mentioned prior to Christmas what I use. I wasn’t angling for anything, my friend was very generous.

I am going to cut down on my buying and start putting more into savings. I intend to attend the Libertarian Party National Convention next year so I have to save up for it. I have never attended a National Convention before, not even a VFW one. I look forward to it. I think I will enjoy myself and learn a lot.

My apartment is now close enough to my VFW post that I can start attending the meetings again. I am not going to run for office again, I still have bad memories of my term as Commander, as do many of the Post members. There are several other Veterans’ Organizations that I qualify for and I should start joining some of them. I advise other people to join as many as they qualify for and I should follow my own advice. Congress just counts the membership numbers and does not consider how many veterans are members of more than one organization.


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